Howard Stern calls Ron Paul a nutjob, says he needs to be locked up

Howard Stern calls Ron Paul a nutjob, says he needs to be locked up

Uploaded by HORSETOOTHED on Jan 10, 2012

January 4, 2012 - Some people were curious to hear more context to Howard Stern's Ron Paul clip I uploaded earlier. (
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Well that was one hell of an about face!!!

Stern was stating his support for Ron Paul not that long ago, especially in relation to radio/ communications freedom and the abolition of the FCC.

Jeez, now the has-been shock jock is showing support for big government, the IRS and communications/ internet regulation!

Nice fail in your attempt to manipulate Robin's comment about Santorum, and apply it to Dr Paul.

"We've got freedoms like we can't believe" - er, where have you been lately, Howard?

yep, i posted a video just a month ago where Howard was praising RP. Flip Flop!

I remember Stern was bragging about how his daughter went to David H. Brooks daughter's bat mitzvah, and how it cost twenty million dollars and Aerosmith played there. When Brooks got busted for insider trading and selling faulty body armor to Marines on purpose, Stern didn't make a peep, just kept squawking about Christian arms dealers.

 This episode sticks out in my mind as defining Stern. This vulgar piece of crap is probably brown nosing to get back on regular radio, because nobody listens to this publicity monger anymore.

He also goes on about how he "knows 9-11 secrets". Probably does. Probably helped cover it up. He's a freak.


Never liked this guy...always got a bad vibe from him( and no, I wasn't sitting on my woofer)...I have listened to him in the past but he always grates on my nerves, even on those rare occasions when I agree with him.

This crap about Dr. Paul being a nutjob....pot and kettle comes to mind here.

Pretty much my thoughts too, Tommy

I never cared for Howard Stern. Most of his material is worthless rubbish that exploits the dregs of our society. When the Networks kicked him off, It was no big loss in my book. I bet he would drink his mother's urine if thought he could make a buck off it. He's entitled to support who ever he wants to, but regardless of that, I say he's a shallow individual.  

Someone got to his ear and blasted him for being nice to RP. Just remember he's a whore for ratings, ignore him. His listeners don't vote.

Never liked Stern .. this clip just shows how ignorant he is, who listens to him anymore? The flip flopping he did in the second video is stunning it makes you wonder how much he was paid to "change his mind " and i hope somebody slapped the doctor when he was born..  hehehe  i am sooo  bad!


Howard Stern is Lord of The House of Degenerates. He is one of the spokesmen for idiots everywhere. Of course he is going to hop on the MSM bandwagon.

as i've no respect for this conceited snakeoil shyster of doublespeak ... i guess "it's" opinions are of no concern .


    This is one of those times entertainers need to keep their traps shut! No doubt Howard Stern thinks he is an intellectual, got news for you HS, you're just another one in a long line of useful idiots. Does he really thinks anybody gives a crap about anything he has to say? If he does, then he must be reading his own press releases!


"Destroying the New World Order"



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