America Today Worse off than December 7th Day of Infamy

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Pearl Harbor bombed on the morning of December 7th gave way to a massive voluntary draft that led to significant recruitment, manufacturing that retooled car and appliance factories into tank and munition production, and united all Americans against an identifiable antagonist. The Pearl Harbor attack united all Americans into a single vengeful resolve. So, what are the conditions that exist now that make the present day so perilous?

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A different era

America had all its factories on the mainland. The workforce, unimpeded by government entitlements, was ready to take the jobs that would contribute to the war effort. Manufacturers were able to easily convert from making civilian products to supplying the Army, Navy, and Army Air Force with the equipment it needed. Defense contractors were now able to meet the new specifications made by the Department of Defense into capable aircraft, effective battle tanks, and the massive need for munitions it would take to destroy the enemy. This was enemy that was well known and the people expected a conflict with. This simplified the problem of overcoming an enemy that had just dealt terrible blow to the US at Pearl Harbor.

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Erosion at home

Today, despite all the technological progress there is no time to re-tool, re-supply, or re-think what will be needed as the complexity of changing allies and enemies draws America into more costly commitments. Today, the general public is greatly burdened by the federal government’s mismanagement of foreign spending and financing wars far beyond our border. Our won government has rendered America into a vulnerable “Paper Tiger” that has suffered inflationary repercussions, ideological chaos from within. With Democrat corruption running rampant justice is non-existent within our land, and the real criminals (Democrats) now have a Department of Justice willing to shield them from prosecution. This brings about a Congress that is indecisive and unable to make tough decisions in a short amount of time as hyper missiles rain down on our cities, millions of unpatriotic illegal immigrants pressure authorities for benefits only Americans should receive, drones close in on US aircraft carriers, China prepares to invade Taiwan, our major supplier of microprocessors to supply all industrial products from cars to appliances, to military weapons, the writing is on the wall.

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Future? What future?

At a time when America made 46% of the world’s manufactured goods in 1941, today’s America outsources much of the mass manufactured products the civilian consumers need. When Joe Biden was illegally installed as president in 2020, almost every executive order he signed went toward favoring our enemies, and seeing to it that a disastrous future for America was guaranteed. When the nation is so divided that common sense is absent, what is there o fight for, to preserve, to believe in? Having the national willpower to succeed is highly questionable. If a nation can be destabilized, demoralized, and corrupted from within over a period of decades, that sacred belief it takes to defend the homeland will be lost.

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The Axis powers consisted primarily of Italy, Germany, and Japan, and were not even acknowledged until after the Pearl Harbor disaster. Today America has Russia, China, Iran, North Korea, and well-coordinated terrorist organizations, some funded from right here at home by America hating Americans! With this kind of treason, how does the nation survive? The “Greatest Generation” endured the Depression and much financial suffering only to be able to respond to the shock of Pearl Harbor and World War II. Do we have that kind of intestinal fortitude today? Even Ike Eisenhower doubted the will of the generation of the 1960’s to succeed faced with another D-Day on the bloody shores of Normandy. Demoralization is a great battle to win over your opponent. Today we have Generation Z siding with the Palestinians against Israel when it was HAMAS who attacked, committed atrocities, and took hostages, but somehow it is all the fault of the Jewish State.

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Impossible to overcome?

Today, in the midst of a drug crisis, homeless crisis, illegal immigrant crisis, economic crisis, and, most definitely, a leadership crisis, America is expected to go further into deficits that create massive dollar devaluation ( Inflation) by financing foreign wars, foreign aid, out of control federal government fiscal responsibility where does the weakening of this nation end? The people are threatened by an FBI that acts like the Nazi gestapo intolerant of Constitutional rights or criticism of a federal government that deserves it!

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Spread too thin

Pearl Harbor was a disaster that many such as Billy Mitchell who foresaw years before the attack that diplomatic friction and competition for resources in the Pacific region would lead to inevitable conflict. Yet, as devastating as Pearl Harbor was, the dry docks for repairs were left untouched, 3 essential aircraft carriers were out on maneuvers, and with two oceans to make an enemy invasion impossible so that the country could buy time to meet the war effort, defeat was far from being a possibility. There are now have weapons that can overcome oceanic distances in minutes and too many fronts to cover in case of a war involving a unified enemy of multiple aggressor states, and too much to lose should the Taiwan theater of conflict be lost to Communist global threat thanks to the Chinese.

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