Dissolution of Generation Identity: a nonsense to launch the pre-election period

Originally published on the author's Facebook account, this text was removed by the social network, which accused her of violating its "standards on dangerous individuals and organizations". The author's account was subsequently restricted.

Philosopher and essayist, Anne-Sophie Chazaud calls for the greatest civic vigilance in the face of an executive who piles up nonsense. One of the latest, according to her: the attempt to dissolve Generation Identity. We are entering the pre-election period and our citizen vigilance will have to be exercised with care, for example with this attempt to slowly but surely introduce postal voting into the electoral process by LREM, since it is a means of fraud which has proven itself (why bother, since they are ready for anything). At the ideological level, the Laurels and Hardys of the Macronian “At the same time” started the ball rolling this week, Dupont-Moretti and Darmanin having started their number of clumsy comic duettists aiming at which Marine Le Pen (this turning to obsession in the case of de Hardy), which Generation Identity (GI), as if neither of them had real work to do these days.

Dissolve GI? Nonsense

The attempt to disband GI is legal nonsense, and will prove to be a huge political blunder. Not based on anything at the legal level, it demonstrates first of all the marked appetite of this executive for antidemocratic and liberticidal measures. It then demonstrates that everything that was said at the time of the Marrakesh Pact was true, namely that the aim of the operation is to criminalize any criticism of the borderless migration policy constituting dogma, which was valid for the era accusation of fake news . It also shows that defending Axelle, massacred and dismembered by scum in Lyon this summer, that is to say defending the French people, can earn you sanctions, since this is one of the terrible crimes that are blamed on GI.

It also demonstrates that in the midst of a soft debate (Gérald Darmanin demonstrated his expertise in terms of softness, under the little jabs of the chin and little theatrical kicks) on a "separatism" whose nature we will never courageously name Islamist, we will conveniently prefer to attack in reality evangelists or white supremacists who, it is true, represent a real imminent danger in our country, attack after attack, then by attempting to dissolve the organization Génération Identitaire as if it It was a factious League of the 1930s (laughter). Damn, but it's of course ! This attempt will be a bitter failure, just as the members of GI were acquitted of the ridiculous lawsuit brought against them after the operation at Col de l'Echelle, in which they only highlighted the failings of the State in its mission of protecting borders against illegal immigration. This attempt at dissolution is ideologically based on the ineptitude very fashionable in the above-ground micro-sphere which tries to govern, which would constitute the pseudo-"identity pincer".

This stupid claim, based on an alignment of hollow concepts strung like pearls by Republican Spring for years (and which looks more like a saw from being gnawed more than a pincer), is actually the effort pathetic of the so-called republican left to show that it is indeed on the left and to disqualify the whole “right” patriosphere: it is in fact a clumsy attempt to capture republican values ​​while avoiding the defense of France. . It would be a question of demonstrating, by pure incantations, that the Islamism which makes hundreds of deaths and the defense of a country, its sovereignty and its culture come under the same logic. Ben of course! This intellectual ineptitude is the basis of post-socialism which directs the action of the opportunist Darmanin, who has revealed his true design there. It will not take, will not work, even with the support of the censor Gafa who, for years already practice this Inquisition.

The lawyer Goldnadel will defend GI and win this procedure, whether or not we adhere to the values ​​carried by this organization which has as much the right to exist as any whistleblower on any subject (are we also going to dissolve Greenpeace or the Femen?). No doubt this will mark the real start of the presidential campaign. I would like to take this opportunity to point out to you that my next book to be published at the start of the school year in September will focus precisely on this subject made taboo and thorny, while it is so fundamental, identity, identity in all its seams. . We left so as not to be bored.

Anne-Sophie Chazaud, philosopher and essayist, is the author of Freedom of inexpression, new forms of contemporary censorship at Editions de l'Artilleur.

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