You say You want a revolution… I say We can do better than that! Watch and find out!


YouTube, Amaterasu Solar:

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Me neither. I would like it if we didn't have to have a civil / revolutionary / race war, but  don't see any way around it. I am also sorry, Amaterasu.

See My reply to Tif.

@James Roberts. Have you seen this? I thought it was interesting.

I would suggest reading my link before having a disagreement with anyone.

Yes, I've considered most all these points before, and seen them debated over and over. I think we will win, in the end, but it will be an unimaginably miserable business, with the loss of a huge percentage of the world's population.

And I think We can avoid that loss.

I gave the options in "Rise Up."  I also have a video called "Setting Myself FREE!" in which I give the same data.  What if:

1.  Most People knew They could withdraw consent (My goal)

2.  Most of Us withdrew Our consent and consented to the blueprint I offer (My expectation once I reach My goal)

3.  We built the foundation illustrated in My blueprint

Do You think We would need to initiate violence?  Sure, They may initiate violence on Us, in which case We are within Ethics to defend Ourselves by any means.  But to start killing Others confers upon Us the lower status.  We might deserve to lose.

Best if We all emerged into doing things differently.

Keep up the good work! Thanks for posting.

Death will not release Me.  [smile]

Amaterasu is right. Key word is withdrawing consent. Starve the beast. If you work, stop the extortion of your pay-taxes. When working for wage you don't have an income.
De-register your children, automobiles, houses and whatever you have registered. Regain the ownership, instead being 'registered' keeper.
You corporation in charge would not be able to borrow anymore 'money' having no means of your taxes being interest payment on banksters loans.
We are the people. Without us nothing exists, it's all a fiction.

Beyond the SPC (Secured Party Creditor) status, where You reclaim what is Yours in Their system, I strongly suggest We build something better and consent to that way of doing things...

Forget the whole mess and co-create something We will be proud to give Our children.

I proclaim my Sovereign Right as a Free Soul and Invoke the Laws of Universal Free Will -

I Am hereby canceling ANY and ALL contracts, including ALL beliefs - which exist outside of, or are separate from, the Original Intentions put forth by the First Creator of Soul-Experience, The One Creator of all Life. The One with no 2nd. She and only She - the Creator of my Soul and My Existence.

From this present moment on, from all past moments and/or in the future - I hearby refute, dissolve and break all agreements, contracts, or covenants I have made with any deities, any beings, any incarnates, any disincarnates, any artificial life forms, including those life forms which are non-biological… of any species, human or non-human - concerning my subconscious mind, my growth, my evolution, my Soul, my participation in reincarnation, my attention, or any part of my consciousness that I am aware of or not aware of, or do not have the language for.

I proclaim my Sovereign Right as a Free Soul and Invoke the Laws of Universal Free Will -

I proclaim my right to refuse the enslavement of my Soul and all of its knowledge to those who would have me participate with any manipulations, deceptions, reincarnations, experiments, or any type of harm to myself or others.
I announce this declaration on ALL levels, on all plains, on all dimensions, and within all densities - including any that I am not aware of, or do not have the language to describe or understand.

I proclaim my Sovereign Right as a Free Soul and Invoke the Laws of Universal Free Will - upon any contract or agreement still remaining of which I am unaware, or have been manipulated into agreeing with and to remove it now -

I do NOT want to be helped, assisted, advised, judged, considered, or coerced without my own clear unobstructed conscious approval or complete understanding of what is being requested of me.

I hereby REJECT the amnesia program I am currently under and end my participation in its’ aberrant deviance from The One Creator of all Life and the Original Intentions put forth by that design.

I call back ANY and ALL negative or disruptive energies I have intentionally or unintentionally sent out, that have broken the Universal Law of Free Will or inflicted harm upon others on all levels, known and unknown -
ALL levels, all plains, all dimensions, and all densities - including any that I am not aware of - or do not have the language for….

I call back any harm I have done under any delusional deceptive hallucination as a living being in this realm or any other realm I may exist on, known or unknown to me.

So Be It In Love

As Quoted by Wes Penre


"Destroying the New World Order"



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