Take a look at this! OBAMA Caught Admitting Election FRAUD Against RON PAUL

OBAMA Caught Admitting Election FRAUD Against RON PAUL

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Ron Paul is the latest example how the will of the people is rejected. By now every thinking man and woman must have realised that democracy is a joke, and a bad one. More and more nations are governed by hypocracy. Democracy is an illusion.

Hi Less Prone!  Democracy is an Illusion, it is the easiest type of politic to infiltrate and subvert! They have subverted it massively!   Republics are better, The US is meant to be a Republic, not a Democracy!  But they lead people to believe this lie because it suits them.  Even if you look into the Greek meaning of Democracy, it is nothing like the Demcracy that we have in the western world.





According to http://www.warnwire.com/ :

Is this leaked audio really Obama? This first
was uploaded to youtube and went viral on
Facebook... No one seems to know the source?
We are digging into it and will bring you updates.

UPDATE! Obama Audio...
First showed up on youtube on March 6 2012
in the morning uploaded by user...


here is description he used...
Don't ask me how I got this video, it just got to
me. Don't ask me what it is, I really am not
sure. Sounds like one end of a phone


I for one require more information on this audio/source

Thank you for providing this information DTOM!  I do think it really is Obama! I look forward to seeing what you uncover.




I'm not very confident that it's really Obama.

People are looking into it.  We will know the truth in time. The voice can be analysed to give a proper result.   This is exactly the kind of stuff that the Cabal are doing, we know this for a fact.  The Fact that Ron Paul votes were not even counted and at times suppressed means that they are doing all to keep him out of the office he should have.  It would bring hope across the world to have him as the US President!

Ron Paul is the only alternative but the movement he has gathered may arise as a political force if people thereof move to politics and take over the country back to people and for the people.


"Destroying the New World Order"



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