BUBBLES part two.

Big-Brother self destructs.

ONE: Finks are fodder for BB's ploys. Proven fact, complainers are usually hiding something. Busting walk-ins, like angry girlfriends, is the lazy way of law enforcement.

You might even bust the target instead of the leak sometimes. Doesn't seem likely thou, as certain team reflexes would kick in fast.

TWO: And not by conflicting ops this time. 14 yr old Chilean child slave labor selling coke in Vancouver Sky-train stops being busted by local police, for instance. For the first local example that springs to mind.


STRIKE THREE: Closed code systems, walled content gardens and ACTRA, MPAA and DMR censorship. (filtering, censorship, shutdowns)

Today's news?

Copyright being used to shut down news/bloggers that talk about inconvenient facts like faked resumes, corrupt government, leaky electronic voting systems...

ACTRA being used to wipe out business competition instead of political opponents...

All child's play, my friend. New efforts are going seriously hardware. And like Big-Brother being done as a government contract, suicidal in the extreme.

But for entirely different reasons.


Manias, panics and crashes are usually applied ignorance. An emotional storm, a bigoted response (bigotry IS and emotional reflex, please pardon the redundancy here), violent upheavals.

Example? Ghenis Khan used villagers that'd NEVER BEEN ALLOWED more than 5 miles from home, literacy, reading, (etc) as gun-fodder to attack the NEXT village.

Swept thru a couple continents of happy happy (and very censored) feudal types.

More than once. His GRANDKIDS were using the same trick.

( Geez, a couple merchants get rich selling drugs and spices and the whole world goes berserk trying to get in on the action. Man!)


INTELL hits the wall in a serious way. With closed CPU code.

Here, look...

( Gawd, I'm ashamed of myself. I can't remember where the linker in gcc is. A three-pass complier? Naw, just ren .out. Ah, that's it.

.OUT? .ELF? Man.... OK, it works now.)

None of this is security enhanced code... ya need a built-in password (in the bin) to run on new INTEL CPUs.

Sounds hackable, but ONLY shops approved by intel can sell programs for intel CPUs? Isn't that the certificate thing done hardware?

Every programmer in the world unemployed, almost over-night.

Wow, very evil. Well done, intell. Intel only has 90% of the CPU market, so it's a BIT of an exaggeration. Not much, thou.

Very nasty. Nice. Ownership of the CPU has just been reduced to rentership.

BALL FOUR: Then people stop using them. Just like walled gardens.

(cable TV anyone? Newspapers? Didja see what happened to county fairs when they took the beer-gardens, girls and gambling out of them?)

Intel? You've been watching the DVD people, too, haven't you?

Next up should be a 'protect the children' effort, or the it MIGHT be used to build a bomb' campaign.

Eww, holy self-induced hickeys.. Does NOT play well with others.

So a VERY popular whatever gets the 'open' systems snuck in all over... (betcha it has skin in it) into a system that DESIGNED for riot and surge witch hunts.

Ouch, eh? Owwie, owwie, owwie!

All by government contract too. Betcha THAT works well for 'em.

Dirty deeds done cheap. Classy, winner types only.

Must be able to rule over rubble with no population or infrastructure left. (all the techies died in the riots)

As for California...

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