TSA Criminality Epidemic: “Behavioral Detection” Officer Faces Charges Of Helping Drug Dealers Through Security


Everyone else must have their insides scanned

Steve Watson
March 2, 2011

Yet another TSA officer has been arrested on suspicion of abusing her position and engaging in illegal activity, adding to a long history of cases indicating that TSA workers are prone to criminal behavior.

“Behavioral detection” officer Minnetta Walker was arrested Tuesday by federal agents at Buffalo Niagara International Airport on charges that she provided information to suspected drug traffickers and helped them get past security checkpoints with minimum scrutiny, reports The Buffalo News.

Investigators say that Walker helped traffickers move large amounts of cash through the airport, escorting them through security lines, directing them away from the naked body scanners and patdown security lines, and ensuring their luggage bypassed screening areas.

According to the Affidavit in support of the Complaint, Walker also allowed at least one person to fly under a false identity and even waited with others at the aircraft departure gate, ensuring that they were able to avoid random secondary screening.

She also did this while off duty, but still in her TSA uniform.

Walker faces up to five years in prison, a fine of $250,000 or both for “conspiring to defraud the United States by interfering with and obstructing security measures”, and faces a further one year prison sentence, a fine of $100,000, or both for “aiding and abetting another individual in entering an aircraft and airport area in violation of federal security requirements”.

Walker has pleaded not guilty. The TSA has refused to comment on the case.

The most sickening part of the case is that Walker’s role as a “behavioral detection” officer is to walk around the airport seeking out potential criminals by analyzing their behaviour. Clearly it takes one to know one, if Walker is found guilty, of course.

“TSA screeners generally do not question the activities of a [behavioral detection officer],” FBI Special Agent Gary P. Jensen said in court papers. “This places Walker in a unique position to help individuals bypass security procedures and to detect the presence of law enforcement activity.”

While Walker was allegedly helping drug smugglers to waltz through security unhindered, the general public continues to be groped and prodded and forced through naked x-ray body scanners in the name of security.

As we reported yesterday, the next generation of body scanners, set to be trialed and rolled out in airports, will use deep penetrating ionizing radiation to literally see inside the bodies of travelers.

The justification is to crack down on drug smugglers, yet if they are simply allowed to walk through security unhindered by TSA agents, clearly the plan is somewhat flawed.

The full strength x-ray machines present a clear and present danger to the health of millions, who will be subjected to radiation usually used only in hospitals and surgeries to examine bone fractures and to produce brain scans.

The most recent studies estimated that CT scanners cause 29,000 cancers and kill nearly 15,000 Americans every year. If similar devices are employed in airports many many more will be exposed to the radiation they emit.


Steve Watson is the London based writer and editor for Alex Jones’ Infowars.net, and Prisonplanet.com. He has a Masters Degree in International Relations from the School of Politics at The University of Nottingham in England.

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Hey James. Great to see you back. I hope things are getting better for you and you are getting well. Peace! Oh, and scanners bad, TSA fools, Revolt!
Thanks Free, glad to be back, all's well :)

The last time I was at my dentist, he asked his assistant to X-Ray a bridge in my mouth.

When the young girl was ready to press the button in the next room she came and placed a heavy leadlined apron over my body and went behind the little wall in the operating room and pressed the button.


Well, when she came back I asked her, "why the heavy apron and why she went behind the wall to take the X-ray"?.

I knew the answer and it was a loaded Question.

She looked to see where the dentist was at and in a low voice so if he was coming back, (he was processing the film) he wouldn't hear her, she said, "she didn't want to radiate my testicles so I wouldn't be able to father any children and she went behind the wall so she wouldn't ratiate her overies so she might danage them and become sterile because she defination wanted children someday".

At that I told her I was 71 and I wasn't worried but I was happy she was taking precautions to protect her ability to procreate.

We laughted about it and ....

A minute later the dentist came in and reported there was something very strange in the bone a wee bit above the bridge he wanted x-rayed, so he wanted to do another until I told him "no way", not today orat least not today if  ever as I've had enough for today. He was concerned, but when I told him it was probably just my alien implant had slipped down from my nose we all laughted and that ended it.


Later while paying my bill with the sec. and the dentist I asked another loaded question of him and her.

"What do you think of the new FBSs at the Cleveland Airport?" , for which the Dentist replyed, "You mean the Full Body Scanners?  I'll never go through one, not in a million years, I got only one kid and the wife wants at least two more. The Sec chipped in that she was done with kids but had been told to take the patdown in case she wanted another child someday.

At that I asked the Dentist "if he knew something I should know", to which he replied, "Larry, you don't really want to know, do you my One World Government fighting friend?.

I did but at that we droped the subject.


My impresson to all this is that there is a lot more going on with the Full Body Scanners than they want us to know.


Are they, the TSA FBS about security or is is it about population control?

Take the patdown little man, It will not hurt or affect your ability to have children someday.



The word used is betrayed, Faith,God,Country, and you. Welcome to your building block of the New World Order, with in. I would find this funny if not for the irony of it.



"Destroying the New World Order"



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