Obama's Refugee Lie

If the US Army could not even vet Major Nidal Hasan prior to the Ft. Hood terrorist action despite his red flag behavior prior to the vicious attack, how will thousands of Syrians be processed to preserve national security?

In the past 5 years the US has placed 680,000 immigrants from Muslim nations. In the last 2 years only 51 refugees have been Christians. The Obama White House has taken an active role in denying the entry of Christians from foreign nations into America dooming them to further abuse and death at the hands of hostile Muslims from where they are seeking asylum. Yet, this alone is only the tip of the iceberg in President Obama's calculated Trojan Horse of infiltration.

Secret arrests

Senator Jeff Session has revealed 15 cases of Muslim extremists secretly arrested so as not to generate negative publicity over the Syrian Refugee program. Those arrests came as a result of foiled plots to kill American citizens, destroy public property, or target US armed service personnel. The disturbing fact of the matter is that they have been in the US long enough to supposedly be convinced that we are a generous and tolerant nation having been brought in during childhood. In complete contradiction to the federal government's narrative that the young when brought in will assimilate even though they may be opposed to the American way of life has proven to be another lie!


Remember the 2 brothers who had been indicted for the Boston Marathon bombing and whom our government had been warned about by Russian intelligence. The two had also been located here as young children only to have unleashed a vicious scheme that killed and maimed several citizens in the crowd at the Boston event. FBI Director Comey has admitted that the Syrian refugees cannot be vetted because personal records have been destroyed in war torn Syria, many claiming to be Syrians are not, and ISIS has already implanted operatives among them. The fact of the matter is that more than 62% of the population of refugees are men of military enlistment age.  The president blatantly lied when he claimed that the bulk of refugees were women, children, and elderly people.

Not so defenseless

One must remember that several supposed Syrian refugees have been exposed as ISIS gunmen, some of which participated in the Paris terrorist attacks. Within the US there are 82 ISIS terrorists that already been apprehended or shot down by law enforcement involved in acts of terror. Only the most spectacular incidents have gotten wide publicity from the US media who has been trying to advocate the president's insane plan to allow thousands of Syrians of questionable origins into our country. In such countries as Italy, Hungary, and Germany hostile Islamists claiming to be Syrian refugees have caused many problems attacking the citizens of the countries they have sought asylum from within.

False assurances

President Obama has sworn solidarity with Francois Hollande of France in fighting terrorism while he denounces Americans for expressing doubts in another one of his faulty proposals (Syrian refugees) while attacking Republicans as if they're the enemy. Yet, Mister Obama does not seem to be able to summon up this kind of venom for the despicable terrorist organizations who are creating chaos all over the world. I submit to you that our president is intentionally subjecting this nation to another of his destructive designs in order to fundamentally transform America into his perverted vision!

The undeniable truth

This nation has no moral obligation to accept, clothe, feed, educate, house, and fund the Syrian refugee dilemma along with other nations as well. Labeling this precaution as racist is just another false narrative cooked up by the administration and the lapdog media to denounce a precautionary measures to the ISIS caused crisis rather than take out the source of the problem! An effective military response to ISIS would easily end the flow of refugees. America, on the verge of a fiscal collapse having 94 million American citizens unemployed and in need of assistance should direct its efforts toward its very own citizens rather than bending to President Obama's political plundering of our nation! National security is the utmost responsibility of the federal government, yet under Obama our country is rife for a major coordinated terrorist attack as we listen to a proven liar's empty assurances of nonexistent threats.

Coming terror

The insane open borders policy of the Obama White House has allowed ISIS to penetrate our southern borders which has triggered 900 FBI investigations in 50 states.

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