As many of You know, for the last four years I have been living in a 16' x 16' cabin in the woods, with no transportation and no nearby neighbors. I was effectively a shut-in, getting to the store for groceries once a month when Thor, a good friend who saved Me from homelessness, would take Me. Thor paid rent and for various sundries, like toilet paper and shampoo, and food for the two cats He got Me to keep Me company in that lonely neck of the woods.

I spent My time looking for work and sharing awareness of My unpaid work for Humanity, paying it forward - I would be paid when enough of Humanity knew We could choose to create better here and made that choice.

Also, as many know, I have been looking for work for over ten years, applying to over 100,000 jobs in that time. I had many interviews that went swimmingly (but calls went unreturned) or was told, "We hired someOne more qualified." I've been offered a number of them - only to have them rescinded. I got explanations such as, "We decided not to fill the job." But the following day it would be newly posted at the site I first found it on. Or, "The job description changed and You don't qualify." One of these was a graphics job - an area that I have a HUGE and diverse amount of knowledge and skill in. What? Did They add "geologist" to the job?

After a decade of this, I had to think maybe someOne was out there making sure I did not get hired, or at least that I am blacklisted somehow.

A month ago I was offered a job. I was ecstatic! I was to catalog items in a museum, long closed, and sell them on the web. In exchange, I would have a small (BIG compared to what I had been living in) apartment attached to the museum, and a percentage of sales. It sounded right up My alley. I moved into the apartment and settled in.

The apartment was filthy. There was dried and caked on urine on the floor. I have a rheumatological condition, something about which the doctors decades ago told Me not to over-work My joints as that could damage them (as well as becoming painful, swollen, hot to the touch, and stiff for a few days). Despite this condition, and in good faith that I had a job, being willing to accept any price to finally have an income, I scrubbed those floors, doing My best to remove all that urine.

Unlike past experience, where a few days allowed My joints to "simmer down" if I over-worked them, My thumb joints kept hurting, and just the wrong move would send pain shooting to My elbows. Even at present, this is still a problem, making it now difficult to open jars and other things similar in movement. I did, it would seem, permanent damage to these joints. But I had a job!

Shortly afterwards, Thor was evicted from His home. He had been battling the HSBC MERS mortgage fraud - the bank was "robo-signing" documents and then trying to hold homeowners to them. Thor had amassed a large stack of illegal things that were attempted in His case, and had substantial proof that the bank was trying to steal His home. The judge was corrupt though, and finally had Him evicted.

When this first happened, Thor asked My "employers" if He could move into a vacant house behind My apartment and pay rent. They agreed. But as He was moving His stuff in, They came to Him and said They had changed Their mind and He had to leave. Thor had no money, and He and His wife are now living on the streets, managing to get motel rooms for the night with His meager social security money. He had been running a tree removal business out of His home and now had no effective way to do that.

After I had been in the apartment about two weeks and no One showed up to get Me started, I called and was told, "We'll get back to You within a week."

Ok, I thought. I'll just wait. When a full week had passed and I had received no call, I called again and was told, "We changed Our mind. You have to leave the apartment." No reason was given beyond a mind-change.

Well. Here I was with no job, no money, and no friend to help out. I had nowhere to go. I called shelters in the area and They could only help Me if I had a job, had children, or was an abused spouse. It's a very small town up in the southern Appalachian mountains, and had no Salvation Army shelter or the like. I was given a few numbers for services in the area by one charity that had used up Their budget for the year. I called them all, but I had to have a job to get help. I called Vocational Rehab, but They needed things I didn't have, including documentation of My condition.

The only documentation that exists is from when I was first diagnosed 40 years ago in the records of UCLA Med (or maybe it was Kaiser - I went to both back then), as, having been homeless, I long ago lost My copies, and I never went to the doctors about My condition afterwards, being careful of My joints and not wanting to end like My mother, who had rheumatoid arthritis. She began on one drug, but had side effects. So They gave Her another for those, but it had side effects. So... By the time She died She had an enormous array of meds She was taking daily. That was not for Me.

I called churches: sorry, We have nothing. I even called shelters out of state and in other counties. They were full, or I had to have a 40 hour a week job. Sometimes calls rang and then hung up. No One answered. I left messages that were never returned. I was turning up a blank everywhere I looked. Conclusion: no One could help Me.

I got nasty texts and verbal demands to "get out!" I ignored them.  They breached a contract.

If I was evicted, I would have to abandon most of My stuff - and My two beloved cats! (the animal shelter was past capacity and could take no more, and no One Thor knew wanted two (more) cats) - and move under a nice bridge.

I tweeted like mad about My plight, with My GoFundMe link ( ) and managed to get $25 from an online friend. I could buy cat food and litter, which I was running out of. But no great surge from Humanity to help took place. Many on Twitter also tweeted about what I was facing, They, Themselves being close to where I was in terms of money. Still, nothing.

The sheriff showed up at My door, asked a few questions, and said the "employers" were filing for legal eviction. I told Them what happened. They went away.

I am still in the apartment - where would I go, and how? - awaiting the notice to be served. I am told I will get to explain to a judge, in the process, why I am still here. If I am lucky, I will get an honest, caring judge who will give Me lots of time here before I get thrown out. If, as might happen around here it seems, I get a nasty one, I may be evicted immediately.

I have contacted My sister, with whom I have not been speaking since She legally kidnapped My daughter seven years ago. I emailed and left a message on Her phone, asking for help. Replying to the call by email, She said She did not get My email?

Is someOne messing with Me?

I resent the message and She got it, but did not respond to the request, instead giving Me info about evictions I already knew. After not responding in a few more emails, I assumed (yeah, I know) that She didn't want to help, and said, "So I guess You are saying You will not help as I requested? Fair enough. Thanks anyway."

She responded with, "Your asked me for $10,000 and want an answer on hours? I guess if you want an answer now, then it is no." I had NOT requested $10,000! I had requested $5,000. She has dyslexia and likely did not get all I wrote, and clearly made a gross error in what I had requested. I forwarded everything to Her husband and asked Him to read. I am presently awaiting any response - but it looks very bad.

Any assistance anyOne here can offer is humbly appreciated!


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Comment by Amaterasu Solar on August 30, 2016 at 10:00am

Thank You to all who care but cannot help. And bless You, Less Prone. Though a small contribution, the fact that You care enough to offer Your help in any amount, is priceless to Me. The $10 will be used for toilet paper. I desperately need some! Perhaps there will come forward someOne with money that knows My work and will help Me out far more. I focus on that happening! Love to All who care but cannot help!

AE, money - in any form, be it barter, trade, work exchange, shells, beads, coins, bills, or electronic bits - is not needed on this planet. It accounts for Our energy added, and with the free energy tech hidden and suppressed by the psychopaths in control, accounting for Our energy becomes moot. Like accounting for grains of sand. As money is the ONLY tool to power the psychopaths in control have, it is small wonder that They hide and suppress such technologies.

I might add that presently, the bulk of the gold on this planet is owned by the same psychopaths that own the "fiat currency" system. Going on a gold standard will solve nothing. It just transfers the accounting token from one form to another.

Also... Any time One HAS to account to anOther for Their energy to survive, One is NOT free.

Comment by Anti Everything on August 30, 2016 at 7:58am

After reading this I am heart sick. In my mind I see a world filled with fast movements. In the middle of all this blur of motion is one of us, not begging, not screaming but calmly needing help. The problem is, I think, that we are the blur of motion at present waiting for our turn to fall - become destitute, home-less, hungry and cold. We are so busy working to support the elite that own the 'unsound money' because "that is the best system we have and the way things are" we have to limit our compassion for anyone that ain't 'ME'. We, as a sovereign people, living and breathing, have been duped into thinking we are something we are not and now all of us are paying the criminals to live on earth, a place 'they' do not own.

Comment by Less Prone on August 29, 2016 at 10:35pm

In the time of need you will see who of your friends are for real.

Comment by Amaterasu Solar on August 29, 2016 at 8:27pm

Well... So far I have had $25 contributed. I bought cat food and litter. I was nearly out of both. Somehow, the bridge is looking like it will be where I am living soon. Sis did not give Me money. [sigh] Well, thanks anyway.

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