Do you really want to know history as it happened in America? Here it is! This why we're screwed!

Much to the amazement of most people, the Federal Reserve is not a branch of the US government at all. It is not owned by or does it answer to America as an agency of the government, yet many mistakenly think it is. Recently, I even heard a Christian talk radio program host who made the same mistake, saying during the course of his financial investment program that the Federal Reserve was a branch of the US government. Don’t think I’ll be taking any of his investment advice. Yet, this is a widely perpetrated myth that still persists.

True history of the United States an alternate reality not in school books

Since the Federal Reserve was reappointed as the central bank of the US or reserve bank, the US dollar has declined in value dramatically. To illustrate that point, if we take what could have been bought for $20.00 in 1913 when the Federal Reserve was resurrected, that same amount would now be $463.83 an accumulated annual inflation rate of 2219.10 %. This arresting figure is not a natural consequence of the cost of living. This kind of currency devaluation is the result of manipulation and intentionally controlled levels of monetary supply and long term policy. Yet, we are urged to believe that this is acceptable and to be expected. It’s not!

The rise of global banking

America not only survived but thrived without a central bank controlled by the Rothschilds, Warburgs, and Vanderbilts for 75 years until 1913. The US established rapid international expansion without the control of a private cartel of banks that owe no loyalty to anyone but themselves. Rockefeller made the following statement as he stood photographed on the deck of a ship leaving New York harbor. The caption read, " I owe no allegiance to any nation or foreign country. For I am a world banker." This quote taken from an obscure late 70’s book entitled, “Crisis Investing”. Rockefeller’s statement typifies the attitude of these cartels with their megalomaniac mentality.

Unconstitutional income tax

In 1913 the Revenue Act was passed by the Woodrow Wilson administration. Philander Knox, a Secretary of State at the White House and former attorney for a number of wealthy and influential families, took a sneaky recess appointment period to pass one of the most draconian pieces of legislation in history. They resurrected the Federal Reserve, created the IRS, and began once again the control of US monetary supply and policy. Very ironically, America had done quite well in the previous 75 years thanks to President Andrew Jackson who abolished the central bank. Up to that point currency that had been minted by the original 13 colonies had done well until the King of England imposed a ban on the use of Colonial currency  in favor of imposing money the Royal Crown upon the 13 colonies which caused inflationary cycles that played havoc with the fledgling economy of early America.

After the War of Independence and America rose to the status of a separate nation a network of separate and independent banks were initially established, but European influence remained and once again the formation of a reserve bank took over. Once this happened a number of recession and inflation periods came back to haunt the new nation at times causing panics.

Federal Reserve resurrected and the crises begin again

The cycle of fiat currency under the premise, that this would afford the US financial stability was a myth perpetrated by those who had again succeeded in reinstituting the Federal Reserve in 1913 were soon proven wrong. By 1929, just 16 years later, came the stock market crash of 1929 followed by the Great Depression. Even with President Roosevelt’s big government measures of deficit spending in order jump start the US economy with federal government funded  infrastructure building work programs like the Boulder Dam, Grand Coulee Dam, and Overseas Highway from Florida to Key West, unemployment remained unacceptably high as it does today. After World War II the US again went through a series of inflationary and recession cycles that continually maintained economic instability during the Vietnam by the mid 1960’s. This only benefited the few, manufacturers of arms, defense contractors, and bankers who financed the war.

During that recess period in 1913, Philander Knox took a vote when the majority of Senators and Congressmen were on Christmas vacation. many of the states voted pass (not approval) meaning a wait on determining their position. Yet, Knox counted those states who were not decided as approval for a measure that, by any means, should live in infamy among the great fiascoes of US government enactments as it was both unconstitutional and illegally ratified regardless of history book accounts. Our founding father never intended for there to be a tax on one’s wage or labor. In doing so, the federal government has forced the US public to endure even more financial hardship that has intentionally necessitated both man and wife working, thus creating generations of children no longer traditionally raised, becoming latch key kids, and even creating more crime and juvenile delinquency as a result of the US household lacking parental supervision. Long ago our forefathers voiced their concerns that the republic could be undermined most effectively by attacking the very foundation of our society-the family.   

You can go to such sources asNorman Dodd, G. Edward Griffin, and Stanley Monteith, and Jim Marrs, who taught a college course on the Kennedy assassination. There is a real history not recorded on the books and intentionally suppressed that actually transpired and was designed by the powers that be to manipulate the population by introducing Communism, social unrest, immorality, violence, class warfare, social division, and fiscal enslavement, and they have achieved that end in order to keep us from identifying whose really responsible and who is in control.

Confirming illegally ratified 16th amendment

In 1999 C-Span carried a program on the unconstitutional manner of process and illegality that brought about  income tax as well as under what circumstances it was illegally ratified under the 16th amendment, hence, the Revenue Act of 1913. It got a record audience and had a part II which was not shown on TV after C-Span mysteriously decided to show that presentation in another hall that did not nationally televise. Why? The government obviously did not want a large following of citizens who realized they had been swindled by their very own elected officials into a decades long period of financial hardship to a private cartel of banking families who were terrorizing them through confiscatory means by a rogue taxing authority (IRS).

Wars make society change quick

Did you know that Woodrow Wilson was urged by the rich families who owned all the major educational endowments, tax exempt educational trusts such as the Carnegie Endowment, Ford Foundation (not Henry Ford, but a middle eastern sect) Rockefeller Foundation, etc. all these institutions were not only installing socialism in our public classrooms, and hiring graduates to rewrite American history to reflect positively on socialism, but the president in 1917 was ordered to get America into a war, not too long, not too costly, but a war never the less. Why? To speed up social change.

Did you know that President Woodrow Wilson authorized a 30 billion dollar loan in order for the US to enter into World War I, a European war that we basically had no interest in? To this day that debt is still being paid by the US government and the people of this nation already having yielded 15 billion dollars in interest paid to the Federal Reserve over this age old debt. Almost a hundred years of debt service has been rendered over a war that our president was ordered to enter and at the cost of thousands of lives and subsequent tax levied on the wages of millions of Americans!

Why the people are stupid enough to elect an Obama

They didn't want critical thinkers. They wanted farmers to remain farmers, blue collar workers to remain that way. Thanks to confusing and nonproductive progressive teaching methods pioneered by John Dewey, a man who wanted the classroom to be used to mold the minds of children using the policy and deception of the state. Only a Police State I might add, would see fit to utilize public education in such a way. John Dewey's bogus research was bankrolled by the rich families who brought Russian Bolshevik professors to the US to formulate confusing teaching methods that would make practical learning impossible. All this so that the people of the US could be trained to knuckle under, do what they were told, and blindly follow leaders like President Obama to the slaughter and never blink an eye. The dumbing down of America was planned and in full swing.

Presidents Roosevelt and Wilson, set precedents for blatant Constitutional violations so that government could create an intrusive welfare state that only superficially differed from the police state tactics of Communist regimes under the aegis of freedom and democracy. This they achieved while creating an expanding government that conveniently forgot that it was owned by the people.

The treason of the US media

Our Press Corps have acted lock and step right along with them. Every member of the US media who is anybody is a member of theCFR (council of foreign relations) just another arm of the World Government under the indirect authority of the Federal Reserve-the banking arm of the new world order. The Bilderberg Group another one of these secret alliances whose global agendas concern industry, media, banking, and political influence decide the fate of many individuals, the government they participate in, and what policies will be dictated under these circumstances.. These moguls who determine the outcome of political careers so that idiots like the Clintons are extolled for their non-existent virtues! While our US mass media calls every new revelation about who controls us and creates the social unrest that antagonizes our society another conspiracy theory to destroy the credibility of the unfolding truth, the people are catching on!

The US media is not only leftist, Communist oriented, and adverse to the concepts of Constitutional freedoms in America, few realized how they have participated in fabricating lies, misrepresenting the truth and misleading the American public on important issues for decades. They have demonized good intentions, assassinated the character of great conservative leaders, and have turned objective news reporting into a thing of the past. The present mainstream media in the US is the equivalent of the former Soviet Union propaganda newspapers Pravda and Tass. Nothing can any longer be believed that they print or publish as all major news agencies report exactly what the White House tells them to. Free press, a guaranteed right under our Constitution is now gone in America.

The main problem here

Let me say this in all sincerity. The root of all American problems is political. This nation has the people, the resources, the education, and the correct political direction established by our founding fathers to succeed but for the influences that want to discourage free enterprise, free will, human rights, and independent economic markets because these cannot be controlled by billionaires who won't let go of their grasps upon the throats of humanity. They want to remain in the shadows manipulating everything from economic cycles to assassinations and social unrest as well as overthrows of foreign governments all to keep the soup stirred with chaos and hatred so they can profit and remain in power. And they are doing it!

Some societies actually undertsand the difference between politics and economics

One final observation on my part. I always wondered why the Japanese championed their industrialist leaders and businessmen over political figures who they often criticize and even kill. They value employment and economic strength which they realize does not come from government. Government confiscates, penalizes, and regulates while stealing wealth to do so. They have it right. It's free commerce and those who know how to run it that create jobs, products, and wages! The Japanese do not bail out under performing banks that have allowed their positions to become insolvent. They allow them to fail as they should be allowed to. In this way the public is not forced by the government to subsidize the failures of a corrupt banking system.

Making heroes out of murderers

We here in America have been deceived by our treasonous US media to canonize the likes of a drunken Ted Kennedy,  Secretary, Hillary Clinton, who conspired  in the deaths of Americans in Libya, not to mention husbandBill Clinton, who was impeached for lying to a grand jury. "I did not have sex with that woman,” he claimed while being charged with sexual harassment and settling out of court to pay damages to two women who sued the former president for the very same offenses. We have been urged to worship the evil in our culture rather than seeing them for who they are by a complicit main stream media.

The last word

Lastly, I do not trust my government and what it has turned into. But, I do love my country as well as the principals of our founding fathers, who made it possible. I would give my life to bring that government back into existence, but since that's not practical I write to try and wake up those who sleep with eyes wide open in our society and occupy this land with those of us who know better.
History is often not written for the sake of the truth, but by those with the power to perpetrate lies.

Those whose agenda is to use brainwashing and false narratives to influence the minds of those they want to conquer. Prior to 1914, there was already a large collectivist and socialist movement in America instigated by the rich families who had established tax exempt educational trusts. These were allegedly for the good of supporting educational development in America, when in truth they were fabricating the “Big Lie” in order to subvert freedom in the US. It took decades for them to attain their goal but they did, and we have the Obama administration elected by those blinded in our society by leftist rhetoric to prove it.

This is the culmination of the influences that have shaped America politically, educationally, and economically among other ways. This is known as social engineering through demoralization, destabilization, and indoctrination. All these evils have been achieved here in America. The question is. What are you going to do about it? Now that you know the truth!

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Comment by Doc Vega on February 16, 2013 at 2:00pm

Right you are my friend.

Comment by Less Prone on February 12, 2013 at 9:09am

This is a great post shedding light to the source of a very real global problem. Federal Reserve is one of the privately controlled central banks. This banking mafia works behinds the scenes and too far for many to be interested or to understand what a colossal scam it is. It is not correct to say that they create money out of thin air, because in fact it is not money that they create, but debt. Collecting interest for a debt that has no   monetary base is a crime. It is usury. People used to hang for that crime in the old times.

The current central banking scheme is an abuse system, designed to derail people and nations into ever growing perpetual debt, slavery, and finally death. This is a part of the secret machine that JFK was referring to in his 1961 speech to the press. The media has failed to do their duty to inform the people. They have ignored JFK's message. Therefore, it is up to us to spread the truth. The final objective, abolition of the banking mafia's abuse system is a matter of life and death.

"Destroying the New World Order"


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