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Civilian Programs Are FEMA Camps



(N.Morgan) In our new world of tyranny and corruption, FEMA Camps are fully operational and filling up quickly. The Black Sites in Chicago have drawn scrutiny for its questionable tactics for filling the vacancies there. Indefinite detentions have been reported and the Police State is rearing its ugly head and taking complete control of the…


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Disarmament Camps? REX 84 CAMPS? FEMA? (Video)



(N.Morgan) As the tension in this nation reaches a climatic pitch, disarmament seems to be next on the Elite's agenda, for our enslavement and to complete the Police State. The steps that are being taken to attempt this task has been implemented and are now being deployed against the American people.

In the…


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Prepare-We Are At The Verge Of Collapse Says Jonathan Cahn Author Of Mystery Of The Shemitah (Video)



(N.Morgan) The current political and financial environment across the world is in major turmoil. A collapse is looming in the near future and economists are sounding the alarm. The US Congressional Budget Office is projecting a continued economic recovery. So why look down the road – say, to 2017 – and worry? Here's why: because the debt held by…


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You Might Want To Hear This- Muslim Training Camps In The U.S.- Interview With Militia Leader (Videos)



(N.Morgan) In this stunning and informative interview with a Militia leader, whom exposes the truth about Muslim training camps on American soil! In an article from WMD a couple of months ago, WMD presented evidence to the fact these training facilities exist and are more than likely run by our own govt.…


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Fukushima Radiation Spikes 7,000% As Contaminated Water Pours Into The Ocean (Videos)



(N.Morgan) The clean up crews who are trying to mitigate Fukushima's never ending radiation leaks have run into more problems after sensors monitoring a drainage gutter detected a huge spike in radiation levels from waste water pouring into the Pacific Ocean. TEPCO says radiation levels have spiked up to 70 times, or 7,000 percent, higher than…


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Mystery Bunker Uncovered In Toronto- Video



(N.Morgan) There has been a lot of talk about the Elite's hidden bunkers and underground cities and in a shocking discovery by authorities in Toronto Canada, they have uncovered an underground bunker. The mystery began after the extensive underground structure was first discovered back in January, but having been unable to solve the mystery of who…


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X22Report: DHS Using Fear And A False Flag Event Because Their Budget Is In Jeopardy (Video)



(N.Morgan) In current news, we've learned that the economic crash is beginning to effect the Govt and now they facing the possibility of closing certain departments due to lack of funding. In light of the possible loss of funding, DHS will be turning on the Fear Factory and we will more than likely see more False Flag Ops and more lies, that could…


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X22Report: Current Economic Collapse News Brief (Video)



(N.Morgan) In this latest installment of the X22Report, the current economic collapse news is discussed. The Central Bank will not stop confiscating your accounts.

Your money is being pillaged by the banksters, to gain wealth and power, while making us poor and dependent on them for every…


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Defiant Giuliani Receives Death Threats After Saying Obama Does Not Love America (Video)



(N.Morgan) Former mayor of New York City, Rudy Giuliani told CNN he has received death threats since his statement about Obama not loving America and not working in America's best interests.


This is yet another example of the loss of our free speech in regards to…


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Mysterious Massive Clouds Erupted 260km Into Martian Atmosphere – And No One Knows Why (Video)



(N.Morgan) As our environment has been experiencing some major and unexplained changes in the midst of those changes another event has occurred that has left the science world stumped, massive clouds erupted 260 Km into the Martian atmosphere. This is way beyond Mars’s normal weather, reaching into the exosphere where the atmosphere merges with…


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Are The Chinese Clearing The West Coast Ports In Anticipation Of Their Invasion Of America? (Videos)



(N.Morgan) As the West Coast Ports are embroiled in strikes, strife, and turmoil, a very disturbing and horrifying question has surfaced, could the Chinese be preparing for an American invasion? Could this country again know the taste of war on our own soil? 



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The FBI Admits It Uses Fake Cell Phone Towers To Track You





(N.Morgan) The mysterious cell phone towers that began to spring up all over the country now has an explanation, thanks to an agent from the FBI. He basically admits our 4th Amendment right is meaningless and that what they are doing isn't wrong or tromping on our rights to privacy.…


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Police Threaten To Arrest Journalist For Arguing With Him On Facebook (Video)



(N.Morgan) In another blow to our Freedom of Press, Officer Paul Harris openly threatens the Greene County Herald, and their editor and journalist Vaduva over a panhandling ordinance.  On Sunday, Dayton, Ohio police officer Paul Harris threatened a Greene County Herald journalist with arrest. Reporter Virgil Vaduva has in fact been arrested…


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Obama Admin Had “Very Specific Intelligence” On Location Of US ISIS Hostages – Would Not Act (Video)



(N.Morgan) In another slap to the face of the American people, the Obama regime knew of the location of  American ISIS hostages and refused to do anything to help them. In a stunning revelation, FOX journalist Catherine Herridge reported Tuesday, after the death of hostage Kayla Mueller was confirmed, that the US had “very specific information” on…


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How The Elites Will Fake An Alien Invasion (Video)



(N.Morgan) Project Blue Beam is a program developed by NASA to simulate a fake UFO event. It can also be utilized to make virtual images that appear to be very real. It can use telepathy to impart ideas or thoughts into a target's mind. The infamous NASA Blue Beam Project has four different steps in order to implement the new age religion with the…


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The Secret Covenant: The Elite’s Manual For Global Enslavement



(N.Morgan) The Elite's scheme of global domination is one of the most diabolical and sinister schemes to ever be pulled on the global society. So evil and complete, the End Game is our complete and total enslavement. I the video below, Mark Dice joins Infowars Anchor Lee Ann McAdoo to discuss the origins and implications of the mysterious document…


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How The Illuminati Gained Control Of The Earth’s Land – This Is A True Whistleblower (Video)



(N.Morgan) As the Power Elite bring the world to its knees with financial collapse, droughts, a dwindling food supply, and the corruption of the moral fiber of society, one man has cone forward with stunning allegations as to how we were herded into our current position in these world crises. Mr. Hunt  has a very eye opening story to tell. You see,…


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Fatal Dallas Fire Puts Scrutiny On ‘Smart’ Meters



(N.Morgan) James Humphrey Jr. was found dead on his bedroom floor Monday night after being unable to escape from a fire that raged through his home. The family believes this fire could have been avoidable, if it had not been for the Smart Meter that had been installed into Mr; Humphrey's house. "I just lost a 75-year-old cousin," Alfreda Johnson…


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King Of Jordan To Bomb ISIS In Syria… Personally (Updated)

By Mort Amsel



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What Happened On The Planes On September 11, 2001? The 9/11 Commission “Script” Was Fabricated



(N.Morgan) The horrifying events of September 11, 2001 changed the face of America forever. What could be the biggest tragedy in all of this, besides the innocent lives lost, is the fact our own government may be responsible for this event. The biggest False Flag Op ever perpetrated on the American people. Our own government turned against the…


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