America Doesn’t Have Much Time Left

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I can’t imagine how the Democrats think that when the whole shit house burns down and the US dollar collapses how they will atone for their illegal conduct. The Democrats are little more than a criminal syndicate operating under the aegis of being a political party. When the economic system fails the nation will rapidly descend into hell with it. Even worse will be all the nations interlinked and co-dependent upon the US commerce system that will go down too. The world will enter another international depression with more suffering and starvation than the previous 1930’s tragedy before.

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What golden parachute awaits the Democrats when the system massively fails? Will the Pelosi’s have turned in their stock trade profits for gold and silver? Will Chuck Schumer have converted his offshore bank accounts into precious metal assets? If so, why hasn’t the IRS traced that money and would be prosecuting Schumer for tax evasion? While the Democrats are hiring more IRS agents to terrorize the already overburdened public that’s losing their dollar buying power by the day, what is the government doing besides finding more ways of deficit spending to the tune of billions upon billions of dollars?

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The truth would be that these people who are engineering a swift end to the American nation through their internal sabotage, who are demonically delusional! It can be the only explanation as anyone with a rational mind would see that the out of control spending they have presided over is a terminal illness in its 4th stage like a metastasizing cancer! The greatest nation on the face of the earth was thwarted from within, a common concern of the founding fathers and the succeeding patriotic presidents who foresaw what corruption could lead to.

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What to do about it? The size of the government must be reduced drastically as the swollen fraternity of unnecessary agencies and employees with their overpaid benefits has got to stop. The corrupt officials who for decades that have masterminded the failing system must be removed! The appointed and unelected bureaucrats trying to make a name for themselves by instigating regulations that stunt the growth of the economy along with jobs have to be eliminated. However, the old adage of how does a nation survive it’s traitors from within looms large on the radar screen. It is the biggest threat to the Republic!

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There are solutions which Ronald Reagan during his presidency advocated which he was constantly under attack over. Another way to reduce the spending and the accompanying interest payments” "The 'Penny Plan' would reduce non-defense, non-safety net spending by one percent of the previous year's total each year. Over 10 years, the plan will reduce spending (outlays) by almost $1 trillion without touching defense or entitlement spending."

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If politicians were not able to remain in office for decades amassing their political machinery and downstream income perhaps they would focus on the good of the American people and the country and propose feasible fiscal responsibility!  

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