These are lyrics from a song I wrote many years back, the bands name was "Brave Sir Robin."




Mad green, summers hideaway

drifting.... to the seasons melody

my child's play

climbing.... trees of memory

shielded by the forest in my site

I was unafraid



Don't let it slip away

I'm breaking free

Don't let it slip away........


Sunrise, come and light my way

but autumn.... too soon to fall

my heart slipping slow

Take me back.... to summers golden ray

 blades of grass...beneath my feet

I'm standing tall



Don't let it slip away

I'm breakin free

Don't let it slip away

I'm building my cocoon


Caterpillar crawling on my skin

I sense it.... deep within

swallowing me whole

make me.... a mountain once again

the sun will rise, turquoise I'll see

I'll be home again



Don't let it slip away

I'm breaking free....

Don't let it slip away

I'm closer to free

I'm building my cocoon




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Tara, you have it on "tape" maybe? (One can always ask)
Yep, I've got it somewhere in the old archives. I just need to find it and than rip it to my computer. I'll add it soon Nynke and thank you!
Excellent. I am DJ'ing on ... with proper timing also a great obfuscator :)))

Here it is. It is a pretty raw recording. We never made it into the recording studio as a band, bummer :(

Hopefully this file opens up alright. Let me know either way. Thanks:)


Kewl! GRRL, you're good! gives a lot of results for Brave Sir Robin. I know it's unlikely your band is associated with Monty Python, but you never know. Any more additional clues?

The rhythm player/keyboardist in the band at that time was a big Monty Python fan, thus the Monty Python reference. It was quite fitting for the time though, since we all were a little bit off the bubble ourselves. We laughed a lot and then some. Thank God it's the same way in my latest band "Throwing Stones." If I wasn't laughing a little.....I'd be crying a lot.....if you know what I mean?

Thanks Nynke and Henry!

Absolutely. I can even feel a painful taste on my tongue.

 Hello Tara, I am glad to see that you stuck around, and I am pleased you allowed yourself to be that of which you was before all that was lost, a child heart and mind, truly good, some how faded away.

 Some times i have to reach back to when I was a child in order to allow a balance of truth within my mind, because it is a know fact you can not, people can not, lie to a child, their minds are sharp and full of a moral value that we as grown ups have lost.

 Very cool Tara, I do like this...


It does not matter what went forward, what matters is that you all stepped forward and that is what it takes to have something to remember.

 Please, I have put 2 years into my work, and it is now people guess where I will go next with issues.

So you all didnt go over the top, so big deal, children try their best even today with their goals, and even though it does not win the Great awards actors get, so what, all it take is a honest statement like,

"this is cool with me"... I like it..



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