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Hit & Run Commentary #137

A poll finds that 56% of Americans believe that the country is racist. Of Whites believing this, an additional poll should be taken to determine what number of these are willing to surrender their property, position, or profession to a minority having accomplished nothing more than having been born a minority.

Covid Liability Shield. That sounds like if you are mangled by a Plague cult elixir that you are not going…


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The Study Of The History Of The End Of The World, Part 3

With Augustinian theology elevated to the status of the defacto official position of the Roman Catholic Church, eschatology was downplayed in terms of an emphasized doctrine. However, that did not necessarily mean that assorted undershepherds followed this example dutifully. Rather, a number of subtle errors were introduced over the decades and centuries often from non-Biblical sources that not only undermined the credibility of the Christian faith but also…


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Scanners Set To Discernment: Highlight History Of The Contemporary UFO Phenomena

When Christians approach the contemporary UFO and extraterrestrial phenomena, they would be best advised to keep two things in mind that are distinct yet interrelated. Firstly, irrespective of whether UFO's exist or not as an objective or verifiable phenomena, they do in terms of the minds of those that believe in them and draw from them an inspiration as a mechanism for understanding man's place in the broader universe. Secondly, if what those claiming to have…


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Mohler Imposes Ethical Rigors God Does Not

On the 10/2/14 episode of his Daily Briefing podcast, Albert Mohler began with the alert that marriage in America is in trouble.

But the theologian did not provide statistics regarding disturbingly high rates of divorce, shacking up, or out of wedlock births.

Instead he provided the number that 1 in 5 of adults over 25 had never been married.…


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Conservative Protestants & Traditionalist Catholics Find Common Cause In Opposing Statist Tyranny

An article published in the April 2012 issue of “In These Times” asks in its title “Will Catholic Bishops Be GOP Pawns?” and warns in the subtitle “The Church and Evangelicals are finding common ground”.

The author suggests that American Catholic leaders ought to concentrate more on promoting the cause of “economic justice” rather than upon so-called cultural issues that have been thrust to the forefront of the American civic dialog over the course of the past several decades dealing…


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Homeless Not Entitled To Home Ownership

A social media meme insists, “In the U.S., vacant homes outnumber homeless people.”…

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Leftwing Religionists Applaud Godless Socialism But Not enough To Surrender Money Making Racket

Episode 41 of the Commonweal Magazine podcast addresses the topic of “White Churches & White Supremacy”.

The discussion consists of this leftwing Catholic outfit interviewing Robert P. Jones, a Southern Baptist wracked with White guilt, about his book “White Too Long: The Legacy Of White Supremacy In Christian America".

In the discussion, it is revealed that the title…


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Hit & Run Commentary #133

It's been said your first murder is always the hardest. So what is to stop this level of microdictatorship every time there is a flu or disease outbreak?

Does social distancing really prevent disease? Am not really that close to that many other human beings other than immediate family yet in the past still picked up colds and such mostly likely that did not originate with them.…


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Setting Ablaze Paraphernalia Of False Belief Not The Best Outreach Strategy

In a video posted on Facebook, a legalistic evangelist set a flame of a pair of Mormon ceremonial undergarments. The evangelist claimed that the action was Biblically justified.

Acts 19:18-20 reads, “Many of those who believed now came and openly confessed their evil deeds. A number who had practiced sorcery brought their scrolls together and burned them publicly.... In this way the word of the Lord spread widely and…


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Dogmatic Pluralism Results In Operational Intolerance

An old adage contends that it is all fun and games until someone loses an eye. Something quite similar could be said regarding living by the “live and let live” philosophy espoused by many early twenty-first century relativists thinking they are too cool and hip to be stifled by any one religious creed.

In a letter to the editor regarding an 4/27/2010 USA Today article analyzing the tendency of young adults not to be…


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Hit & Run Commentary #132

A Berkeley academic that no doubt fancies himself an advocate of diversity, multiculturalism, and moral relativism has proposed altering a variety of policies aimed at making the lives of those that dwell in rural areas uncomfortable. This is apparently punishment for individuals daring to exhibit the audacity to make life decisions on their own without first consulting ruling elites.

A pastor praised news of church members confessing sins to one another. So how does this work: “Just…


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Russell Moore Tirade Targets Wrong Youth

In an episode of his podcast, Russell Moore interviewed Senator Ben Sasse regarding how perpetual adolescence hurts the church.

One might immediately snap what's so wrong with that?

Nothing if by that one is referring to 25 year olds still on their parents' health insurance as authorized under Obamacare or having never worked a day in their lives by the same…


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Pundit Condemning Capitol Kerfuffle Excuses More Destructive Outbreaks Of Violence

On the 1/10/21 edition of America's News Headquarters on Fox News, pundit Jessica Tarlov decreed that, if you said that the election was fraudulent, you are complicit with what transpired at the Capitol during the Electoral College vote confirmation.

The only ones guilty of the shocking vandalism are those that perpetrated such acts of violence.

Does Miss Tarlov really…


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Plague Turns Thoroughgoing Relativists Into Fanatic Absolutists

A public service announcement part of the New York Tough propaganda campaign insists that one does not wear a mask because it is the LAW but because it is the law of nature.

So what if the only reason an individual wears one is to avoid confrontation with the Barney Fife’s of law enforcement and retail security?

If the issue is not about obeying the law but rather…


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Church Chucking Out Flag Likely As Idolatrous Has No Issue With Black History Worship

It might be one thing for a church to remove an American flag from its sanctuary on the grounds that nowhere in Scripture are congregations commanded to put on display in the house of the Lord a symbol of their earthly political or cultural loyalty.

So if national identity is something to be downplayed in an ecclesiastical environment in order to emphasize the unity of believers in Christ, don't turn around and…


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Democrats In Uproar Over Rightwing Conspiracy Theories No Issue With Leftist Tyranny

Representative Marjory Greene has been removed from her committee assignments in the House of Representatives not so much for anything that she has done but rather because of what she believed.

It was claimed that the so-called conspiracy theories she is accused of professing cannot be countenanced because of the “festering malignancy” of such ideas. Nothing similar was done to punish Raphael Warnock for questionable…


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Collectivist Utopians Won't Stop With Social Media Suppression

Utopians, especially of the…


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America As Whole As Worthy Of Protective Walls As Congress

Barriers at least seven feet high and said to be unscalable (walls if you will) have been erected around what allegedly objective journalists keep reminding viewers is “our beloved Capitol and symbol of democracy”.

This step was taken following the kerfuffle that though profoundly serious still resulted in less damage to property and human life than the other civil disturbances that have gone on nearly nonstop since about Memorial Day 2020.

If such security measures are…


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For What Other Reasons Can Civil Society Be Suspended?

Across America, governments are invoking the power to essentially suspend civil society when hospitals are occupied at a predetermined numerical threshold.

So why does the same sort of emergency intervention not apply in other situations where human life is at stake?

For example, if there are a certain number of auto accidents for a particular period should most forms of…


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Overclass Cares Only For Its Own

Former President George W. Bush composed a powerful statement in condemnation of the Capitol Incursion.

Too bad he was not as swift and decisive in regards to the pillaging at the hands of Antifa and Black Lives Matter.

Of that he said it was not the time to lecture but rather to instead listen.

So why not extend the same…


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