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Economic Recovery? Really Mister President

Recently during his State of The Union address in front of a surprisingly small national TV audience, President Obama took credit for a supposed economic recovery that he characterized as a booming comeback. Really Mister President? Among other claims that Obama made that, in the minds of most people, seemed blatantly in conflict with the reality most Americans are facing, apparently our oval office executive seems to be painting a picture of America that simply does not exist. Contrary to the President's claims America may be the last horse standing at the glue factory as the rest of the world succumbs to what we are slowly giving way to-loss of prosperity!

The burning question

To hear President Obama's words one would have envisioned a splendid picture of American society gracefully rebounding from the meltdown of 2009 with hope and vibrance, but here is the reality contrary to the blatant lies of the White House. Let us pose one single and succinct question here. What constitutes an economic recovery when we are experiencing the lowest labor participation rate in 30 years? It was just announced that some 315 thousand new recipients for unemployment benefits are just now applying as a result of layoffs.

False claims

The President, takes credit for lowered gas prices as being a much needed relief for American consumers thus giving them extra money to spend in order to stimulate the economy. Let's examine that particular claim. Under the present Obama White House nothing was done in terms of policy or actions that created an abundance of domestic crude oil supply. The Democrats absolutely refused to relinquish our own federal land for gas and oil exploration while President Obama refused to sign the permits for the Keystone Pipeline project. The president has used the job killing regulations of the EPA to further victimize US employers and industry. Wonder why US jobs are going overseas when corporate taxes in America are the highest in the world? Why would American corporations want to lose immediate large percentage revenues just to open a plant in states that are adverse to business when other countries will be glad to extend benefits to US employers abroad?

Intentional suppression

To make matters worse for the oil and gas industry President Obama is going to personally ban oil and gas production in Alaska! Once more the denial of resources to Americans as well as the jobs that would be created by the industry. President Obama has sanctioned million upon millions of taxpayer dollars over failed ventures such as Solyndra, yet will personally see to it that fossil fuel sources and the jobs that come with them are shut down by federal directive in states that should be able to decide for themselves what they want to do with their own resources. How is it that one man, the president, can be allowed to make such sweeping unilateral decisions that affect millions of American lives without the purview of the Congress and Senate? Answer. This is unconstitutional!

More red flags

Another glaring contradiction to President Obama's delusional version of the State of The Union is the supposed retail recovery when in the month of December all positive projections for the Christmas shopping season were disappointing? The truth is that retail sales are down because the American consumer has less money to spend. Why is this? Due to the very policies being pursued by the Obama White House that are causing the economic pressures and oppression that are making it impossible for many people in our society to experience any kind of improvement or reason to feel hopeful.

Shooting down a revitalization

With new tax increases coming down the pipe and Obama's proposal to force the rich to pay their fair share, you can bet that every little bit of money the American has to spend will be eaten up by the increase in taxes imposed by the president. Obamacare will not only be forced upon the people making their lives even more costly and difficult with penalties for those who are holding out from joining nationalized medicine thanks to using the IRS to enforce the health care laws. It seems that the president has made every effort personally to impose fiscal hardship upon the people of this country, and at the same time intentionally misleads citizens into believing that somehow deteriorating conditions in America equate into a joyous recovery that all Americans share in with gusto and glee, and that couldn't be further from the truth.

The conspiracy unveiled

If all this is true, and it is, why do newspapers continue to publish articles that support this out of control regime that has become the scourge of our nation? Why would any administration punish its citizens with grossly ineffective fiscal policy and over spending, while drafting damaging legislation that further adds insult to injury in the job market? Why would our president use the EPA to further pressure employers into complying with pollution standards that can kill industries like coal when the states already have their own environmental agencies? The refusal of the president to sign off on the Keystone Pipeline sends a clear signal to the American worker that our government cares little about how their inept legislation negatively impacts so many people barely hanging on!

Troubling questions

Could it be that our president is such an entrenched ideologue that sustainable development is his only agenda? Is it that he simply overlooks the fact that electric cars are not yet ready for widespread consumer demand, and are, in fact, too expensive? Could it be that he thinks if oil and gas prices remain low that this will threaten the success of an electric car? Or, could it be that President Obama simply exhibits cognitive dissidence, that his point of view is invincible, that even when global warning is being exposed as a hoax, Obama persists in his efforts to impose restrictions upon people who are already suffering enough from an unstable economy?

Truth be told

I would have to answer no to all these questions after seeing the devastation that the policies of the White House have caused to the people of this nation. It has been intentional. Especially in view of the fact that the president and his staff have had every opportunity to make things easier upon the beleaguered masses of honest hard working Americans but have instead singled out illegal immigrants, rioting thugs, and even terrorists and have awarded them with special treatment while blaming everyone from the police, policies of the GOP, and even the Bush administration six years ago for the obvious pitfalls that have victimized the American citizen under the gross negligence of the Obama White House.

Last Word

Ignoring the Reagan blueprint for success in a recession, the president has seen to it personally that Americans suffered especially if they did not comply with the administration's efforts to create a massive welfare state rife with entitlement mentality rather than having a sense of self reliance of the rugged individualism that once characterized Americans of prior generations! Yes, the American people have been railroaded into a form of rule that is not only contrary to our heritage of independence, but self defeating by the standards of exceptionalism that this nation set long ago for future generations to share in unity and in a common pursuit of freedom to work hard and achieve their dreams. That defining quality has been drowned in the mediocrity of the Obama White House's shadow!

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