There are many misconceptions either unintentional or intended that are taught and revised or allowed to remain truth when significant evidence proves otherwise. Using politics to prevent the truth from being exposed has become common place. Topics such as how was the universe created? Are often debated widely, but how about the question of intelligence? Is man as smart as he actually thinks he is? Are animals much more intelligent than man gives them credit for? Let us examine this compelling question.

Evil of presumption

We already know that mankind is capable of language, literature, scientific invention, attempting to understand the universe, and attempting to peacefully co-exist in a civil society, but how about the intelligence of animals that we rely upon from everything from food to companionship? We think of government as an advanced form of intellectual achievement while many would argue that it isn’t! Perhaps, we do not know animals as well as we think or just maybe they know us better than we think.

Our nearest cousins?

It is generally accepted that Chimpanzees are more like man in behavior and intelligence and yet there’s a problem with that notion. In tests comparing the resourcefulness of Chimps compared to bears when comparisons over the ability to solve a complex problem where food is the ultimate reward. The bear cub will beat the Chimpanzee every time. Chimps known as using simple tools to capture food are not the only tool users. Bears have been known to actually pick up boulders and heave them at viewing room windows of visitors! In the wild many a hunter thinking he was stalking a bear found out as time went on the bear had turned the tables on him and was actually stalking the hunter. With the North American black bear, Grizzly, and Kodiak Bears perhaps displaying the equal intelligence to Chimps, scientists have been forced to reconsider their evaluation of the minds of higher thinking animals!

Aquatic equal?

Dolphins are among the smartest of mammals including man. Doctor Lilly conducted multiple tests for the US Navy in order to get Dolphins to deliver explosives to the undersides of enemy ships. Having a Dolphin lying in shallow water in a laboratory, Dr. Lilly received amazing cooperation from the air breathing aquatic mammal. He could get a Dolphin to mimic and learn the English alphabet and even count! The Dolphins he worked with seemed pleased to cooperate with experiments. Scientists now know that Dolphins can conduct 15 conversations at once and actually form gangs that have territory and will even fight to defend their territory. Much like man they are also known to rape females! It has been known for a long time that sailors stranded in the seas after a sinking have been rescued by Dolphins who allowed them to hand on as they swam for shallow water.

Gentle giants?

Gorillas are excellent sign language practitioners and have learned to combine terms such as taking the word, “Water” and “open” together to ask for a drink. Not as gregarious as Chimps, but not as hostile either, Gorillas, can form affectionate bonds with people and enjoy the use of signing with their researchers. As powerful as the African Mountain Gorilla is at ten times the strength of the average person, they are more docile than Chimpanzees in captivity and interacting with humans.

Airborne intellect?

The common Crow is now considered to be extremely intelligent and capable of not only complex problem solving but learning, group coordination, and investigating the scene of another Crow’s death not only attempting to understand, but apparently to learn from what caused the accident and resulting death. Crows have been observed riding on the backs of Hawks and Eagles when, at times, the two are competitors for food. The also exhibit gang behavior and will mob other gangs of Crows or owls they consider to be dangerous and infringing upon their territory.

Raptor logic

On the Animal Planet channel a complex problem solving competition was conducted between several animals, mammals and raptors alike and who solved the problem in record time when many of the more supposedly intelligent animals were taking lots of time? A little Kia flew to the precise reward site and snatched victory over the contest from all the others in seconds! Was this because the small bird had specific skills and instincts or because it actually evaluated the circumstances and arrived at an answer?


In Africa, the supposed ancient tribal hunters rely upon cooperation with birds who will show them where the desired kill is or location of the honey in a hive and then are rewarded by  sharing by the hunter who will use this gift of symbiosis time and again and for the benefit of both. Much as in the ocean and even fresh water where two different species will set up house together in a den with one fish doing the heavy lifting of moving sand and gravel while the other fish guards the nest or hunts for food.

Previously unknown

For the first time recently not only fish in an aquarium but wasps in the wild are discovered to have achieve facial recognition. No response from fish who are never fed by one partner in a marriage, but who become excited and ready to feed once they see the spouse that feeds them regularly! Wasps can recognize a human who has been spraying their nest and attack! Those wasps who have survived after a nest has been poisoned are hatched to recognize the very enemy that destroyed their previous home! For the longest time researchers could not determine these findings.

Is behavior intelligence?

For many dog owners it is hard to accept that a pig actually rates higher on the scale of intellect than man’s best friend! Yet, the domestic pig that serves as a companion for some but a meal for most is the fastest animal on earth to adapt to a wild state known as converting to feral within days or weeks in order to survive in the wild. This is due to their intelligence! When bears and even lions have been raised as domesticated exotic pets or zoo residents they are unable to survive in the wild if returned. Known as rewilding. Some researchers have mad painstaking efforts to reorient bears into surviving in nature again after becoming domesticated and the findings are still out on whether it is possible. Bears once they find an easy food source will quickly adapt. For years hundreds of bears in Yellowstone National Park adjusted to the presence of humans and became amazingly compliant as long as food was available. They would even pose for photos with park tourists as long as a reward of food was involved! Normally in the woods humans would be a food source. Does taking the path of least resistance and accepting easily obtainable food constitute higher intelligence?


The Octopus, Squid, and Cuddle Fish change colors immediately to adapt to match their surroundings to hide from predators, ambush prey, or to display emotion. They have very distinct methods of locomotion using jets of water to elude their enemies while being capable of complex problem solving. One of a few species that scientists believe could evolve into an alpha species such as mankind and one day rule the planet should humans disappear for whatever reason just as even raccoons have been determined of being capable of such organizational skills after tagging and establishing behavioral patterns demonstrated their nightly movements and territorial behavior. They have an uncanny ability to adapt to coexistence in suburban environments unlike most wild animals who are repelled or simply die off from stress as wolves are known to do. Yet, Coyotes have shown incredible co-existent skills in order to survive unseen by their human competitors.

From the Jurassic to the present

Even dinosaurs have displayed an intelligence that was unexpected by paleontologists until recently when Doctor Robert Bakker, a brash long haired upstart began closely studying fossilized sets of herd foot impressions and other indicators. Once considered to be huge dumb cold blooded reptiles, Bakker noted that their behavior differed from that previous interpretation. Soon it became well accepted fact that dinosaurs did much the same as warm blooded mammals of the present day protecting their young by traveling with the smallest in the center surrounded by the adults to resist sudden attacks and showing signs of warm blooded highly operating metabolic levels of modern species. Their reproductive strategies, hunting ability, advanced vision capability, and even excellent smell sensation practically put species that existed millions of years ago on par with the behaviors of today’s animals.


This proves that in order for science to continually evolve so that we know the truth rather than the pseudoscience of politically motivated false narratives such as “Global Warming” and “Finite Resources” designed to force the global population into draconian compromises that suit the tyrannical ambition of a one world government. Science should always be about discovery even if it disappoints and disrobes the lofty reputations of the distinguished experts who have built memorials unto themselves!




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Comment by Doc Vega on June 22, 2019 at 2:23pm

James I think there are a lot of big bad hunters who need to be on the receiving end of a bear's intellect when the odds are a little more even! Bastards shooting Polar Bears from fucking light planes! Jeez there is a difference between hunting and flat out murder!

Comment by Doc Vega on June 22, 2019 at 2:18pm

James, I agree that animal testing just like the bastard medical profession who claimed a fetus didn't sense pain when being torn apart in the womb that indeed laboratory animals are confined to the low IQ by those with an agenda! Yep, I've known plenty of rats too, They';; move in with you, fuck up your family, screw around on you, make you feel you never fo enough, then walk out on you to victimize another poor bastard and yet they are called the weaker and more vulnerable of the sexes! 

Comment by Parrhesia on June 22, 2019 at 12:31pm

Humans have devolved into dependent creatures who are incapable of surviving in an uncivilized environment.  Only a few generations ago, most people knew how to grow a garden and hunt meat, how to build a house and live without TV and computers.  They were connected to their instinct for survival and had the intelligence to survive.  Animals never lost this intelligence.  Now humans can't put down their cellphone, have no idea how food gets to the store, eat Tide Pods, snort condoms, don't know what gender to identify as and want to abort the future generation because it's an inconvenience - in my opinion, not very intelligent for survival of the species.

Comment by James Roberts on June 22, 2019 at 12:02pm

And, dolphins are apparently real assholes as far as rape. They will kill the young traveling with a dolphin mother so they can rape her, and they will gang rape porpoises to death, both frequently. I've read that for every report of them helping a human to shore, there is one of them pushing them farther out to sea.

Comment by James Roberts on June 22, 2019 at 12:00pm

I know that rats are more intelligent than people give them credit for. Based on my experience with the scores of ratty friends I've had. And I think animal intelligence tests have been purposefully skewed to keep their image diminished, so they can continue using them in medical / corporate / govt research. A friend was telling me, in a conversation about animal research, that Descarte vivisected animals, and said they weren't really suffering like we do, that they were just "winding down" like a clock. Ugh. Interesting about the bears beating chimps in tests. I wouldn't have guessed.

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