Has the Police State Achieved its Ultimate Goal: Neuro link

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For the longest time IT has been trying to find a way to link the human brain to machines. Under Artificial Intelligence we already have deep machine learning and textual comprehension creating conversational intelligence. Neuro Link has been around in at least one form for 20 or more years. One scientist found a way to create his own matrix. In the year 2000 one researcher had an implant inserted into his skull so that he could automatically tune into the internet using his brain. His evaluation then was that at some point all humans would have to be hooked up to the artificial reality of the internet or they would be out of the loop. They would not be able to participate in society along with the rest of the alternate reality sheep.

Potential for mind control

Neuro link does not just represent the pure convenience of interphase with appliances or electronic devices it represents remote behavior modification! After having an implant inserted a person is subject to whatever control it is designed for. On Tim Cast, the host proposed the idea of no more prisons where anyone being convicted of a violent crime would not be sentenced to detention but to behavior modification where the offender would not be able to commit a crime or commit violence again as each time the urge hit they would be paralyzed and their brain would be virtually reset! No need for a leg bracelet, a cell with bars, or a roof over your head provided by a prison. Much like the movie “O’clock Work Orange” where a violent gang member is mentally altered so that classical music makes him violently ill. After Malcom McDowell’s character is so antagonized that he jumps through a two story plate glass window rather than endure anymore of the music that sickens him. The government reconsiders this means of punishment after the incident deeming it too inhumane.

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How does it work?

With Neuro Link, however, the offender would simply be neutralized temporarily whenever the impulse to commit violence or crime materialized in their brain so that they would become suddenly paralyzed or dazed until the illegal impulse was vanquished. They would appear to be catatonic for a short time before being reset. There are many applications for behavior modification. Neuro Link could be used for dieting for the obese. It could be used to make soldiers more aggressive and fearless. It could even be used to overcome learning disabilities in children and improve study habits, but left up to the sinister agendas of government it could also be used for massive population control. It could be the globalist’s ultimate weaponization of science against individual thought and ambition! The same would be true for a rapist or child molester.

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Political domination

Neuro Link could fulfill a dictator’s wet dream for the need of irresistible control of a society and getting rid of any opposition. What if the government decided that the Neuro Link should be implanted in a very young child as a form of government sanctioned behavior control for life? The problem is that the human brain tends to seek equilibrium whenever it is altered either by drugs, injury, or exterior forces, it compensates. Just as in addiction where the brain develops a self-destructive dependency, what would happen with Neuro Link once the brain rebelled against the artificial intrusion over behavior? Long term effects would be just as unpredictable as vaccinating people with untested serums. Neuro Link could become a horrific method of depopulation as well. Instead of a mandatory social credit system, Neuro Link could become the great equalizer using behavior modification to keep everyone in line.   

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There are already advocates for vaccinating little babies for Covid 19 with a highly questionable MRNA serum. So, would the psychopaths in government decide that a baby or toddler get a Neuro Link implanted as mandated by law? It would certainly seem to be a foreseeable possibility, in which case, the “Matrix” scenario would no more be fiction. It will have evolved into a grim reality.

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