Obama Aids Islam As Middle East Burns

All across the world we are seeing examples of the very actions and unrest that not only is abhorrent to the American way of life but is condoned by Washington DC under the Obama White House. If actions speak louder than words then there should not be any mistaking the president's true agenda and what the far reaching effects will be. Those far reaching effects do not bode well for the American people or the future of this nation either.

ISIS expands

In the Middle East ISIS now holds territory larger than the state of Connecticut. That captured real estate exists in parts of Iraq, Syria, and now Afghanistan. ISIS is now advancing toward Israel. Meanwhile, the Obama State Department is refusing further sanctions or any pre-emptive operations against a state that supports terrorism, has vowed to destroy Israel, and is not only developing a nuclear weapons capability, but also has an advanced missile program. They are currently building a missile capable of carrying a warhead to America!

Handing over Libya

Libya, who collapsed under rebellion orchestrated through a secret agreement with the Obama White House to support infiltration of the government by Al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood while being awarded US security contracts at American consulates and border check points is now a safe harbor for several terrorist organizations currently training there. President Obama unconstitutionally sought UN approval to deploy US forces into harm's way bypassing permission from Congress in the process. So even American lives and hardware were used in delivering Libya into the hands of the enemy.

Benghazi unavenged

Let us not forget that the Obama administration quashed attempts at investigating an ordered stand down of US rescue forces that could have saved Ambassador Stevens and his staff, but instead under Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton 4 Americans died. This began a wave of attacks on US embassies and consulates across North Africa and the Middle East resulting in the destruction of 20 facilities. These attacks went unpunished by the Obama White House while the Benghazi tragedy went unprosecuted for gross negligence or intentional withdrawal of support for our federal personnel in hostile enemy terrirory!

Another allie bites the dust

Yemen, a US allie has collapsed under a rebellion led by Al Qaeda. With no support or retaliation by US forces, the president of that country has been removed The only Arab state that has spoken out against ISIS and the Muslim Brotherhood is Egypt. They have experience with terrorism and how it caused an overthrow of their government. Once in power, the Muslim Brotherhood was ousted by the people of Egypt, yet there is no mention of this fact by the Obama administration!

The big picture

In all these examples of US capitulation under President Obama we see no effective offensive measures taken to stop the onslaughts against Christians, US citizens, and innocents as ISIS continues their slaughter of women, children, and anyone that they accuse of getting in their way! The Middle East is rapidly becoming anti-American, arming its terrorist forces to the teeth, and establishing itself as a sanctuary for those who are planning attacks against America. Meanwhile, John Kerry, Secretary of State, continues to urge against sanctions to stop Iran from their nuclear program. As President Obama pressures Israel to make concessions to Palestinian radicals who have been caught commuting atrocities, tensions are boiling to a breaking point.

Animosity toward Israel

In order for the Jewish State to survive it will be forced to pre-empt Iran's deployment of missiles and nuclear weapons with no help from the US under the inept handling of our foreign relations of the Obama White House. There is no guess work here. There is no margin for error involved in prediction. An inevitable confrontation is in the making. China and Russia have already been aiding terrorist arsenals incognito. The stage will be set for an Armageddon-like scenario unless America plays a pivotal role in the intervention that will be necessary. Another assured outcome will be that, thanks to the lack of border security with Mexico, the US will once again be vulnerable to another 9-11 style attack of major proportions!

Sober realization

Taking all these events under consideration without any spin from the media, Josh Earnest at the White House, another pathetic State of the Union address from President Obama, the likelihood of an immense attack orchestrated against the US due to incredible negligence by the White House seems beyond question. A military counterstrike from Israel to save itself from annihilation is evident. The fact that our president is playing into the hands of the enemy and holding the American people hostage to terrorism seems to be the ulterior motive of a Commander in Chief who refuses to denounce Islam and has ordered all references to terrorism expunged from the FBI report on the Ft. Hood shootings by Major Nidal Hassan would seem logical. Especially as Hassan screamed "Alluh Akbar" while he was shooting unarmed US Army personnel in the world's largest military base in the world.

Inescapable conclusion

In light of these damning indictments it would be safe to say that our very own president and his administration are absolutely committed to the destruction of America on all levels. They are not even being stealthy or diplomatic about it! They are being blatant and reckless! Congress is doing nothing to intercede, the courts are sitting idly, and the Department of Justice has not prosecuted this White House for any of its reprehensible acts of treason or intentional sabotage of national security! It would seem to this writer that without action by the American people, a coup detat from within, impeachment being pursued by Congress, or an act of God America will be torn assunder! Our Constitutional Republic will be completely defeated from within by the actions of traitors who appear  to be left leaning politicians! The people will be just as responsible because with eyes wide shut, they voted for a Manchurian Candidate who contradicted every one of his promises but one. That was when he promised he would transform America, and he did, to a wasteland!

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