What is REALLY happening that everyone appears to know,, BUT that NO One seems to care enough..

to do anything about the TRUTH???

Have you ever given it thought that those you deal with on a daily basis really think the same as you?
I have become more and more apt to say something to someone at the drug store grocery store hell even at the dmv or in the local county assistance office. Granted more than half of the American population are receiving food stamps.
Anyway, I am tired of my children saying "mom, you embarrass me when you discuss our affairs in public".

Well honestly I am tired of being told what to do and how to do it, when i can do it,, (yaddahyaddahyaddah),

yet in the next breath I am being told I live in a free country.

Seems more and more I am being told I cannot do this or that or I get a fine for driving my car sideways down the driveway. SHit it is my driveway isn't it.. oh no i forgot it is only being lent to me while i am paying every damn dollar I earn back tot hem for the use of it .. GGEEZZZ how stupid i am to think i own or am entitle to a blasted thing.. even though  for get it .. why are we alive anyway?
Geez years ago someone said you can't even wipe your ass for free.. and you know unless you go out in the woods and pull a leaf from a tree he is correct and not only do we pay for it we pay a multiple amount of times when you think you have to pay for the water to flush, the electric to serve the pump, the sewer system and then to pay for toilet paper to wipe with.WOW what a concept..
Well I will be a monkeys uncle.
To think about how many people have their hands in our pie? Who's pie is it really?
So when you think about it.. I will not shut up any more, my voice is all i really have anymore when i think about it all..

.. what was that movie ?

I am sick and tired of it and I wont take it any more scream out your windows..
I am sick and tired of it and I wont take it any more!
Well back to my short story.
I was at the drugstore today picking up some stuff and I was speaking to the cashier. telling her ya know everyone has their hand in it all ya know, and I mentioned privacy.. haha what a joke that it  and she said that is long gone. I said your telling me.. .. she said you know my son works for the CIA.. well now i have heard that FBI and CIA and DHS DOS DOJ NASA NSA NSC NRC HSD well just to name a handful.. are being brainwashed.. I dont think so any more, I think the cat is out of the bag and they don't give a hoot one way or the other who knows what or who works for who.. it doesnt really matter to me .. they are all in bed with each other...
Why because it is far too widespread and it seems too many working under them are too scared to do a damn thing..


cause well

think about it .. anyone who works for them .. they have all they need to know to keep them in line ..

family names, addresses and where they are at all times. Tracking with GPS.. you name it .. all of it is right there in black and white. simple to obtain.
Well back to the story..
She said my sons works I think she said CIA or FBI either way her son works for one and her cousin works for the other ( I have a cousin in the CIA and one in the FBI as well) so i know she isn't full of it when she told me..)

She said: You know of course they are not allowed to discuss specifics of any nature about what it is they really do.. or what is really going on with anyone family or otherwise.. but he said without saying anything really..he son said:
"IF you knew the truth about what is really going on, It would really scare you, how much we are lied to and who all is behind the lies"
I said yeah like the news and everything we are told from birth on out is a straight out and out lie.. she said yeah pretty much. and i told her religion is the biggest of them all..  she got quiet all of the sudden. and I said yeah I am so tired of what we are faced with from day to day.
 then to think if my drugstore cashier knows this .. how come nothing is happening.. DO we all feel helpless? what the hell has happened to us that we all feel the need to just go along with whatever the hell is happening? complacent hell this is like we are the zombies in the movies and the joke is  the movies are like a slap in our faces. .. like  those movies may well be a direct symbolization of how they feel we are "Zombies" and they are the ones running around knocking us off  a few here and there and eventually they will have it where they want it without too much of fight.. 

We really need to figure out how to counter this and prevent it from going one step further into the future..  ok so I get the religion and the tel lie vision and how nothing we have been told from birth until now is true..

how the elite run the puppets and this dates back to the freemasons. and well I also know there is the language of the sea (maritime) and then there is the law of the land and we are the land and the maritime  is the ones who tell us we have to pay for this or that .. and  that religion is basically about the planets and sex.. and nothing to do with what we think it means. so any way  that the doctor is the DOCk or document of birth . giving birth is coming into port and docking.. and you are given a certificate  (birth certificate) with a red number on the back. this number is the only number that follows you all of your life.. and is the one that they give you a bank loan against .. and that all legal documents are made up in capital letters  and when you sign a loan it is against your value or worth.. and it is a contract between you and the US Of America (COrporation of the USA)  I know this and I have trouble with processing it .. cause for too many years I have been made to think one way and I can not absorb all this as my mind isnt functioning as well as it used to .. i wish i could have understood this years ago.. and I did run into stuff like this years ago.. but thought it to be none sense.. and now when i put it together with all of what i have witnessed in my days i know it no longer to be none sense.

I hope this makes sense to others..  sometimes if i speak with my boys.. they get me thinking I am  going off the deep end.. but then i speak to someone like my lady at the drugstore and I feel better about my thinking.. but then again .. maybe i imagined that she said it as well..  I wish i was a moron how happy i would be .. cause if i was a moron .. it wouldn't bother me.. : chow for now.. please feel free to chime in .. the discussion is open for all and everyone to make noise.. and make plenty of it 

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The name of the movie your referring to is called Network, and was released in 1976. The film stars Faye DunawayWilliam HoldenPeter Finch, and Robert Duvall and features Wesley AddyNed Beatty, and Beatrice Straight. The quote is unforgettable as sometimes I feel like screaming it out! 'I'm as mad as hell, and I'm not going to take this anymore! .

The reason we are loosing our Freedoms, and are identity as a free people is because the American people have no back bone anymore! We have been conditioned, and taught that there's nothing I can do about it! I'm just one person. I guess I will vote for the lesser of two evils! That's just a few quotes I've heard from people around me. The Powers that be have been brain washing the American people for decades! We are not the same people that defeated the British in 1781 at the Battle of Yorktown! If we were anything like our Forefathers the Country would not be in the condition it is in now. I do hope, and pray that the American people will find themselves again, and be once again the inventive brave people they once were! 

yes and in the movie Network basically it is saying the same thing that the voice are seldom heard.. rather people need to take action.. i just remember the man telling everyone to open your window and at the top of your voice yell "I am mad as hell and I am not going to take it anymore" nice catch phrase.. but in a sense this movie is a perfect example of the mere fact that voices are not heard and or addressed .. the local people here are saying an uprising is on the near horizon.. people are tired of what is happening.. every one is asking how He is still in office with all that he has violated? .. simple answer is: he is a puppet on the string and just doing what he is told to do .. him and his partner in crime Queen M


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