German terrorist picked up in Sacremento County hmmm

Is the war on terror really about combating terror?

By Doc Vega

President Ronald Reagan made a bold statement and with much reason to back it up not long before his final term was over. With the loss of more than 241 Marines in Beirut, Lebanon in 1983 he had good reason to voice his opinion saying that he believed that terrorism would pose the greatest threat to society in years to come. Many scoffed at his words at that time in 1989. That was a a few short years before the first World Trade Center bombing in 1993, The Murrah Federal Bldg. being destroyed in 1995, and, of course, the infamous 9-11 tragedy in 2001.

Unlike Obama Reagan retaliated

For those who have argued that President Reagan did nothing but withdraw from Lebanon they conveniently forgot the successfully launched air raid deployed against Gadhafi in Libya. Once it had been determined that Moamar Gadhafi of Libya had funded the terrorist acts against the Marina barracks in Beirut along with the crash of Arrow Flight 1285 which resulted in the loss of 248 of the 101st Airborne Division of the US Army shortly after lifting off a Canadian runway enroute to Fort Campbell in Kentucky on December 12, 1985 plans were drawn. On 5, April 1986 0200 hours, a joint Navy, Marine Corps, and USAF operation of Tactical Air Command utilizing 18 F-111 Aardvarks, 4 E F-111 Ravens, A-6 Intruders, and F-18 Hornets conducted a massive bombing of Libyan military barracks, airfields, and Air defense networks. Russian Ilyushin Bombers were destroyed along with targets in Tripoli and Benghazi all for the loss of one US F-111over the Gulf of Sidra downed by a SAM missile.

Prediction of a long war

According to President Bush after the 9-11 disaster in a speech he claimed that the war on terror would be a long one that could span generations. With our enemies hidden among us and the negative implications of our actions overseas, it seems America will suffer the same fate as many third world nations now accustomed to soldiers in the street and unpredictable bombings, but there is a question in all this. Especially when we, the people, are on the receiving end of endless spying, security checks at airports, and viewed by the federal government as nothing more than potential detainees while Mosques are off-limits to investigators, our border with Mexico is allowed to be violated as the DOJ fights a legal battle with states who must take immigration law into their own hands.

False flag or intended negligence

When it is generally accepted that the Bush administration had advanced warning of a major terrorist attack and the FBI and CIA were not sharing information, is this really a war on terrorism? Or, is this something different? With the TSA, Homeland Security, and Fusion centers cracking down on Patriot Organizations and the Tea Party instructing their personnel that our founding fathers themselves were terrorists, something is definitely amiss. It is clear that we can’t even protect our embassies in the Middle East and North Africa. Why is it that our federal government is protecting illegal aliens and Mosques that have been harboring terrorist activities while US citizens are being spied on the NSA and our embassies can be destroyed without us retaliating or punishing the perpetrators?

Who are the true terrorists?

In 2005 in Iraq two terrorists were caught and apprehended after driving around in a vehicle shooting at civilians and creating havoc. Once they were captured and disrobed of their disguises it turned out that they were not Jihadists, Taliban, or al Qaeda, they were British soldiers. Once news from the Basra Iraqi police had been released that they had captured not insurgents, but British special-forces troops dressed as the enemy, a strange reaction by the British occurred. They demanded the release of the two soldiers! When the Iraqi police refused the British showed up with a convoy of tanks and armored personnel carriers ready to take out the Iraqi police station, supposedly our Allies, and forcibly took custody of the two culprits. The question comes to mind. Who really was the enemy, and who were the real terrorists? Was this some convoluted special ops mission? Yeah sure.

A terrorists or a paid mercenary?

So what was the deal when German National Andreas Koertel, a suspicious individual picked up by authorities in Sacramento, County, was determined to be hiding a cache of assault weapons, IED’s, and $30,000 in cash? This guy wasn’t even a citizen, yet he had a small arsenal, lots of ammo, high volume magazines, converted cell phones to be used as detonators (IED’s), and lots of cash in his apartment. Looks like this individual was bent on creating a lot of havoc. Where was Homeland Security? If the DOJ under Eric Holder is looking to make another case for attacking the Second Amendment rights of US citizens, they are way off base as this latest threat constitutes a terrorist operation gone awry thanks to California law enforcement. Is there something wrong with all these incidents that I have detailed in this article? Does it seem to you that our federal government is so obsessed with exerting their power over us, the legal citizens than the true enemies of the state? Maybe the true enemies of the state are the state. And maybe the enemies of the state are the American people.

Refusal of the federal government to act

In all this we have seen nothing but the contradictory actions of the federal government in supporting unconditional amnesty so that we would be overrun with illegal aliens who would not be fully processed and identified. We have caught the NSA spying on the people thousands of times in many cases, and still they remain unprosecuted or reprimanded. Our border states in their efforts to enforce federal immigration laws are not allowed to do by AG Eric Holder and the Justice Department, for what reason most of us cannot figure out.

More erosion of freedom and less protection?

With the Patriot Act, the NDAA laws signed by President Obama making it legal to detain people they determine to be terrorists without a court order or due process of law, with the expansion of DHS and TSA, and revelations that the NSA is actively monitoring the activities of unsuspecting American citizens, are we any safer? Are we really being protected from terrorists? Maybe I should pose a deeper question. Does the government now view the American people as the enemy as they create the bogey man who gives them a reason to crack down on our freedoms, and our privacy in the name of this endless war on the anonymous terror threat?

Who benefits from supporting terrorism?

As for Andreas Koertel, a German national, heavily armed, I thought the Germans were our allies in the war on terrorism. They say when events seem irrational then follow the lead to just who will profit from those seemingly unwitting incidents that make us scratch our heads or wince at the insane ruthlessness that goes on. Who profits from an indefinite was on terrorism? To whose advantage is it for a war on terror to continue unabated? 1) The government can justify a call for Martial Law 2) Defense contractors get to build more drones 3) The DoD gets to award more lucrative contracts to US military industrial complex 4) Being that many American corporations are part of the subsidiaries of multinational ties to other nations-some not friendly to us 5) This definitely builds the case for the New World Order using chaos and unrest to steer national policy.

Perpetuating bloodshed for profit

Look to those who will profit and gain more power from a continual war on terror, and you can bet that whatever false flag operations it takes and however many people have to die to keep this insanity in place. Whatever is needed will be unleashed so that this planned chain reaction of upsetting news and death keeps society on a tightrope of anger and uncertainty. When society is in turmoil it is much easier to implement social engineering. Are we not seeing that here and now?  




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