Hillary Clinton - Another Glingon - Margaret Sanger

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Comment by Less Prone on June 2, 2023 at 12:43pm

Steve, You are right and we both know how it is. I don't go to the dirty details here. 

Comment by steve on June 2, 2023 at 12:15am
Comment by steve on June 2, 2023 at 12:14am

Hey L P All negroes are just a couple hundred years in civilization, americanized negroes have an average I Q of 80-90 the ones without white genes go from 65 to 75 that is mentally retarded by white standards add to this their arrogance and violent nature and they are just incompatible with civilized people. Every wonder why they don't "diversify JAPAN or china or india or how about stolen land called isntreal. anyway here's is another vid of the oppressed dindus


I can supply more recent videos of these violent negroes in numbers to many to watch, Here is a guy named colin who exposed the greatest hoax of our generation which is the poor black victim hoax. You would be better informed if you would read his books on the subject.

White Girl Bleed a Lot by Colin Flaherty - Chapter 5 Asian Targets ...

Comment by steve on June 1, 2023 at 11:08pm

L P  When 6%(negroe males) of the population is responsible for over 50% of murders and 80% of all violent crime then it is more than TRUTHFUL to say we have a NIGGER PROBLEM. When 80% percent come from fatherless homes and when 100% have been coddled and told the white devil is the root of all their problems and they loudly call for the DEATH OF WHITEY we have a nigger problem. Look at europe or south africa or any major city /slum in my once beautiful country,   lawless entitled violent coloreds with their grubby reparations/gibs me more hands out . It has to stop, these ungrateful hate filled violent unaccountable negroes should just go home. America is a WHITE CHRISTIAN NATION and as you have so rightly pointed out the hook nose is behind the curtain, mind fukin the negroe with lies and false history. My kin folk dug coal in a 48" fukn cave underground in the worst conditions imaginable and wish they had cotton to pick. As far as your divide and conquer analogy that's what the mixing of races does divides and dilutes or as a wiser man than me once said A HOUSE DEVIDED CAN NOT STAND. 


Comment by Less Prone on June 1, 2023 at 1:07pm

Steve, That Sanger quote reflects the "elite's" attitude against those who don't belong to their circles. Saying that a hundred years ago did not cause much controversy. Compare it to today's greenleftpervert's attitudes against the white people. Now it's the opposite. The black and white have a common enemy, but only a few realize that.

It does make sense to avoid certain people, but there are good people in their mids also. Many immigrants coming from war torn countries have a revenge mentality. Seeing "westerners" killing their people and close relatives does have an effect. Also the propaganda about white slave owners and opressors must have installed hatret in the minds of the black Americans. Some of them are hopeless cases anyway, but that is not exclusive to them only. People are mostly what the propaganda  has made them to be. Divide and conquer has been the cabal's tool for a long time. 

Comment by steve on May 31, 2023 at 8:57pm

I have no desire to kill negroes, I just don't want to live around or associate with these violent primitive ungrateful creatures. Yea I know I am a RACIST what else you got I wear that buzz word proudly. I love my race, the white race has gifted the world and all these ungrateful prix do is make up wild lies and complain so fuk em go home and live in your mud huts.


"Destroying the New World Order"



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