The White House's War On The Truth In San Bernardino

What The San Bernardino Shootings Tell Us

After getting his briefing on the identity and motives of the terrorists who broke into a community services building in San Bernardino, California and gunned down 14 innocent people having a Christmas party, President Obama could not bring himself to tell the American people the truth. Instead the president, knowing that the radicalized woman who had made her vow to ISIS on a Facebook page, one of two culprits responsible for the shooting, announced to the public it could be workplace violence and that no definite evidence pointed to Islamic terrorism. What does this revelation about our president blatantly lying to the people tell us?

Proponents of defenselessness

While people like President Obama, Barbara Boxer, Hillary Clinton, and John Kerry push for more gun control, everyone of them also push for allowing a huge influx of Syrian refugees whom the FBI Director has already stated cannot be vetted! According to President Obama, only widows and children are entering the country, yet in Paris it was a woman wearing a suicide vest that called for help to police and a bomb sniffing dog when she exploded herself nearly killing the officers and fatally wounding the K-9. In San Bernardino a woman brandishing an AK-47 along with her spouse mercilessly cut down 14 people both firing more than 70 shots before departing the scene of the crime in a van loaded with pipe bombs, hundreds of rounds of ammunition, and ready to lay waste to more victims.

Acceptance by force

This is what awaits the American people should President Obama using his executive orders to force states that are suing the federal government as we speak to accept refugees that have proven to be a problem in Germany, Hungary, and elsewhere. They are from an environment that is neither tolerant nor humanitarian compared to the US, and savagery is a part of their daily lives. The radicalized Muslims do not assimilate, but do plan violence against all they disagree with. This is a fact. It took only a handful of men to kill 130 victims in Paris. Yet, President Obama has no qualms what so ever to bring a hundred thousand refugees, most are Muslim from a war torn country, and use taxpayers money to house, feed, medically assist, and educate them regardless of what the people of this nation want.

A difference in motive

The president will use every opportunity to advocate gun control while the nation is subjected to the unchecked flow of questionable refugees of primarily Muslim origin. One can say that not all Muslims are terrorists, but all terrorists have proven to be Muslims. Let's make a distinction here between hate crimes and terrorism even though terrorism can also be a hate crime. Terrorism is based upon using brutality whether it be bombing, beheading, or shooting victims there is a political motivation using the violence to draw attention to the cause. It also creates intimidation on a wider scale designed to force a society to alter its normal conduct in fear. Hate crimes are usually limited to a single incident by a bigoted perpetrator willing to carry out the act whether they suffer the consequences or not.

A threat to the First Amendment

After the recent mass shooting by an apparently demented man in Colorado Springs, Governor Hickenlooper hinted in  a press conference that inflammatory rhetoric was responsible for whipping people up into a frenzy while conveniently refusing to acknowledge that federal government policies are responsible for creating social unrest! That the government refuses to acknowledge ghoulish law breaking at Planned Parenthood, that the IRS is allowed to go on persecuting  conservative groups without legal repercussions, that the VA continues to ignore the needs of US veterans who are dying while on long waiting lists, continues unabated. Governor Hickenlooper, who legalized Pot in Colorado then ended up regretting that he had, inferred that maybe the government should do something about radio talk shows hosts who oppose this administration, pass some kind of law to prohibit free speech because the people are calling out our government for its abuses and corruption?

Aiding and abetting the enemy

Is this the kind of fascism that awaits us! Not only do we have a White House that refuses to protect our borders, but wants to bring in refugees from a warring Middle East while pushing for more gun control so that our citizens who find themselves in the cross hairs of terrorists have no personal protection? When authorities tell us to remain vigilant in helping to spot suspicious activity that could lead to terrorist acts we are then told that we are being bigoted against Muslims! There have now been beheadings, honor killings, and mass shootings on American soil inspired by radical Islam. Yet, your president refuses to speak the word "Islamic terrorists" and even orders terrorism to be expunged from the verbiage of the FBI report on the Ft. Hood shooting that killed 13 soldiers and wounded many more. Major Nidal Hasan is still alive after being convicted in a court of law to a death sentence.

Events at San Bernardino

It would be instructive to note that while a neighbor observed the suspicious multiple deliveries, constant activity in the garage, activity at all hours of the day and night as the husband and wife Islamic terrorists prepared their battle plan for San Bernardino, the witness reported that he did not want to seem bigoted toward Muslims so he failed to contact the police to express his concerns and 14 people would die as a result! This is just one example of how CAIR's campaign has worked to intimidate people from acting when a threat emerges.

Modern day Fifth Column

What's wrong with this picture? CAIR has been active in the use of propaganda to impose Islamic Sharia Law in America, to denounce those who blame Islamic extremists, and misinform the American public about the threat of Islamic terrorism in the US. Why? Named as unindicted co-conspirators in one of the largest terrorist money laundering cases in American history, CAIR offices on Capitol Hill, is a front group for the Muslim Brotherhood, and quickly acts to soften the public reaction to each and every instance of terrorist acts perpetrated on American soil while working in the courts to force US states into acknowledging Sharia Law! A convoluted mixture of lies, propaganda, and Machiavellian deception are at work here in our country, and the Obama White House is bringing the war of Islam to our streets. As the media dances around the ideology of the true culprits who plan on future attacks against American citizens, your White House interferes with the truth and falsely reassures you that something is being done about it.

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