Hiroshima And Mysterious Legacy Of US Nuclear Program Part II

Legacy of US Nuclear Arsenal and Legacy of International Implications Part II

It was the US nuclear arsenal that put a quick end to World War II with the only atomic strike unit in the world, the 509th Bomb Group out of Roswell Army Field in New Mexico. Ironically, it was this very unit that recovered a crashed alien disk that was later dismissed by General Ramey at Carswell Air Base in Ft. Worth, who proclaimed it was a misidentified weather balloon. It seems that the US nuclear community and UFO's have always been in close proximity with each other going way back to another incident in 1948. The Maury Island mystery is just one of many incidents in the mist of history that begs to be unsolved, but probably never will. Five unknown aerial machines in the sky off the coast of Washington State hovering over a fisherman, his son, the family dog, and a friend observe 4 objects rotating around a central disk that begins to wobble out of control but not before spilling a molten slag on the fisherman's small boat killing the dog and burning the boy's arm.

Tragedy strikes

This incident was later confirmed by a local police officer who investigated the site. Two US Air Force intelligence officers flew from Mc Chord AFB to take a look at the substance dropped by the UFO onto the fisherman's boat. Upon arriving and analyzing the cooled molten metal they though was common slag, a by product of steel mills, they boarded their B-24 to depart for Mc Chord. Shortly after being in flight the aircraft crashed killing both officers yet the aircrew escape via parachute. Does this not seem strange? However, this is the epitome of what happens in the realm of the UFO. To this day, researchers are still trying to locate the sample substance brought by the deceased intelligence officers on the ill fated flight along with them.

Bizarre speculation

Among many ominous theories on the tragic events surrounding the Maury Island Mystery was the theory that the unknown objects in the sky spotted by the fishermen and the boy were actually a top secret apparatus of the Atomic Energy Commission and had merely malfunctioned. This is one of many such suspected incidents that would be investigated in decades to come.

Another link between two mysteries

In 1947 the AEC (Atomic Energy Commission) was operating secret targeting radars in New Mexico. The entire area was on high alert due to the sightings of unknown aerial disks that had been witnessed by civilians and military personnel alike. Some analysts have speculated that the unrefined and newly developed targeting radars were responsible for downing the famous Roswell Crash of the unknown saucer that had dazzled Major Jesse Marcel once he had recovered parts of a wreckage he reported was unearthly. Today as the long abandoned radar stations sit in disrepair some instruction manuals have been recovered that indicate the microwave beams emitted by the sites were not only dangerous to personnel operating the equipment, but even to friendly aircraft! Thorough safety measures were described in the recovered manuals along with some verbiage that had been stenciled on the walls of the facilities at El Vado among other graffiti left by trespassers.

An undeclared invasion

During the late 1960's and early 1970's as cold war tensions grew and demands by environmental groups to limit nuclear testing pressured the military, startling incidents of UFO sightings over SAC Bases along the Northern and Midwestern rural areas of the United States began to occur! Tales of computer data being erased inside the warheads of Minuteman Missiles began to leak out. Stunned missile base officers and airmen were confronted by UFO's that were disrupting missile launch codes and telemetry data from the installations and the "birds" in the silos themselves! Sergeant Jerry Johnson reported a daytime incursion of a UFO at a Strategic Air Command Base at Knobnoster, Missouri that had set off an alert that had summoned his heavily armed fast strike team to stop a breach in base security. By the time they had arrived the hovering object had vacated the scene leaving several dazed witnesses in its wake.

Air to air mishap

More than one interceptor crew had found themselves under an aerial assault by one UFO in one confrontation in 1952 over Hanford nuclear facility in Washington State. An F-94 two seater fighter jet was repeatedly harassed by a small red aerial disk that made dangerous passes at the two pilots who could not get a lock on their target in order to fight back. Luckily, the attack ceased as quickly as it had started leaving the aviators in near hysterics. Another bizarre UFO nuclear connection in the long legacy of the shadowy Atomic program seeming to exist hand in hand with the unknown presence of flying saucers!

Negotiating with the enemy

It is interesting to note that during the Salt I and Salt II Treaties negotiated with the Soviets through Henry Kissinger that specific cooperation was called for and specified in order not to allow UFO sightings to ignite accidental thermonuclear war between the supper powers over the misidentification of a flying saucer as being a hostile conventional warplane. The talks were very controversial as the US abandoned its MX Missile program in exchange for concessions by the Soviets. The Trident Nuclear Submarine program remained intact much to the chagrin of Soviet Leadership as one of the most formidable deterrents to a third world war possessed by either side.

In Part III we will further discuss the impact of US Nuclear power and the international community.

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