Many of us silver bugs have a reason to be concerned. The market is getting ready for a correction (I mean we need it in order to introduce QE3) While many of us are accumulating the safe silver bullion or coins the question comes up, what for? My answer is to barter for things we will need and with dollars that are devaluing you will not get much. I did some research of the things we will barter for in a crunch and came up with the items to disappear first.  I suggest for those who have not prepared to get cracking.

Read the list


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Pretty good. We've done this a long time ago. The number 1 though, while it may go quick, like stated it will be a thief magnet. Normally that wouldn't be so bad except for it will end with an s and add the word hungry and desperate to that. I would say solar with inverters but after the year of storms so far I'm not too sure. At this point, open to suggestions.
You are right about generators, but in cases where used mostly to run appliances and living in a farm might be OK, but the windows will have to shaded or the light will attract attention. Solar would be great here in Arizona. I think it is going to be very unsafe in the large cities. People will steal to feed their children and that is natural. Unlike other countries we have an armed population and they will not be throwing rocks at the soldiers. We are also not used to shortness of anything so we are spoiled. It is going to be hard on us especially at a time when the family unit is such a mess. In other countries families come together and that is how they endure long term lack of work and income. We have a couple of months of food and water some candles and crank lanterns. Gun and plenty of ammo.
I am hesitant on the generator - we had a week w/out power last fall and one neighbor had a generator - but it was SO LOUD!   I told my husband that it was a "loot us" beacon.   I've not heard positive things about the solar generator from solutions from science, so unsure what other option to ck out.   But a noisy one is not for me!
When I was a boy we lived in a farm and used a generator that was very loud. We had it in a little room about 300 ft. from the house and used it only for about 2 hours each night. It would be different in the city and maybe dangerous.

Honda makes a small generator with a muffler.

So quiet, when you hear it in action, you will be like "WTF?"

You almost have to be right up on it to hear it...outdoors.

In a basement or would be close to undetectable.

I've seen this list before at my Bible class; one thing I have started doing is looking at everything I'd normally toss in the trash and asking, "Would this be useful in a crisis?"    Things like empty bread bags, etc.    My first husband's family was from Ireland and I remember his mom talking about they were so poor they used bread bags under their socks in winter (socks had holes and could not afford new ones) to keep their feet dry - so now I have a stash of bread bags.    We recently had to toss out an iron that my husband could not fix before tossing it out, I basically tore it apart and removed all the screws, springs, washers etc. from it.    


I am now officially a packrat, I suppose - but maybe the stuff will come in useful or for barter.  

Good ideas and the concept is right on. This country is going to go back to the what it used to be in a way. I remember it was great, but it will be harder in younger generations. We used to fix things and improvise rather than throw them away. It was unthinkable to throw away glass bottles and jars in the trash because they were redeemable for cash.

Jose seems to have disappeared even here : (

I tried to go to this site about first 100 things, but it has been removed for non compliance or something of that sort. But several other sites offer similar lists.

That site is no longer available... is the article posted somewhere else?

Think this is the list - 100 Items to Disappear First


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