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Honest lee I must ask..what did you do to keep this site alive and worth it... I helped put life in to this site as did very few others. .. when we tired of holding up all the responsibilities of making the site interesting an active for 1000s it withered away. Some say it shitty nings fault... our web host platform.. I disagree.The few dancing monkeys won't dance for you all anymore.  I really hoped my and others noticeable absence in 2016 would have led to the total stall....leaving me a clear conscience to archive the site and close the site for good. Ya frs just won't leave ha...oh well...continue on ...the bill is paid for a few more months

...geeee....and after all he's contributed and added to this place too....dang

Fak 'em

oh btw..I do appreciate a farewell note was in a status update before he deleted his account. ..most folks bolt leaving us guessing what is wrong.. he quit months ago but I just posted this . fyi admins can see this ..even get an email alert .. hwood yes he did contribute to the site as I now think back...even more than many others...but I recall that slowed to nill as the site slowed... reminds me of a highschool dance floor .. they are full of folks that waited til many others stepped up first ...

I believe most of the people who start here cannot continue because the information we share is very bad and can easily drive people to depression, desperation or even insanity. Getting furious about all the crime and wrongdoings of the world comes first, but if there is no channel to discharge that energy it will begin to eat you inside.  I see that we have some bright spots here that can channel that enormous energy and I believe we should try to work on that. We need solutions and positive action points. Problem is that we all have our own works and families to take care of and can only dedicate little time to the site.

I have a real problem with your site. You send me emails at this address. And when I try to log in and update my preferences (i.e. unsubscribe) it tells me I don’t exist in your system. Well, if I don’t exist in your system, then why do I get all these goddamn emails from you with no way to unsubscribe. I hate sites like this. You want to have a great support team but you fuck over the people that have tried to support you.


mailed in from a reader - aparently a complaint, or DS applauding DS - you decide
Will some one please get Doc to write the hairy sock of 12160? Surprise us on April 1st.


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"We Need to Trust the Science from overseas we need to look at what others around us are doing well,…"
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Spike Proteins In Immune Cells - Dr. Bruce Patterson Discusses COVID Long Haul

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Spike Proteins In Immune Cells - Dr. Bruce Patterson Discusses COVID Long Haul

Please read and agree to the disclaimer before watching this video.. Spike Proteins In Immune Cells - Dr. Bruce Patterson Discusses COVID Long HaulDr. Bruce ...
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Bill Gates asked about Jeffrey Epstein on PBS Newshour (Sept 21, 2021)

PBS Newshour host Judy Woodruff asks Bill Gates about Jeffrey Epstein on September 21, 2021.Full program here:
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Nicki Minaj believes free speech is under attack in the US

"D'j'ya think? Try 'globally'! All of creation!"

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