12160 will be closing soon - Unless!

Hello guys and gals, for reason to numerous to name  atm, I must end my connection with this site.

If you folks want the site to continue we will need some one to take over, this includes paying the bills with a paypal account . Current cost around 500 a year, with expected cost to nearly double the following year.

To make sure you whom ever takes over is serious about this I would require to see the first year paid for in advance.

Seems a tad of a commitment eh? Well it is, and now it falls on one of you 5000 plus members to either take this on solely or as a group.

I will make last payment in May,  after that only fate will tell.


 I guess despite what I see as horrible over priced  hosting service, the question I submit is it worth it to everyone here to keep going on and how will this be done?

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Sorry to hear this. Thanks so much for all you've done. Best to You.

Just want to say thanks a million for giving us a place to gather and share ideas.  You will be missed.

Thank You for all the hard work James I truely hope someone can take it over this is a rely cool site.

OMG!  I would love to help out but I am still in limbo, jobless, virtually homeless, literally penniless.  No bank account, no debit card, no credit card, no paypal.  [sigh]

Thank You so much for what You have done here, James, and I am so sad that You have been led in ways away from 12160.

May the issues be solved and You return to keeping this the best site!  And may Others more equipped come to carry the site forward!

Thanks James for all that you have done

Thanks ya all!
I really hope that all our work - a whopping 200 thousand pages at last count, can be saved at the very least.
I am working on this but can not make any guarantees other than to see that the monthly hosting payments continue.

james i can pich in $20.00 a year if we all pich in maybe we can keep this site running :)


i could do something like that..  i really feel this site will prove to be important some day when the chips are down. 

I'd be willing to make the contribution as well.

James... Is this mostly due to cost? Or perhaps it has become too much work and time? If you had the money to maintain the site for a full year, would you continue on?

All the best, Brother


This rant kind of explains my issues. In summary, as an individual, I feel fleeced by our hosting company ning.com , so yes, cost an issue. Secondly I just need to move on due to general burn out and other commitments.

I would like to see the site continue on, just with out me as the guy at the top responsible for paying the bills, moderating the site and doing all the promotion ect.

So Vincent, yes, as a last option, I would consider keeping the site going in my name rather than see the whole place disappear.  If you folks raised a years cost . But a new site admin + moderators would still be needed.

Thanks James for everything.Raymond.


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