Examining the Trump Derangement Syndrome


Recently with the Jim Acosta of CNN incident where a journalist who has numerous times rudely interrupted Sara Huckabee at White House press conferences despite already having been given a turn to ask a question as per media question and answer etiquette, we see just another example of the left’s incessant fury over President Trump’s election. Democrats have done everything possible that they can to prevent the election of Donald J. Trump, to de-legitimize him, distract the public from his accomplishments, and even attempt to incriminate him! Sadly, for these babies who cannot stand to be out of power even when they care not for the best interests of the American citizen they refuse to cooperate or co-exist with conservatives, Christians, and the GOP.

What did happen?

President Trump succeeded because he campaigned harder and smarter than his opponents such as laissez-faire Republicans content to remain silent on issues that were important to Americans while being the go along get along push overs they always have been while a Democrat Party who has been co-opted by Communism and radicalized ideology sought every means possible to disrupt normalcy in our society carrying on with subversive business as usual. From the moment in 2015 when he announced his run for the presidency Donald Trump was immediately attacked unmercifully by a twisted press corps of transnational controlled media corporations replete with former Democrats operatives within who did all they could to use their slanted bias in distorting truth and assassinating character in order to allow the entitled Hillary Clinton to occupy the Oval Office and send America plummeting into another Obama era of scandals and tragedies! The American voter was tired of business as usual!

Fiscal sanity

Fate, however, gave the American people a reprieve and a Reaganite, supply side economics capitalist put the US back on course despite the snarling hyena misgivings of the Democrats. President Trump has awakened a new era in US politics where mainstream media has not been allowed to dictate the outcome while serving up a continual platter of leftist partisan rhetoric for the people to be falsely be re-assured over. The American voter is finally beginning to distinguish between the lies of the media and the message of their masters and the truth pertaining to policies that affect their lives and need to be solved not passed over with polished speeches and false promises of the Democrats and RINO’s. Being called out, identified, and their schemes exposed has left an angry group who would lie, cheat, and even kill just to be in power again!

Why the hatred?

Why is it that the Democrats, the left, and their lap dog media hate President Trump so much? His accomplishments in less than 2 years far exceeded anything Obama did in 8 years. Why would this fact alone not have silenced them or at the very least gotten them to realize that government serves the people, not the other way around, and that a party must earn the respect of the people not deceive them, tax them to death, regulate them into the ground, build a huge welfare state to create dependency, or ruin a healthy economy just to tarnish the reputation of a sitting President, but this is exactly how the Democrats roll! They would rather take in refugees hostile to the American way of life, finance them with taxpayer’s money, educate, provide housing for, and feed illegal aliens just to build a voter base to remain in power while allowing veterans to perish and poor Black Americans to suffer poverty! The history is proven and actions speak louder than words. Right out of the Marxist playbook America is under siege thanks to the intolerance and rage of the Democrats who did not plan on losing!


President Trump, the outsider, a multibillion dollar CEO with no ties to Washington DC money, who donated to both the GOP and Democrats for their prospective election causes over the years, a man whom they now despise because he can’t be bought, he can’t be blackmailed, and his achievements are undeniable! A man who does not speak their silver tongued deception when it comes to addressing the public. He doesn’t have time for it! President Trump’s staff can barely keep up with him. He works tirelessly against the wickedness of an establishment who vindictively hate him for exposing their corruption, false promises, and waste of taxpayer money! Making the wrong people heroes is another trait of the Democrat Party just as Obama pardoned a deserter who got 6 comrades killed who were forced to go out searching for Bowe Bergdahl when he went seeking out the Taliban and surrendered to them or Chelsea Manning a US Army officer who passed on thousands of classified documents to the enemy and was not only pardoned but allowed to get gender reassignment treatment on US taxpayer’s money!

Revitalization through reform

Donald J. Trump who donated 1 million to the city of Houston for disaster relief, gave 100 thousand to a Black church in Louisiana for the same reason, and gives away his entire Presidential salary to charity is demonized by the ruthless press corps. It makes no difference that in less than 2 years the President stopped North Korea from making nuclear attack threats and launching missiles into allied air space. A president that pushed through the largest tax cuts for Americans in decades handing back fifteen hundred to twenty five hundred dollars a year to middle class American families which sparked US employers handing out thousand dollar or more bonuses to their employees! The US economy climbed to a 4.3% GDP in the wake of a tax cut that Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer cringed away from like vampires from the cross of Jesus!

Old paradigms no longer work

With the lowest unemployment figures since 1969 and the best job growth numbers for Blacks, Latinos, and Asians since employment records were kept still the media continually labels the President as a racist bigot, the classic lies of the Soviet propaganda dialectic! From renegotiating stale international trade deals that America was at a disadvantage over to getting the US out of NAFTA, a deal Bill Clinton worked tirelessly to create and has reportedly cost an estimated 945 million US jobs since its inception, President Trump has had the backs of the American people! For years America has been at the mercy of the lawyers on Capitol Hill-GOP and Democrats alike whose leaders allowed America to be chumped by the rest of the world so they could get their kickbacks while the US consumer paid more for goods, got less quality products and manufacturing jobs disappeared overseas! China has not only been allowed a huge trade imbalance with the US but has also violated copyrights, patents, and been sold US debt by the deficit creating policies of the Democrats who have refused to control spending or balance the budget. Hated for putting a stop to it all this is how President Trump continues the agenda of draining the swamp much to the chagrin of the left!

More lies from the previous leader

Going to NATO and demanding that our partners pay their fair share in order that America remain in a supportive role in the alliance brought back 40 billion dollars to the nation. Unexpected windfalls a few weeks back reduced the national debt by another 25 billion thanks to President Trump’s fiscal expertise. Yet, here is former President Obama attracting anemic attendance numbers while chasing President Trumps swarming rallies claiming he handed a successful economy to the Trump team when in truth the last year of Barack’s presidency saw a 1.1% GDP. This as constantly re-adjusted downward figures on poor job creation due to the policies of his White House made the final year all the more indicative of failure. President Obama had the distinction of being the only president in US history to actually have negative GDP growth and that occurred on 3 fiscal periods. What US economy did Obama really hand President Trump and his team?

His battle for truth

Just as in the movie “The Matrix” where an alternate reality of lies plagues the population of the world run by an evil totalitarian world government, so do we as Americans suffer now under the false narratives and propaganda by the US media with the exception of Fox News and conservative radio talk shows that Hillary Clinton has always deemed the evil right wing conspiracy that stalks her, when in actuality it is the poison of her own policies, her lies, and her contempt for the masses who don’t share her warped vision  of the world that have sabotaged her designs on a presidency she will never attain! As President Trump continues now with a majority in the Senate more conservative judge appointments, and an undying will to make America the great nation she has always been, the pit vipers will be snapping at his feet, the witches will be casting their spells of lies, and the left will scheme with more false flags to undermine the Trump train. They just can’t stand a GOP leader who refuses to take it and actually fights back unlike his docile, capitulating, predecessors!




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Comment by Doc Vega on November 12, 2018 at 3:54pm

Charles it's obvious yes that the Democrats are way out of control and as Hillary said there will not be civility until they are back in control? What fucking arrogance!

Comment by Charles Cox on November 10, 2018 at 11:49am

The balance is so lopsided. It appears too evident to me how the Dems do not work for the good of the country as a whole, they work only for themselves. 

When I would see older presidents such as Reagan, Ford, Nixon, I did not immediately think of the partisan aspect of their roles.... I saw the leader of the country. I did not have this experience when I saw Ol'Bummer in the news. I even once said to myself " He is not my President". 

I see how Trump hedges against Israel, yet does not blatantly disrespect them. It is a game best played slowly at this point. Too many people still fall for the  mockingbird media to see things as they really are. Trump doesn't follow the status quo and is shunned in the process.  Time will tell as many will start to see the truth. 

Comment by Doc Vega on November 8, 2018 at 8:37pm

Diana you are totally right and I appreciate your insight! Good girl good girl! 

Comment by Diana on November 8, 2018 at 6:04pm

The Dims platform for eight years was "Hope and Change", now it is "Resist" - they have nothing else.  They were absolutely stunned when HRC didn't follow their Messiah BO into the White House and don't know how to react.  They're not mature enough to accept reality, so they throw tantrums like a toddler trying to get their way.  Their hate is self destructive - they would prefer the US to fall rather than for Trump to succeed.  It's sad.

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