How to fend off spike protein contamination

Now as most of the people have been injected with the Covid-19 "vaccines" we are starting to observe the consequences. First of all the "protection" the jabs give is no protection at all, quite the contrary. Those countries leading in this "vaccination" madness are now experiencing more sickness than before, Israel a prime example.

This is how the poisons destroy the blood and the veins of the vaccinated people.

German doctors observe the effects of vaccination in blood

How the Corona virus spike protein damages blood vessels

How long do the spike proteins infest the body?

Another concern is that the vaccinated can transmit those tiny spike proteins to others and cause them also to get sick. There are reports of people getting just by being in contact with recently vaccinated people.

COVID-vaccinated can ‘shed’ spike protein, harming unvaccinated

Confirmed by Pfizer

Enough of that already! As it is very probable that we are in contact with those vaccinated with the Covid-1984 poison, what can we do about it?  My wife just got the jab in spite of all my warnings,.... she wants to travel. Vaccination for me is no option, no matter what. There must exist a treatment that can fend off the effects of the leaked Covid vaccine. Otherwise those who engineered this plandemic and the poison jabs would not have done it. I find a lot of articles about pine needle tea to be such a remedy. Here is one story.

Editorial: my story of potential exposure to spike proteins via shedding from “vaccinated” people, and the potential suramin, shikimic acid, pine needle tea cure and prophylaxis

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Comment by Less Prone 4 minutes ago

One vaccine side effect is loss of fertility so that the Cabal don't even have to kill as no-one will be born.

Comment by cheeki kea on Monday

The madness is only getting worse. Starting to see a bitter divide not only in society but within groups and families. Discussions can erupt into arguments from highly charged emotion that can deeply affect mental health wellness on both sides of the question. I now have people in my wider circle who have taken the plunge and jabbed up even after relentlessly advising them not to. Fortunately my immediate family have not done so. I know have to let the others go and break away from their world. We are in a time of great darkness as we start to see the children die.

Comment by Less Prone on Sunday

It's terrible how the government propaganda and work place pressure gets families divided. I've warned my friend and family of this poison jab with variable success. I managed to convince our children, but my wife got it and we had long discussions about me taking it too. We are taking the pine needle tea now. Who knows how long the cabal can still hide the real nature of the poison jabs. I hope this madness would end already.

Comment by luggnutz on Sunday

Prayer and faith is still tops for me, can't say it enough. It's what cured me the 1st time I got the Coronavirus (2nd week of dec.2019-3rd week of Jan.2020 when no one had named it yet and the doctor's prescription did nothing at all).

Then I stick to what Jesus told me. Teaspoon of wildflower honey with lots of cinnamon in it daily (make one big jar), oil of oregano, colloidal silver pellets, lots of vitamin d-c-a. HAVE NOT BEEN SICK AT ALL...OF ANYTHING, ever since. I take basil oil too since it cleans your blood of free radicals. From time to time I make tea with bay leaves, has vitamins and minerals. I drink tonic water ever since too since it has quinine. Thanks for the pine needle tea suggestion, no shortage of pine trees in Quebec. That fall is here so I've already collected and drank 2 jugs of Elderberry juice. God in Heaven made it right the 1st time. I have zinc pills but haven't really needed them yet. Anything you can get naturally by nature is always better, that's for sure. I had posted how Jesus had cured me back then on Facepedos, but they removed it as false info (like I care, they won't silence my witness and testimony!).

Comment by cheeki kea on Sunday

Good idea. Here we make tea from the (leptospermum) tea tree. The tips of the new growths are picked off many small bushes a few from each tree. These are left to sit in hot water then drank. It's like disinfectant for the body. Colds can be warded off by boiling up a pot and breathing the steam in from it. (Sometimes sores can be healed by rubbing honey made from the tree flower onto the skin which I've seen also.) There's all sorts of hope out there.  

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