Dividing America: Major Strategy of the Left

In 2008 as America was lied to and taken by storm over the election of Barack Obama as president of the US, his AG Eric Holder had been making his voice of division heard as he claimed that Americans were too cowardly to talk about racial discrimination. This would be a theme designed to create social unrest through out the 8 tumultuous years of the Obama White House. From Barack using code speech giving paid agitators in American cities to create living hell to harassing police departments with federal biased civil rights investigations that ended up proving nothing, but the "Ferguson Effect" was being assembled in the minds of embattled police and citizens alike.

Allowing violence

Refusing to denounce the massive nightly riots over the shooting of Treyvon Martin, a young thug, who after being stopped by a neighborhood security guard for violating curfew turned on an innocent man being jumped and having his head pounded against the concrete sidewalk before firing in self defense. President Obama made the remark that Treyvon could have been his son, and the permission to the rioters was given! Towns like St. Louis, Ferguson, Baltimore, and others were transformed into battlegrounds as businesses and police cars were burned, police beaten, and even high school black youths were encouraged to join in the carnage while mayoral offices often tied the hands of police refusing them to use their riot gear while they were being pelted with bricks and broken glass, sometimes even Molotov Cocktails.

Unrest as a tool

When Michael Brown, another troubled black youth, strong armed a small Asian convenience store clerk and left with stolen merchandise he was then detained by a police officer who he pummeled within the squad car. After exiting the police cruiser the shaken officer called for him to halt now having his revolver drawn. The heavily drugged and very large youth made a running charge at the much smaller policeman who was forced to fire killing the young thug. Once again, the left could take this incident and use it for an excuse to cause more well organized, well funded, rioting and looting by paid agitators, most of whom lived out of state. It was obvious Soros money and other Democrat donors were behind the attacks.

Media betrayal

However, working hand in hand with our foreign enemy owned media, only white supremacists and police departments were blamed for the burning, the looting, the violence, the deaths, and the billions in public and private property damage. Only the end of the Obama White House put a stop to the constant assault upon normally quiet and racially stable communities. When President Trump took office soon another form of division came to be as Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA began to target any place Trump rallies were held and even Washington DC itself, burning down a church, several blocks of residential thoroughfares, and assaulting any Republican or Trump supporters who had ventured outside of the crowds that were peaceful and there for non-violent purpose of having their voices heard.

Stoking flames of hatred

While fires raged in the backgrounds of many cities while on the scene reporters for CNN and MSNBC stood right in front of cameras with the flames of riot set fires blazing in the background lying through their teeth saying the situation was relatively calm! Just as Yuri Bezmenov, a defected KGB agent warned his American audiences, the left, the Communists, our foreign enemies would use the false narrative of civil rights or Gay rights to create opportunities for conflict and social unrest. The violence would stoke the fires of hatred on both sides over issues that were irrelevant until community organizers like Barack Obama convinced crowds of people in low income communities that they deserved more and the only way to get it was to resist the police and invoke violence as a tool for change!

The sanctioned violence

The demonic insanity of those who invaded Capitol Hill during the Kavanaugh and Gorsuch Supreme Court Hearings wailing like Banshees in the hallways and climbing over walls to try and disrupt the proceedings was perfectly alright for the Democrats and the left. Burning down store fronts in Seattle, Portland, Kenosha, and Minneapolis while assaulting police with clubs and lasers that blinded some officers was perfectly fine, but when a proven false flag of embedded ANTIFA thugs disguised as Trump supporters invaded the Capitol Building suddenly the FBI swung into action, the National Guard was called out, barbed wire and barrier walls went up all over the city while back in June ANTIFA and BLM had set fire to many parts of Washington DC, attacked GOP leaders, Trump supporters, and overwhelmed police who were suspiciously slow at responding.

No defense no stability

According to Yuri Bezmenov it makes no difference how stable a society is once targeted by the Machiavellian tactics of Communist agitators using the old Stalinist doctrine of ruthlessness they will find traitors within that nation! Judges willing to betray their public, bureaucrats who will condone corruption and be part of it, politicians that will use bald faced lies to protect those guilty of insurrection will succeed especially when the media suppresses the truth. If the conservative voice does not rise up to repel the deception the overthrow will go unchallenged and the lies of the left will succeed! Elections can be stolen. We know that and we've seen it blatantly achieved! Threats to the leftist rebellion can be character assassinated or even killed if they present too great a threat to the division. A perfectly legitimate and patriotic President Trump has been defeated through propaganda, divisiveness, and character assassination thanks to the tactics of the classic Communist doctrine of divide and conquer.

Members of an anti-fascist or Antifa march as the alt-right or far-right hold a
How the division worked

The failure of government funded schools that intentionally downplayed or omitted American history and the reason for the War of Independence were tantamount to the success of getting the American public to refuse to resist the lies of division and subversion that had torn our society apart and now threaten to rip the very foundations of free enterprise, free speech, freedom of the press, and the protection of the individual from big government tyranny to pieces. The Constitutional Republic is at grave risk. When Barack Obama expressed his differences over the US Constitution, when Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg announced on Egyptian TV that she did not support the US Constitution both should have been reprimanded or charged with treason! Once a fire starts within the institution of government it should be stamped out quickly before an inferno overtakes a nation!

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Comment by Twilight Zone on January 22, 2021 at 10:09am

cheeki - It's all going as planned.

Comment by cheeki kea on January 21, 2021 at 9:28pm

You're right Doc.V and TZ, see how quick they call for Unity as they later crave for order out of their own chaos. Our leader here is now calling for 'Social Cohesion' but it falls on death ears and is too late. Her Govt. supported Antifa, blm and cancel culture has driven deep wedges in the fabric of society where there were few before. Even their own security adviser warned of major issues if there are culture identity splits and yet there she is gracing the magazines of the world in her so called love and compassion while at the same time being a member of some of the most Hateful local Facebook groups that have ever come to light. Other hard core left wing politicians are also members of hate pages. This behaviour angers and confuses both the general and unhinged population of sheep who start believing it and may take undue actions. I have to say when you start seeing nazi flag symbols out there on public display you know for sure there has been a culture spilt.     

Comment by Doc Vega on January 19, 2021 at 9:42am

Thanks for the favorite Twilight Zone.

Comment by Twilight Zone on January 19, 2021 at 9:14am

But Team Biden says their administration is all about "Unity"

"Destroying the New World Order"


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