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When contemplating what constitutes a successful and technically advanced civilization many government and civilian intelligence agencies analyzed what the requirements should be. Also, what were the chances of alien and humans having contact and how that meeting could come about. One CIA analyst by the name of Roger McGowan postulated that in order for the human race to meet such a requirement of meeting the civilization from another world we would have to travel a certain distance from earth which would require obviously a certain level of technical ability, but not only that but the aliens would have to have perhaps robotic satellite surveillance of space to detect the human presence. Some people speculate such as Doctor Steven Greer that the detonation of nuclear devices on earth could have created an artificial EMP that sent a signal into the universe at the speed of light that could have been detected by the intelligence of another world.

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Are we just too primitive?

However, as Enrico Fermi, one of the physicists responsible for developing the atomic bomb, man has been sending signals at light speed out into the universe for decades thanks to TV and radio waves, but who has picked up the phone to answer the call? Stanton Friedman tackled that question saying that just as in WWII when the British developed radar and the Germans were unaware of it at first, man’s efforts may be too primitive for an advanced civilization to consider perhaps even overlook.

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Could we survive a meeting?

Both the Rand Corporation and Battel Institute, US defense contractors and research firms considered the significance of UFO sightings during the early 1950’s and conclusions such as what would happen should mankind come in contact with a more advanced civilization and the consensus in the past findings of archaeology. Whenever a more sophisticated culture encounters a primitive one, the lesser developed society crumbles as their belief systems are exposed as being faulty and eclipsed by the influence of a more intelligent presence. Just as the American Indians were incapable of coping with European explorers and settlers and the knowledge they brought with them. So, it would be very likely if the human race had a widely publicized meeting with aliens, our society would simply dissolve. Perhaps, this is the reason behind the truth embargo over UFO’s and encounter of the 4th and 5th kind.

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Have they been and gone?

Yet, according to Erich Von Daniken, ancient alien encounters have occurred as far back as the time of the Egyptian Pharaohs. He cites ancient archaeological evidence from hieroglyphs and sculptures to carvings on the faces of cliffs into the rock of what appear to be spacemen in suits dating back thousands of years. This is somewhat corroborated by the stories within Indian religion of Hinduism describing great battles between the gods involving airborne crafts using missiles and death rays. Were these the observations of ancient men using whatever terminology they had in their time to describe superior technology just as Ezekiel in the Bible? The Hindus even describe a Vimana, a flying palace or pyramid impervious to weapons and capable of delivering death to the opponent. Were these the aircraft carriers of ancient times by an alien civilization? The Hindus observe elephants catching fire during these fiery exchanges between opposing gods.

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Lost records?

If this indeed did happen where did the gods of other worlds go or were they here with us all along? Immanuel Velikovsky in his books “Worlds in Collision” and “Ages in Chaos” tells us over proven worldwide upheavals probably created by the asteroid strikes or comet collisions that wiped virtually all living things, or at least all intelligent beings out. This would account for the lost history of mankind as well as any records of our past contacts with other civilizations.

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Hidden Puzzle pieces?

Let’s make the puzzle even more convoluted. According to Doctor Steven Greer of the “Disclosure Project” we have seen actual aliens and analyzed their biology since 1951. Did this come from the crash recovery at Roswell New Mexico in 1947? What about reported UFO’s crashed even before 1947 with the onsite fatalities of small humanoid beings pronounced dead right then and there by witnesses? What about the alleged crash at Cape Girardeau, Mississippi in 1941 and the reported alien bodies observed by a friend of Secretary of State Cordell Hull in an underground exhibit hall below the White House in 1939? Are these simply rumors? Have we stumbled upon bits and pieces of an untold history that the powers that be prefer we know nothing about?

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Chasing down alien tech

The conflicting mass of information gets even stranger as according to Donald Keyhoe ex USMC Major and journalist, the US was in a desperate race to gain alien technology and from the observation of the superior propulsion system of UFO’s during attempted intercepts our military worried that the Russians might obtain that capability first. Keyhoe claimed to have spoken with US Naval jet fighter pilots whose superiors told them if they could ram a UFO with their aircraft after safely ejecting from their warplane, this might be one way of attaining the valuable technology.

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Seeking the truth behind it all

According to Steven Greer though since we have attained the propulsion system of UFO’s with manmade crafts known as ARV’s (Alien Reproduction Vehicles) mankind is at a point of stagnation thanks to the sociopaths of the Deep State who want to keep us ignorant of the truth and from having access to this power. One of the most important aspects of any successful technological civilization would be the ability to produce energy of a great magnitude, cheaply, cleanly, abundantly, and for use in travel as well as infrastructure. This became the most important issue for any civilization besides avoiding wars that could cause massive devastation when the CIA, Battel Institute, and Rand Corporation considered these issues. Greer feels as many analysts do, that mankind is now faced with the scientific proposition of a clean source of energy of limitless quantity so that the human can move forward without the drawbacks we have of toxic waste and the problem of accommodating population growth that is ever increasing. Tesla already had that answer and look what happened to him and other inventors who have created cheaper forms of energy.


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