A hacking group claiming to be part of "Anonymous" has announced the successful takeover of Iran's servers, which seems like a huge amount of work put into an agenda that seems to stray dramatically far away from their declared war on the Global Banking Cartel.

Eric Blair
Activist Post

Raw Story is reporting today that the shadowy hacktivist group "Anonymous" has proudly announced that it has full control over Iran's servers while releasing thousands of internal government emails.  After their manifesto declaring war on the international banking cartel, this turn against one of the only holdouts to joining that cartel raises speculation of their true intent.  Raw Story reports the motives as follows:
In a chat with Raw Story, members of Anonymous on the #OpIran server said they were leading the charge because they want Iranians to know they're not alone in their struggle against the regime of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. 
...Apart from the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the hackers said they were targeting servers containing information about the Kahrizak detention center in Iran, a notorious site human rights campaigners have raised alarms about for years.
Anonymous released a video extolling their fight for the human rights work they're doing for the Iranian people:

The extreme level of work and expertise that would have had to go into such a massive cyber takeover would surely be driven by a motive much greater than protecting human rights.  Especially given that regimes in Saudi Arabia and Israel have been far more brutal to their local civilian populations than Iran.

This claim reeks of a Western-backed scheme, as it's obvious they have been desperate to figure out a way to get public support for regime change in Iran for decades.  And their intentions have nothing to do with democracy or human rights violations and everything to do with banking and oil control, and domination -- both of which "Anonymous" has supposedly declared war on.

Anonymous has tipped their hand with this play and it will cost them huge credibility within the growing movement of fully aware protesters who truly know the score.  Iran is not the enemy of the global freedom movement, nor are they remotely an enemy of WikiLeaks, nor are they a threat to cyber infrastructure anywhere.  It's obvious that sophisticated hackers have infiltrated Anonymous to incite more conflict with another non-aggressive oil-rich country.  In a strange coincidence, the Guardian reported today that 1 in 4 hackers is an FBI informant.

Or, perhaps, the Anonymous group has always been "controlled opposition."  Either way, it's clear they'll have a role to play in the unfolding cyberwar -- but it's beginning to appear that they will work for the establishment.

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It looks like cyber spooks to me. Sad.
Xe (Blackwater)?
Hmmm, it definetely puts a huge question mark over the "Anonymous" group now.

It  is  weird  that  this  should  come  up  now.  For  the  past  week  I  have  been  getting  a  message  on  my  Computer  (Not  Laptop);  black  background,  3" by 4"  telling  someone;  ACCESS  DENIED!!!!  Now  is  someone  tying  to  take  over  my  computer??  Or  have  I  just  happened  to  be  in  an  area  where  they  want  to  be?  Dell  computers  with  all  the  software  I  have  downloaded  for  security  is  finally  showing  me  it's  working...   Perhaps  "Anonymous"  is  trying  to  get  into  Mircosoft / Windows  Vista  to  take  control?  I  don't  know  but  my  friend  who  fixes  and  has  major  experience  in  computer  technology  said  that  it  definately  sounds  like  a  'Hacker'  to  her.  Now,  you  ask  why  me?   There  could  be  many  people  experiencing  this  and  not  sure  what  it  is.  As  far  as  I'm  concerned,  this  takes  the  level  of  WAR  to  a  whole  new  plane.  Cyberspace  VS  Government  via  their  Networks!!!

Sounds  very  Scary!!!    From:   LYNN  SHEDLER 

Hi Lynn, try running your machine for an hour or more, then shut down any app that would access the internet ie. browser, email, messenger and such, but leave your connection turned on. Then ctrl+alt+del, when your Task Manager Window pops up click the networking tab and see if there is any traffic. With all else shut down, you should have no more than 1% traffic. The reason I tell you this is that you may have already been hacked. Any problems, message me. There are other things you can do, but more complicated. I am curious to know why you use all CAPS in your name.

Don't  know  about  the  caps  -  a  bad  habit,  I  suppose.   So  you  think  some  one  is  already  in!!!  How  did  they get  past  all  the  security  and  anti - virus  programs.

I  really  am  greatful  for  the  help  -  I'm  worried  now.  I'll  try  what  you  wrote  and  get  back  to  you.... O.K.   Thank  you.

There  was  a  zero  to  2%  activity.  It  fluctuated  from  zero  to  2%;  I  mean  -  is  that  bad?  Computer  was  on  but  screen  turned  off  for  one  hour  and  15  min.s.

There  was  no  programes  running  except  Solitaire  and  when  I  went  Ctrl;  Alt;  Delete  the  above  numbers  are  what  I  got...

Solitaire  was  just  sitting  there.

Please  respond.


From:  Lynn

It should be ok if it is running down to 0. Hackers normally want to use other computers for sending out their spam and when that happens the network activity would be much higher plus your cpu would get overloaded. I wouldn't worry, but keep an eye out. Even though I have never been hacked, I always check to make sure.

I'll  keep  watching  it.  Thanks  again.   And.... a  person  does  learn  something  new  'everyday'!!!!!

I  just  did.


From:   Lynn

Could be an aberration or a genuine misallocation of resources. Perhaps this was a target of opportunity; not a preferred one but nonetheless a target. Their next move on the cyber chessboard is crucial.


Also consider that perhaps they have been infiltrated and compromised. Time will tell.

Listen  to  the  words  of  their  song.  They  sound  very  familiar  to  me  -  the  voices  I  mean,  however  I  can't  put  my  finger  on  it  -  but  I  will.  The  song  sounds  like  they  mean  business  anyway.  Also,  1  in  4  F.B.I.  agents  is  an  informant?   How  can  someone  be  an  Agent  &  an  Informant  at  the  same  time.   That  is  a  double  standard,  and  a  No  Win  One.   The  I.R.A.  were  infiltrated  and  look  what  happened  to  them.

Perhaps  your  right  that  time  will  tell.    

Beware of announcements that "claim" that Anonymous is: "It's Official, "Anonymous" Hackers are Now Controlled Opposition" or that they are cy-ops, etc.

Anonymous is "anonymous" thus anyone can claim "they are them" and or that "so n so is them"

The problem is "them" is anonymous.... and no one truly knows who is "Anonymous".

Heck I can writ a post, do an action, or make a comment and claim "I am (the) Anonymous"

I don't believe what is being claimed to by #OpIran is factually from Anonymous, no one knows, or that the claims they are "western cy-ops" is true or not.

I would take it all with a grain of salt. Be aware, use the info, but be not so quick to point & claim.

Anonymous activists are doing revolutionary things all over these days, I wouldn't be so quick to call the anon group a cy-ops or an opposition controlled group.

In fact its a slippery slope to label them cy-ops or claim its official they are now controlled opposition.


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