Boston bombing is a clear hoax 100 percent Hoax and no one can deny the proof that exists here think Project Blue Beam and how bad things are going to get soon.

Updated April 30 2013 more Boston fraud proof added today and Sandy hook lies as well

Fema trains to fake events using actors solid proof here

Take note here Fema is planning a pandemic and they are preparing the news casts that will be used to get the Martial law started. This is a must watch Video. Share this with everyone you know.

At the 2:43 second mark is where you should start this video and you will see the exact same eyewitness used in both the Sandy Hook and Boston Bombing Fraud. The number 3 was used by the Catholics /Chaldeans when they killed Job's servants and stole his goods ( They made out into 3 bands) after the devil said he was going to do these things to Jesus. The Jesuit Catholic illuminati use the 3 continuously and here we see it everywhere. 9 11 3 towers fell again during Fema drills. 3 died in Boston. and this next video there was supposed to be 3 foiled plots by the FBI and they are saying 3 suspects. The same 3 Seal team cops seen at Sandy hook are again at Boston bombing.

CNN Caught Red Handed Interviewing Crisis Actor : Boston False Flag

Revelation 12:9 And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which  deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth,

 and his angels were cast out with him.

Make sure to take note that there is no real emergency response happening during this event. No Ambulances , No fire trucks  No real Police just yellow jacket wearing officials/actors. See the picture just blow these of the actual footage of the bomb as it has gone off one second ago and not the officials nor the flags not the advertisers are affected but people 5 feet from them were supposed to have had their legs blown off = lies. pictures of a lady that was right beside the man with the missing leg and none of them are hurt at all because this event as all the rest are deceptions.

I watched these 2 videos and the same lady appears to be in both again:

Start this one at the 1:15 second mark

Natalie Hammond Sandy Hook victim looks a lot like Boston amputee a...

and here at the 19 second mark

In 67 Days Shot Up Witness Newtown Sandy Hook Natalie Hammond Media...

2 Sandy Hook videos show a clear fraud

Emily's Aunt shows no tears and fake emotions = Acting above Video link 

Emily was clearly photoshopped into the family photos and her fake Aunt shows no tears. Family fakes sadness proves this is a fraud.

More Boston fraud proof April 26 2013

This is another video for the same proof but the maker points out that the same lady is under the double amputee is now in the stretcher looking like she is dead or on the way out with blood but none before she was moved.

This Video shows the same 3 guys from Sandy hook are seen here and one is clearly holding the detonator . See the pictures below of all three together in both events.

Before the devil gets cast out he deceives the Whole World and today with Y2K, 9 11, Iraq WMD's, Oklahoma city bombing, 7/7 London Bombings, Sandy hook shooting, Texas Fertilizer explosion, All of these events were staged events and the devil has deceived the Whole World through them.
He is about to get thrown out and maybe when the Lord darkens the whole World in the clear day because our Lord said at some point he will take us out of the way on the dark and cloudy day.

Updated April 24 2013

lots more absolute picture/video proof added to this page today.

 I am adding today here at the top of the page. I am moving yesterdays proof up as well.

The Boston Bombing is all Fake = it is a fraud see the picture proof for your self. The devil/Antichrist will come to power with great signs and lying wonders.

 April 14 proof added April 14 2013

See this sequence of pictures for yourself and Watch the amputee actor actually placing the leg on as others place their sunglasses on right under his supposed severed leg. They would be sprayed with massive amounts of blood. Acting all of it.

Top left his leg is clearly not severed this person is an amputee. He has the prosthesis in his hand = the fake trashed part he is about to attach to his leg. See also They are actually putting on a Woman's Sun glasses right under his leg.

See here he has placed the fake part on his leg.

Take note of the clothing = it is the same guy they wheel down the road in a wheelchair and not in an ambulance bed with no blood present from the massive wound.

No blood on this ladies hair under his leg also proves this is fake. Alex Jones and others are not exposing this as they should but literally are trying to explain it at the same time as they expose it. It is all fake Hollywood acting. Even Abby Martin is trying to explain it instead of coming right out with this kind of proof endlessly they are literally giving the official story legs by doing this.

Here is the front of the guy holding on to his fake leg and take note again no massive blood loss. People still sitting on the ground right next to him without a mark on them and no visible shrapnel effects. Amputee actors it is all a fraud. Even his face has not a mark on it . If your leg was blown off you would have marks and wounds galore. he is the worst hurt but no-one is helping him.

Look closely and you can see where they attached the fake part above the bandage. With that said we know from other pictures of this same guy he has no legs at all. It is all a fake.

This is a picture of the live event as the bomb went off one second ago. We can see clearly the flags are moving the people are 5 feet from the blast zone and are not hurt or screaming "daddy I can not hear" like the Texas Bombing hoax/fraud. Your hearing would he effected by a bomb that blasts people legs off. The advertisers are not affected by shrapnel at all the flags are not torn. The bomb blasts up and not out into a sphere like all real bombs do. Other footage shows that there is no shielding of any king but scaffolding between the actors and the officials. No police ever showed up neither did the firefighters or the Ambulace's can ever be seen here.

This Boston runner is a tab bit slow that gives the interview. He clearly heard the loud speakers say this was only a  drill only


More proof added April 23 2013 starts here:


3 is an Illuminati signature number the Catholics/Chaldeans always use it = These 3 cops were presented to us as the first responders at Sandy Hook! From left to right: Michael McGowan, David Enllgren and Liam Seabrook[22 CBS News] What where they doing undercover in Boston? do not bye that the man in the wheel chair has been discredited it is clearly the same guy so be aware that there are Illuminati narks that re selling that lie all over the net Like Agent Mike Smith. Bullshit artists/ devils servants = Liars have their place in the lake of fire.

They are locking people down to protect them from fake Hollywood style drills. Now taking liberties away also.

Be aware total Martial Law is days to weeks away. 7 terror threats and even one fake one here in Canada

says WW3 is near. - Lharmen.

Bloomberg Says Interpretation of Constitution Will ‘Have to Change’...

See Texas staged event proof just posted by SweetTina April 23 2013

Texas has now been fully exposed as a staged event

Thanks Tina

Intellihub Reporter Matthew Short noticed an increased emergency military presence in Waco, Texas on April 16, thinking on his toes following a recent terror attack, he and a friend took time verified video and photographs of armored response vehicles.

Mass Casualty Terror Drill in Aurora Same Day as Batman Shooting.

More mass casualty drills can be seen here

Boston bombing inside job proof = fraud/ hoax

Bloomberg Says Interpretation of Constitution Will ‘Have to Change’...

I Lharmen saw this with my own eyes Boston is a Hoax and the people are actors and this is again a fraud like the holographic jet on 9 11.

How much more proof do you need this is all fake

Amputee actors in training Video see this again at the bottom of this page in the video box

Watch the amputee actors videos linked above

The guy is holding the prosthesis on while they moved him with no pain expression. Where did they get the wheel chair and when does anyone ever use a wheel chair to move an human that just lost their leg ..When you always use a bed gurney = acting

They continuously told the Boston runners do not worry it is a training exercises.

The bomb can be seen in this video and it is clearly pyrotechnics and the force of the explosion can easily be seen as going straight up and not out in a sphere as does a bomb. It could never have created enough force to remove legs.

CBS News is reporting that the FBI interviewed Tamerlan Tsarnaev back in 2011.

These people are always professional informants playing the role of the bad guys. They will walk out the back door of the prison the day they go in. This is all about seeding the public's minds to create home grown terror for real. They are literally training everyone how to survive the coming disastrous time period they are about to create.

100% proof this is all acting


More Clear proof of a fraud here

Boston Hoax same as above

This is blatant proof this was a fraud = Hoax again

Project Blue Beam will dwarf these lies!

 No blood and many other pictures showing events where the guy they are looking for running with his pants nearly removed but he can still run = fraud.

 Again clear proof the flags are not ripped the stands are not moved the police had to move them. The wounds are not in keeping with the blast at all. The structural damage does not exist because it was an amputee drill used on an unsuspecting public for mass mind control purposes thru the fear it generated.

Windows that are blown out not in.

None of the advertiser that surrounded the area were filled with shrapnel at all. The as very poorly done.

Faked injuries at Boston: and same image just 2 different links.
Video suggesting the explosion at Waco was in an abandoned area:
Please look at this: you have to look at this: ( 37 seconds)

I Lharmen saw in the Boston footage a man being run down the street with bandages like you would see in a movie and his leg was already in a splint and they were banging his leg and bumping him down the road at top speed and he looked like he was not in any pain and even trying to balance himself as he calmly talked with the people who are rushing him down the street when he should have been screaming with the damage we could see. It was a clear fraud. My Illuminati relative yelled at the top of his lungs after I tried to argue 911 was done by the U.S. government. He yelled "it was a fraud it was all Hollywood no one died. He said : Do you really thing the U.S. government would kill 3000 of their Own people. When he was done his screaming at me. It clicked = Dick Cheney was a politician and could never have been in charge of Norad. Norad did not stand down they never had to stand up because the Planes Where a Holographic Light show. The 2 Jets were still listed as flying for upwards of 8 years after. The Proof is positive the Buildings were cleared before the controlled demolition took place. A mountain of proof cell phones do not work at 30 thousand feet but in the movie were they recreate the events they were saying "lets roll" on a cell phone at 30 thousand feet. There is no plane damage to the pentagon and the other ShanksVille plane wreckage site looked like an X in the ground not a crash site at all = All of this is a fraud even the London bombing FEMA was the scene coordinators and here we see the Bomb squad were the scene coordinators. This is all Hollywood. There was a man who was a suspect which his hand was seen behind the rails in the footage 77 London bombing hoax and it could not be that way except it was a photo shopped picture. It is all a fraud to hypnotizes the World through fear.

 First the Leg has changed and the blood is photo shopped and how do we know the news is not the only place we actually see this happening . Boston could have been cleared in advance of this event by the bomb squad. The entire event is as fake as 911.

There is a lot of footage that is fake in this created false flag and again they are using the fake threats of Rican in the mail. It is all about mind control through hypnosis through the fear it created when you watch the news it is all embedded with hypnotic language. They baited us through the controlled media for weeks North Korea is about to Nuke the U.S. Japan and South Korea and at the same time April 15th was the supposed Abbas/Palestinian wars with Israel and North Korea missile Launch date to nuke us all = Fear and a fraud but the date turned out to be it. When you know the script for Project Blue Beam is unfolding globally then you can see these for what they are frauds. The devil is trying to fulfill all of Gods words and Jesus said he would sent the World strong delusion they should believe a lie and all who do he will destroy. = 2 Thessalonians 2:11

Project Blue beam is unfolding all over the World today and only if you are truly blind can you miss it.

Project Blue Beam could easily have a great part of the deception where seemingly dead people are again "seemingly" brought back to life. Like Princess Diana who was a Pagan and here we see the Catholic Chavez is being said will come with their Beast/He Goat Prophet Baphomet called Mahomet or Mohammad. The facts are all around us that suggest they have faked many peoples deaths in recent years = Saddam Hussein was hanged (Who does that) Moammar Gadhafi was killed then supposedly sodomized and buried in the desert (Who does that) Osama was supposed to have been killed and buried (with out a Video to prove anything). He was said to have been buried in the sea ( Who does that) Princess Diana was supposed to have been killed after her car drove into the 13th pillar = What a coincidence 13 British bloodlines are preparing a Global deception called Project Blue Beam that will put their god Lucifer up as if he is Jesus and so they will have to fulfill the scriptures of raising the dead and bringing them with him when the devil does this.

9/11 Hoax John Lear on Vanishing Planes & Holograms

Holographic Jets 9 11 <--- tons of proof in Google search Youtube - Lharmen

This is the picture that looks fake.

right when North Korea is warning the U.S. is going to get nuked.

This was way to close to the date of the Oklahoma bombing April 19th to be by chance - Lharmen

The devils rules through fear and this short video is very shocking to say the least so be prepared they are literally hypnotizing the entire World through the news of these events MK Ultra Mind control projects = trauma based Mind controlling the Masses thru the Media.


Official: ATF bringing in explosives dogs to site of huge Texas blast

— Crime scene investigation at plant —

Determining if fire was intentionally set (VIDEO) - April 18

Alex Jones shows proof the Illuminati created Navy Mind controlled seals wearing skulls and one of them has the Illuminati 3 in it and 3 people were supposed to have  died = fake = Hollywood.

The Jews that killed Jesus chose where to kill him and they did it at Golgotha = a Place of a skull.

the people who worship death killed Jesus they are the liars that will never 

Psalms 78:49 He cast upon them the fierceness of his anger, wrath, and indignation, and trouble, by sending evil angels among them.

Solomon Said In Proverbs = 8:36 But he that sinneth against me wrongeth his own soul, and all they that hate me love Death.


they are the 303rd division of the U.S. military and always have been and they are the ones behind all of these lying wonders the devil will come to power on the back of.

33 degrees to freemasonry and they were the ones who attacked and destroyed Hitlers army. I wonder if that was not a fake event = staged terror that got that World war going? Masons are Russian Jewish Mafia and we see from the first picture on this page that it is the military Mafia (Think Military amputee and Military amputee drills) that is behind all this. Project blue Beam Mind control Projects MK Ultra. This is all about mind control through fear. - Lharmen

Death worshipers killed Jesus in a place called Golgotha, that is to say, a place of a Scull

1 Corinthians 15:26 The last enemy that shall be destroyed is death.

The illuminatti Game card Illuminati Card Game Joggers Marathon



Above Video = Boston staged event proof

Share this proof with everyone on the globe before Damascus gets destroyed possible on the 3 month extension Date both Netanyahu and Obama gave Iran on 3/22 = 6 / 21 or 6 / 22

On the Illuminati Witch craft calendar 6 21 is the highest date the have so it could very easily become the war date.

Keep watching for Obama to make the fake one week peace deal with many and the fake Holographic assassination of Obama both would be used to get the war started. Remember they told Saddam to put away his weapons and they will not strike and as he was destroying the Scud D missiles with a forklift they attacked. Liars/ Great deceivers children.

Thru fear and deception the Devil does rule the blind!

Jesus said I will send this World strong delusion they should believe a lie and all who do will perish in their unrighteousness. < - Right with God people can see but un-right with God people are blinded by their sins. Wake them up and you receive a rewards.

Tell everyone this proof exists.

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Comment by Less Prone on February 28, 2018 at 3:25pm

Robert, YT censorship.

Comment by Robert Edwards on February 28, 2018 at 2:10pm

Who pulled the videos that are unavailable? 

Comment by karen arsenault on May 30, 2013 at 10:03am

here you go Lawrencene now the FBI can just go around and shot unarmed people.

Comment by Lawrence Harmen on May 6, 2013 at 5:16pm

As I have been warning the war with Iran and Syria will see Syria and Iran attacking in three directions when the western leader Obama comes across the entire surface of the earth = Daniel 8 with Media/ Syria between his eyes and Friday until Sunday Israel attacked twice and not the rebels but 300 Syrian Elite Soldiers . All three Hezbollah, Syria and Iran are right now setting their missiles on Israel. Syria just warned Russia war is on.

When we see this war begin our redemption draws near. Watch out soon we will see this major war that I have been warning about for 11 1/2 years now. Any one who remains in the cities will be beheaded in the time to come = Time of the Gentiles 3 1/2 years we flee into the Wilderness.

Comment by Sweettina2 on May 6, 2013 at 4:55pm

Good video Lawrence!  Yes, it has been illegal to be a Christian before, and it will be again.

Comment by Lawrence Harmen on May 2, 2013 at 7:23pm

You go to the share link below the video and then click embed then right click and cut the code and bring it back here and click in the message box then the 3rd button in (above this) is media and past it in there and you will see the video here. If you want to re-size the video in the code are size numbers like width="420" height="315" and you can manipulate them to 400 300 or what every size you like. That does not work on all videos but you tube videos it does. If there is 2 sets of numbers then you must change them both from what I know and have experienced. Thanks again and here is the Video you have sent.

The proof is absolute no matter what anyone tries to say. it is very clear. The devils about to hunt Christians n the back of these lying wonders. See this proof I just posted yesterday = they are preparing to hunt truth telling web sites and posters.

Homeland security and police prepare to arrest Christians and truth...

Warn everyone you know and please send more proof of this unfolding event.

Comment by karen arsenault on May 2, 2013 at 11:26am

I don't know how to paste this...

Comment by karen arsenault on April 30, 2013 at 10:00am

Lawrence:  I took a nother look at that video did you see the black suv with the white dome on top if I'm not mistaking that looks like a Craft security vehicle and dosen't Craft work for the did they get there so of my oath keeper friends posted this video on face book.

God bless you from Karen

Comment by Lawrence Harmen on April 29, 2013 at 6:22pm

Thanks Karen I am going to add more right now and I have also been looking for the original of that video. In that video there are no real emergency response happening all. The stands are empty tells us when it happened  = before or after but not during the event. I would be curious to see the position of the Sun as an indicator of the time it was shot. If it was at the real event and not all Hollywood then there would have been millions of youtube videos showing us all sorts of proof . This was all a hollywood production and not at all taped during the live event. Jesus is the Spirit of Truth and the Spirit of Life and no one gets to God but thru them both keep up the good works and thanks for the help.

Revelation 12:9 And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth,and his angels were cast out with him.

I can not wait until they get kicked out - Lharmen

Comment by karen arsenault on April 27, 2013 at 9:51am

Hi Lawrence: no I don't know I found this video on a other site it cought my attantion after i read your blog.

"Destroying the New World Order"



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