Halloween Special: Paranormal War Time Part II

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War as bloody and full of suffering as it is has a history of the unexplained interwoven into its tragic annals. It seems a strange place to harbor the paranormal, yet there is long history of such events that lead us into another realm of speculation. Halloween seems the perfect time of year to go walking down this dark twisting path.

Foo Fighters

The year is 1944 and an 8th Air Force B-17 Flying Fortress crew are terrorized by what they think is the pursuit of an enemy fighter all the way back from over Germany where they had dropped their bomb load. Is there a secret German weapon with as long range as a P-51 Mustang now? Thinking they will be shot down by this new long range weapon, the exhausted crew is in a panic. Strangely, their pursuer disappears just as they enter the air space over the Allied Air Fields.

The unknown enemy

This is not an isolated incident as many such confrontations take place in the midst of air battles from Europe to the Pacific Ocean where vicious air to air combat and naval action fills the theater of war! Not only the Allied forces but the Axis armies as well suspect that each other have invented a new secret weapon. Glowing orbs that fly through the air as America fighters and Japanese Imperial war planes tangle in dogfights all over the Pacific theater are frequently observed. General Douglas Mac Arthur is the first commander to ever order a formal study of what we now know to be UFO's. His Interplanetary Phenomenon Group, a task force of intelligence officers will debrief pilots and ship personnel who have witnessed unknown airborne objects that are neither enemy or friendly, yet unknown.

Continued question mark

Through out the rest of World War II the super powers view the "Foo Fighters" as many military aviators have named them, as suspect secret flying machines of top secret origin. The question is, who do they belong to? Despite intense investigation an answer is never arrived upon. As the war gradually comes to an end so does the study of an unknown aerial threat that is never solved.

Waiting in fear

In the tense weeks following the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, the entire coast of California is on alert. Anti-aircraft shore batteries line the beaches and civilian towns are ordered to maintain blackouts at night. America nervously awaits an anticipated Japanese invasion now that Pearl Harbor is licking its wounds. In one incident a Japanese submarine surfaces off the coast of northern California and fires several rounds from its deck gun upon the US zone interior. US industry is still not in full tilt production building ships, aircraft, and tanks as fast as it needs to be and the news has not been very reassuring.

Mystery invader

Prior to the Doolittle Raid, America has little to write home about in the weeks following the Pearl Harbor disaster. Suddenly on the night of February 24, 1942 a shocking chain of events staggers the US military and civilians who are terrified of an attack, but from whom? Some time between 1 and 2 AM US Army anti-aircraft artillery goes into action firing upon an elliptical object that loiters over the coastal defenses near the Riverside district in Los Angeles. Over 1400 shells are expended as an unidentified object bracketed within the spot lights of the defenses is blasted by heavy fire! Yet, with what appear to be direct hits the unknown airborne menace suffers no apparent damage! Two civilians killed by falling detonated shells while homes are set afire by other expended munitions fallen from the skies.

Action taken but against who?

Californians are either awakened by or startled as they leave their late night jobs on their way home by two hours of shelling as the bright flashes of explosions illuminate the Los Angeles skies. it is unclear what happened next but indications are that US Army Air Force planes such as the P-40 Warhawk are launched in pursuit of the bizarre aerial object. There are conflicting reports of other such intrusions elsewhere on the coast, but were unconfirmed! Supreme Commander, General George Marshall was notified of the incident immediately as the anti-aircraft batteries attempted to bring down the mysterious intruder.

The Battle of LA

It appears from color filtered film studies released on the Jeff Rense website show that the anti-aircraft ordnance never even touched the surface of the unknown mystery aircraft, exploding before ever making contact, as it silently glided over Los Angeles and withstood heavy fire from US Army artillery only to escape into the night unscathed. It is said that General Marshall had to fabricate a homogenized summary of the alarming events to calm down the President the following morning. One might ask just who was technically capable of flying an aircraft over the enemy and resist heavy bombardment as though testing human weaponry? Who in 1942 had developed a force field that could shield an airplane from flak damage that would have downed any known military aircraft of the time? Today that mystery remains unanswered.

Miracle in Korea

The year is 1952. The Korean War is raging as American forces have fallen back under the scourge of 300 thousand invading Chinese troops after General Mac Arthur's brilliant landing at Inchon which had routed the North Korean Army and allowed US Allied forces to occupy North Korean territory all the way the border with China before the unexpected invasion of several Chinese armies. A US Army patrol is on a routine scout sortie when a North Korean machine gun opens fire!

Deadly firefight

Immediately two men are down, wounded and bleeding in the snow. A bitter winter has gripped this part of the Korean peninsula as the remaining soldiers take cover behind rocks and tree stumps. This story told by a retired Army sergeant leading the patrol as reported by Fate Magazine tells this gripping story. Pinned down under fire the soldiers attempt to return fire. The Communists who are more than willing to sacrifice thousands of their men in order to attain their objective know that they can punish and slow down an American unit when they attempt to recover their wounded so they simply wait to shoot down the rescuers.

Saved by God?

The Sergeant watches in horror as one of his men stands up pulling his Saint Anthony chained around his neck holding it out in front of himself as his only salvation while moving forward to recover his wounded buddy who lies crying for help. Enemy machine gun bullets ricochet all around as the soldier continues walking in the direction of his injured buddy untouched. Despite the Sergeant screaming at his corporal to take cover still it appears this trooper is on a suicide mission. With bullets blazing through the air not one pierces the brave infantryman as he picks up his wounded brother and walks back to cover with muzzle flashes from the machine gun rattling away! The sergeant is so stunned by the incident that after being offered a promotion in rank and an extended career in the service, he instead, retires from active duty. He is unable to deal with the seeming miracle he witnessed that has caused him to reconsider many things in his life.

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Comment by Doc Vega on November 1, 2019 at 5:00am

James I never read about that incident. Very interesting.

Comment by Doc Vega on November 1, 2019 at 4:59am

Thanks James

Comment by James Roberts on October 29, 2019 at 5:56pm

In Trevor James Constable's main book on UFOs, he describes multiple incidents in which US armed forces planes were taken down by very unusual means. In one, the pilot barely managed to land it, just before he died.  It had huge dents all over the outside, and the men inside looked like they were victims of shark attacks. Kind of puts paid to Greer's "space brothers" argument.

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