Hiroshima And Mysterious Legacy Of US Nuclear Program Part III

Legacy of The US Nuclear Arsenal and The International Implications Part III

On the outskirts of Albuquerque, New Mexico lies an Air Force facility probably just as if not more classified and responsible for top secret projects than Area 51. It is here at Kirkland AFB where Manzano Weapons Facility and Sandia Labs pioneered nuclear missile and bomb technology as the "Cold War " raged from the late 1940's on. It was here that the late Paul Bennewitz, scientific advisor and owner of Thunder Laboratories observed UFO activity on Kirkland's range and recorded it using scientific instruments. From this historic US Air Force base the latest fighters and bombers were launched and tested while strange phenomena interfered with operations. As security officers often observed and reported weird nocturnal lights and high command attempted to deny their existence all together it was clear something was going on.

it doesn't pay to be trusted

During field testing and ground experiments many security personnel who accompanied contractors and researchers who conducted tests were known to get nervous and hurry the operations to close down for the day as sundown settled over the desert. They feared the bizarre presence of unknown lights in the night sky, the disruption of instruments and even vehicle engines, while more ominous occurrences were reported. Paul Bennewitz himself, a trusted defense contractor for the Air Force with an excellent working relationship with Kirkland Air Base was eventually driven insane by the a psyops program once the government had developed suspicions about Bennewitz when he had submitted proof of UFO activity on the Sandia and Manzano range. The fact that for years Bennewitz had provided Atomic calibration instruments for Kirkland Air Base did little to protect him from the wrath of USAF counter intelligence operations when it came to the mention of UFO's.

Post World War II

Shortly after World War II the US Navy conducted a bizarre experiment with a thermo nuclear device in the ocean. A Naval task force consisting of retired war ships and captured Japanese Imperial Navy ships was assembled in the Pacific. In the center of this cluster of naval vessels an Atomic bomb was detonated as US armed services personnel looked on with nothing but protective eye wear observing the blast. The blast appearing like a small sun in the midst of the ships wreaked havoc with the hulls and super structures melting steel. One Japanese Aircraft carrier refused to sink after being exposed to the sheer force of the nuclear chain reaction and had to be scuttled by US Naval specialists once it was safe to enter the area.

Deadly specter of destruction

Like Bikini Atoll which was subjected to numerous atomic tests that eventually vaporized part of the land mass, a deadly residue of radiation still remained decades later necessitating evacuation of the local population after having been returned to their homes earlier. Widespread testing underground as well as in the atmosphere was finally halted by the late 1960's between the US and Soviet Union as environmentalists warned the effects could cause long term life threatening illness to those exposed. At one point underground nuclear devices were even considered for excavation for below ground installations until cooler heads prevailed! it was rumored that even Area 51 had been largely relocated from its original site due to increasing toxicity levels caused by atomic testing within the area over the preceding decades!

Unintended consequences

One aspect of the long legacy of nuclear proliferation which has encompassed the international community has been the unforeseen armament of third world nations such as India and Pakistan while hostile regimes such as North Korea have been allowed to develop their arsenals greatly increasing the likelihood of a deadly conflict that could be the prelude to a nuclear holocaust! The US alone was thrown into DEFCON 4 once UFO's detected by US Air Force installations had been finally identified as not being hostile enemy aircraft! Several times in the late 1950's and even during Richard Nixon's administrations Strategic Air Command had been ordered into war time alert due to UFO activity according to Donald Keyhoe who had inside connections with the Pentagon.

Luck or God's overview

Despite Communist inspired proliferation of nuclear arsenals in China, North Korea, Pakistan, India, and even having sold fissionable material to terrorists groups after President Reagan had broken the back of the Soviet Union by the 1980's the world has averted atomic devastation despite numerous failures at reactor plants in the US and Russia, the most notable one being Chernobyl in Russia.

A different scenario

We must surely give thanks to the restraint that has been practiced by the nations of the world so that no nuclear exchanges have occurred. The world owes America a debt of gratitude that it deserves in using such discretion despite costly overseas conflicts as the sacrifice of being a global guardian on many continents. Left up to Germany, Japan, or Russia at the end of World War II had the tables been somehow turned on the Allies, the entire earth would have been held hostage and likely destroyed in an effort to create a global dictatorship.

Other losses

Though there have been unfortunate casualties of those such as Karen Silkwood at Kerr McGee and the accidental loss of an atomic bomb in the Atlantic off the coast of Spain luckily such incidents have been isolated. The proposition of nuclear bombers and rockets was finally ended by US military researchers when it was found that aircrews could not be shielded from the effects of an onboard reactor and if either a rocket or such an airplane were to crash the damage would be devastating.


Even with the notable restraint that has been exercised by the US and other nations the prospect of a major reactor meltdown spewing tons of radioactive material into the atmosphere is a very real possibility. California's San Andreas Fault is the site of more than one nuclear reactor susceptible to earthquake damage. As was witnessed at Fukushima in Japan, the forces of nature do not take into consideration of man's poor placement of vulnerable nuclear reactors that fail catastrophically once their redundant safety systems are breached by the wrath of the elements!

Nuclear subs

The loss of the USS Thresher off the cost of Massachusetts during test exercises along with the mysterious sinking of the USS Scorpion in the Mediterranean, both nuclear submarines with onboard reactors and weapon systems illustrates the ongoing dangers of radioactive contamination in the deep sea not to mention even worse scenarios. it is highly questionable as to whether the legacy of nuclear arms and industries have really been a plus for mankind or a constant threat that must be monitored and controlled. World War II opened a door that once left ajar could never be closed again. Through that door came a do or die proposition for mankind. If the US had not beaten the German's to the atomic bomb human history would have been changed forever and not in a positive way either, yet America had no choice but to push onward for the sake of the future of our species and our planet even if this ironically meant the first and hopefully last militaristic use of a nuclear device.

The most dire threat since the beginning

All this may change very soon as President Obama stubbornly acts as an agent for the Islamic State and pushes for the worst diplomatic deal in the history of mankind. Despite being the biggest supporter of terrorism in the world, holding US citizens hostage, manufacturing 70% of the IED devices that have killed and maimed US soldiers in Afghanistan and Iran, and having been allowed to keep their missile program as their centrifuges multiply and continue to run, the president's Nuke Deal with Iran is a deadly proposition! President Obama will give back 150 billion dollars of money sanctioned from Iran and will allow the Iranians who have vowed to annhilate Israel to inspect their own nuclear facilities as this tragic joke of an agreement is allowed to take place. Enlisting the liberals of Hollywood to advertise that unless the US allows a bad nuclear deal to be approved that the only alternative is war as our president characterizes anyone opposing his warped plan as being a crazy or synonymous with the hardliners in Iran advocating US destruction characterizes the insanity of our leadership on Capitol Hill. This may mean the end of nuclear restraint on this planet for the last 70 years and a sad epitaph for mankind!

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Comment by Doc Vega on September 4, 2015 at 4:18pm

You are a Jew hater! Pal pure and simple and you don't Diddly! You are an Islamist troll!

Comment by Sweettina2 on September 2, 2015 at 12:03am

Ahahaaaa! You, sir, apparently know squat. About me or what's going on. 

Israel firster. 

People like you that have bought the MSM propaganda, George Bush asskissers, more war, kill more, warmongering assholes like you have destroyed this planet.

Go watch TBN, dummy, or go see if CNN or Rush baby has some crap to squeeze in your head. So you get on a truth site and spread more propaganda bullshit propaganda tomorrow. 

Only difference is: I've learned that I should avoid you like the plague.

Adiós, ZioAsshole  :)

Comment by Doc Vega on September 1, 2015 at 4:22pm

Yasser Arafat led terrorist attacks against Israel for decades killing women and children with his cowardly bombings you are full of shit! You are an Islamist Troll!

Comment by Sweettina2 on August 31, 2015 at 9:59pm

Jude America and Israel are the ones responsible for the tyranny going on around the world. Netanyahu has been screaming the same crap about Iran for 20 years. Didn't you get the memo?

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