How One Narcissist Could Destroy A Nation

The Delusional Presidency

With the horrific terrorist attack just 2 weeks ago in Paris, France and the people there still reeling from the 128 deaths at the hands of Islamic extremists, our President makes a trip there to announce that Climate Change is the number one threat to the civilized nations of the world. This kind of action says something about the character and mindset of Barack Hussein Obama, a man that does not compromise, does not weigh the facts, nor does he care to serve the best interests of the citizens he is bound by the US Constitution to serve.

Flawed psyche

What would possess a person to shrug off the threat of Islamic terrorism, dismiss the unconstrained expansion of ISIS in Iraq and Syria, refuse to attend intelligence briefings telling the analysts that he doesn't want to hear it, and under estimate the growing spread of tyranny not only in the Middle East, but on our soil here in the USA? It would take a very narcissistic person who values little the lives of his supposed fellow Americans while ramming his personal agenda down their throats. Many closest to the president say that his blood runs cold as ice. it would seem that it does just as every time a new bloody incident of Jihadists brutality snuffs out another life, President Obama immediately goes into his apologist role for the peaceful contributions of Islam to the world while alleging that America has far too much gun violence and therefore it's time for more gun control!

Grudging epiphany

Many people on Capitol Hill as well as the press are starting to come to the conclusion that just maybe this president is indeed delusional. Perhaps if they had bothered to evaluate years ago the kind of faulty policies that have brought America to the very edge of the abyss, they might have come to that conclusion much sooner and proper action could have been taken. After all, it was Dennis Kucinich, a Democrat, who drafter articles of impeachment pertaining to President Obama's bypassing of the US Congress when he ordered deployment of US forces in Libya under French command, a clear violation of due process of law.

The disturbing truth

What does "Climate Change" have to do with terrorism and catastrophic threat to the nations of the world when thousands of scientists continue to argue against the corrupt consensus of the global warming purveyors? Aaron Russo quoted Nick Rockefeller as proclaiming that "Global Warming" was one of many schemes cooked up by the elites to social engineer humanity and justify increased taxes, regulations, and the distribution of wealth from the industrialized western nations to the third world in order to dissolve borders and the sovereignty of nations. Ultimately, this will lead to consolidating the countries of the world under one global government. This is the agenda that our delusional president ascribes to and ambivalently imposes upon the American people.

A blind vision

Whether delusional or calculatedly, Barack Hussein Obama intends to transform America into his perverted vision by forcefully refusing to guard our borders, to install a massive influx of Islamic refugees from Syria as well as other troubled regions of the world, and override the opposition of Congress and the people in order to do so. In stubbornly implementing his illegal executive orders, President Obama will indeed bankrupt US currency by his nonstop deficit spending through Obamacare, through the unchecked aid to placed refugees who are not even vetted, and through his refusal to instigate effective economic policies that would resurrect the financial well being of the US for the sake of his political gain at the cost of our stability.

Uncertain outcome

Yes, my friends, the definition of a delusional presidency is when the Commander in Chief is concerned only with his legacy as he refuses to stop foreign threats, reluctantly acknowledges terrorism after every lie has been uncovered in the effort to deny it, and vilify GOP leaders and conservatives who can prove each and everyday that the conduct of this president has nothing to do with the best interests of the American people as he continually flaunts the US Constitution. There's only one problem in the obvious flaws of this dangerous leader who, in truth, refuses to act as a leader, and that is that the American people though angry and resentful refuse to take action-waiting for the next year to end in hopes that this delusional president has not done too much damage.  

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Comment by Central Scrutinizer on December 3, 2015 at 8:51pm

^^^^^^holy cow, looky at all them $2.50 college words hehehe ;)

Comment by DTOM on December 3, 2015 at 6:15pm

A narcissist, surrounded by a entourage of sycophantic narcissist assistants, supported by narcissist followers.

"Destroying the New World Order"



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