Illuminati Sun Symbolism --World’s 100 Best Brand Logos

June 9, 2010

by, Spydaman13

It’s easy to see the sun in the BP logo above, but spotting the cross made with “bp” isn’t as obvious.  Like all the World’s 100 Best Brand Logos, the BP logo displays esoteric sun symbolism as directed by the Illuminati.  Ironically, BP uses lower case letters for it’s intials.  But, purposely it forms the cross next to the sun; all of which represents the sun/son that died on the cross. The illuminati are proud to be “Order of the Sun” and display it on virtually all product logos.  Most people see it unwittingly, but it severely impacts us through the subconscious.  The Illuminati love to rub our noses in it - esoterically, keeping us in servitude, slaves.  It’s no different now than in all of of known history.

There’s three methods of sun symbolism used by the Illuminati in the World’s 100 Best Brand logos:

  1.  Sun-on-cross
  2. Triangle (capstone of pyramid) with all-seeing eye
  3. Direct

That’s it, just three.  These are the 2009 World’s 100 Best Brand Logos as presented on:  It is based on brand value begginning with Coca-Cola at $68,734,000 down to Campbells at $3,081,000.  I’ve also interweaved (noted with **) the Word’s 20 most Famous Logo Designs as reported here:  I’ve also interweaved a few other logos (noted with *). 

1.0  Sun-on-cross

The first method of sun symbolism used by the Illuminati in the World’s Top 100 Brand Logos is the sun-on-cross, or cross-in-circle; represented by the Celtic Cross shown below.  The quick explanation is that the circle represents the sun and the sun/son died on the cross.  For complete derivation, please see link:

I suggest just looking for the crosses as you scroll down.


Same as:


Xerox – ‘x’ is a cross on the red sphere (sun).

Windows – window squares form the borders for a cross in the middle and sits on white circle (sun).

Wrigley –earth’s grid lines form crosses on the glowing sphere (sun).

Citi –the lower case ‘t’ is the cross and sits below the red arch (top of sun).  What makes this so blatant is that the lower case ‘t’ is taller than the capital ‘C’ and capital ‘I’s.

At&t –again the lower case ‘t’ makes the cross, twice; and sits next to the white sphere, sun.  And, the lower case ‘t’s are taller than the ampersand, which deliberately draws more attention to the crosses.  Here is how they would look from a typewriter: t&.

Gillete –double ‘t’s provide for two crosses which sit on the nearly circular “G” (sun) with a spark on top.  The two ‘l’s make the number eleven, a common occult theme in these logos and I’ll point them out as we go.

G E – three crosses are made on the circle, sun.

Phillips –four crosses sit on the circle, sun.

*LG –drop the dot a bit and it makes a cross with the “L” and line next to it.  Of course, our subconscious does this for us.  The cross sits on the red circle; i.e. sun.   


Hermes –cross is made on the horse body with the straps.  The orange wagon wheels are suns.  During my research I discovered the only color this logo is ever shown in is orange.

Louis Vitton –crosses all over the place.

BMW –it doesn’t get more straight forward than this.  Other autmaker logos utilizing the same technique include: Lincoln, Olds, Saturn, Chevy, Geo, Pontiac, Cadillac, Dodge, Scion, Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Subaru, Mazerati, Lancia, Maybech, Rolls Royce, Nissan, Opel, and Vauxhall... Suck it!

Ford –line through the “F” yields a cross, and so does the ‘r’.  They sit on either side of the ‘o’, sun; all of which sits on the glowing, oval background.

Porche –the horse is Jesus and sits on the cross of the yellow and red shield –(Rothchild /sun).  I’m surprised Cadillac didn’t make the top 100, but if it did it would come next.

Ferrari –the horse’s tail and right leg make the horizontal line, and the body and left leg make the vertical line of the cross.  It sits on the yellow shield background (sun).  A second cross is made with the head, front legs and body.  Beer logos doing the same thing:  Loenbrau, Stroh’s, Modello, Hamm’s.

Walt Disney –the capital ‘D’ is a blatant cross-in-circle.  The ‘W’ and ‘y’ are just about as blatant.   I spotted this about six years ago and told a friend about it, and it was one of my first experiences with the phenomenon of spotting the cross in logos.

If that’s not enough, the red circles are there to point out the numbers “6, 6, and 6”.   Hail Satan!  I mean, Hail Disney, the king of subliminal!

Coca-cola – the ribbon through the ‘l’ is the main cross (s). The suns are made with the “o”s, “C”s and “a”s.  It’s fairly unamious that this is the most recognizable logo in the world.

*Target –not part of the top 100, but is an easily recognized logo.  I present it here because it is identical to the astrological symbol for the sun; in case you were having trouble seeing the suns in the Coca-Cola logo.  Now look at the first “o”.

1.1 – Intersecting rings

Tiffanys –cross made on what I believe is suppose to be a “T”.  The “T” makes a near complete circle, sun.

Chanel –crosses formed with the intersection of the two rings, suns.

Gucci –same here.

Audi –same here but more.

Toyota –and here it’s ovals that intersect.  Tis all bout da cross.

Cross  1.2 -- Scripted crosses

Campbells –The blatant cross is through the “C” and two more are on the ‘b’ and ‘e’. The suns, ‘C’, ‘a’, ‘p’, and ‘b’,are like that of Coca-Cola,.  The two ‘l’s make the number eleven.  It’s important to note that the next few logos do not have a ‘real logo’ but utilize the spelling of their name as the logo.

Johnson and Johnson –same concept here.  Crosses made with the ‘J’s and ‘o h’s, and the suns are the ‘o’s.

Kellogg’s –same here.  Crosses are made with the ‘e’, ‘l’s, ‘g’s, and the suns are the ‘o’ and ‘g’s.

Kleenex –and here.  The ‘l’, ‘e’s and ‘x’ all make crosses.

Cross  1.3 -- Lower case tangents

Google – the two ‘o’s are a red sun, and a yellow sun and the cross is the “g l e”

Intel –“nte” makes the cross.  The ‘i n’ make an 11.

Ebay –‘eb’ makes the cross.


Nintendo –the ‘t’ and ‘d o’ are crosses next to the near-circular ‘e’ sun, and ‘d’ sun, and ‘o’ sun.

Colgate –a lower case ‘t’ and ‘o l g’ are the crosses.  The ‘o’, ‘g’, ‘a’ and ‘e’ are suns.  Notice how these logos feature the color red.

Cartier –another lower case ‘r t’ and ‘e’ are crosses.  The ‘C’ and ‘a’ are the suns.


Cross in circle -- 1.4.1  lower case tangents, initials

BP –as mentioned, BP uses lower case letters as their initials which is the opposite of what you would expect.   The bottom of the ‘b’ lines up with the bottom of the ‘p’ to form the horizontal line, and the ‘p’ is the vertical line of the cross.   The sun is easy to see.  By the way, BP was number 83 of the World’s Best Global Brands.  I have a feeling it will drop next year.

UPS –the ‘u’ and “p” make the cross on the golden-colored shield.  The lower case letters give it away, and the ‘p’ seems disproportionately large.

*ABC – further use of lower case lettering for initials.  The ‘a’ and ‘b’ make the cross on the circle, sun. 

HP –bottom of ‘h’ lines up with the ‘p’ yielding a cross on the circle (sun).

Cross 1.5  Letters lining up

Fed Ex – the ‘d’ and ‘E’ line up and make the cross; and the ‘x’ is a cross, too.  The sun is the white center of the ‘d’ in a dark sky.  During my research I learned of the white arrow formed between the ‘E’ and ‘x’ which is there to reinforce to our subconscious their ability to move packages fast.  It also reienforces the use of subliminals in advertising.

LEGO - "EG" is the cross

Pepsi -the “EP” forms the cross and the red, white, and blue, glowing sphere forms the sun for Pepsi Cola.

Lower case or CAPS, it doesn't matter.

Cross  1.6 -- Read Between the lines

The next seven logos display what I call the “read between the lines” technique to display a cross; same concept as the arrow in the Fed Ex logo.

IBM—crosses in white between ‘I’ and ‘B’.  The white centers of the “B” are suns.

*ESPN –crosses in white between ‘E’ and ‘S’, and ‘P’ and ‘n’.  The lower case ‘n’ provides for the number eleven.

**Lays –cross between the ‘a y’ and bottom of ‘L y’.  It sits on the yellow sun.  I think they’ve toned this down a bit, by connecting the ‘L’ and ‘y’ in newer versions (maybe it was too obvious).

Burger King –read between the ‘U R’ and ‘K I’ for the white cross of phi proportions.  It sits on the yellow sun.  I mean bun.

BlackBerry –white cross in center of top left, and the sun surrounds.

**Farm Bureau Insurance –same ‘B’ concept yielding a white cross in the middle, next to the red sun.

*Sun Microsystems –a white cross is in the middle of the very confusing logo.  The sun is in the name.


World's 100 Best Brand Logos

Part 2.0  - Capstone with All Seeing-eye

The triangle (capstone of pyramid) with all-seeing eye, shown below, is the second method of sun symbolism used by the illuminati.  Notice the bright light and rays emanating from center.  The eye represents the sun god, Horus, the pupil of God, the light of the world.  For complete derivation, please see link:

Now it’s time for capstones and eyes.

**Marlboro – white capstone and the decal is the all seeing-eye.  The ‘l’ and ‘b’ make the number 11.  I guarantee the only reason this didn’t make either list is because it’s cigarettes.

Smirnoff (rotated 180 degrees) –the two heads and crown make the all seeing-eye in capstone corner formed with the outstretched wings.  The ‘IR” makes the number 11.  The eagle by itself is also another sun reference.

Budweiser –crown is the all seeing-eye in the capstone.  The ‘w’ makes the number 11.  There’s all kinds of stuff going on here, but I’ll let it rest.

UBS –key handles are the all seeing-eyes in capstones.

Caterpillar –capstone in the letter ‘A’, and yellow capstone.  Classic.  Another one of my early sightings telling me something is up with the pyramid shit.

Adobe – lots of capstones formed with the funny ‘A’.

Northwest –it’s suppose to be an ‘N’ and ‘W’ combined, but all I see is the capstone separated from pyramid.

HSBC  --lots of capstones.

Blue Tooth (rotated 90 degrees) – it’s suppose to be a ‘B’ and ‘t’, I think.  But, all I see are capstones.

Volkswagen – more capstones.

Mercedes-Benz –three capstones, or like looking down on a pyramid.

*Superman –yellow capstone beneath the ‘S’.


Harley-Davidson –


2.1  The rounded capstone

Honda –funky “H” yields rounded off capstones.

Hyundai –Funky ‘H’ yields rounded off capstones here, too.  You’d think they would want to differentiate themselves from Honda.

Lexus – funky ‘L’ yields rounded off capstone.  My four year old niece writes a better “L” than that!  Other automakers utilizing the same sun technique:  Mitsubishi, Renault, Chrysler, Citroen, Infinity, Kia, Volvo, Suzuki, Smart, GMC, Hummer, Buick, MG, Acura, Isuzu, Mercury, Land Rover, Daewoo…suck it.

*Playboy rotated 90 –eye is the all seeing-eye in rounded cap-stoned.


McDonalds –funky ‘M’ (I mean, Golden Arches) yields rounded off capstones.  The “McDonald’s” intersects the vertical legs of the right arch yielding a double cross (see part 1)

Adidas (old version) – three rounded capstones.

Adidas new.


Cisco – capstones made with the vertical lines.

2.2 Eye in capstoned corner

20th Century Fox – “X” forms capstone for the “O” to reside as the eye.


Pizza Hut –“z”s make capstones and a corner for the “a” as the eye.  The red roof also makes capstone corners.  In addition, The ‘H’ and ‘t’ make blatant crosses (see part 1).

Amazon –‘a’ and ‘o’ are the all seeing-eyes in the capstone ‘Z’.  The yellow arc represents the sun.

Heinz --dot to the ‘i’ is the all seeing-eye in red corner formed with lettering and upper boundary.  The ‘i n’ make an 11.

Accenture –symbol over ‘t’ is the capstone.

Nestle –‘e’s are the all seeing-eye in corner formed with ‘N’ and line above,  and the “l” and line above.

Nescafe at 45 –‘E’ is the all seeing-eye in corner formed with the ‘N’ and line above.

Goldman Sachs – ‘G’ is the all seeing-eye in upper left corner.

Puma –‘A’ is the all seeing-eye in the capstone corner formed with the cat.

KFC –His oval face is the eye and sits next to the red capstone corners.

Burberry –angle of pole and flag form the pyramid.  His head is the all-seeing-eye, his body forms the separation leaving a capstone. 

Polo Ralph Lauren –angle of polo stick and top of horse creates the pyramid.  His head is the all-seeing-eye, his body forms the separation leaving a capstone. 

Sirius –dog eye is all seeing-eye on capstone head.

2.3 No logo, just letters

What’s special about this next group of logos is that they don’t have a logo, but rely only on the lettering.  When there is no real logo, the lettering is almost always all caps, and almost always has an ‘A’ or an ‘M’ or ‘V’ or “W”.

H & M—capstones made with the ‘M’.


Dell –the twisted ‘E’ makes an ‘M’ shape top and bottom yielding capstones.

Nivea –the ‘V’ is bordered by the ‘I’ and ‘E’, leaving an ‘M’ shape, or capstones.  The capital ‘A’ is the perfect border for pyramid and capstone.

Siemens –capital ‘M’ in center yields capstones.

MTV –capital ‘M’ for capstones and the end of the ‘T’ makes an all-seeing eye.

AXA –two pyramids with capstones.

Lancome –‘O’ is the all seeing-eye under the capstone hat.

L’Oreal – The extra large “O” is the all-seeing-eye in capstone corner of the “L”.   Also there’s a capital “A”.

Allianz –circle decal is the all seeing-eye next to the capstone corner of the ‘z’.  The two ‘l’s make the number 11.

Nokia –the ‘K’ to ‘I’ makes a capstone and so does the ‘A’.

American Express –two capital ‘A’s, ‘M’, and ‘X’ make capstones.

Oracle –capital ‘A’.  Yes, it really is that simple.

Zara –two capital ‘A’s.  Remember, this is the logo…that’s it.  Think of the KAY Jewelry logo.


Prada –two capital ‘A’s.  Notice how very little color is used on those ‘without a logo’, just the printing of their name. Normally, it’s all red in written name logos.

Avon –captial ‘A’ and ‘V’.

Gap –capital ‘A’.


Duracell –capital ‘A’.

Visa –capital ‘A’ and ‘V’.

IKEA –capital ‘A’ plus space between ‘K’ and ‘E’ make the capstones.  The ‘I K’ make an 11.

Nike (old) –space between ‘K’ and ‘E’ yields the capstone.  The ‘I K’ make an 11.

Nike --vertical tip of swoosh

Cannon –tips of lettering make capstones (and the ‘a and ‘o’ are all seeing eyes).

**Fidelity –not in the top lists, but just a reminder.

Worlds’ 100 Best Brand Logos

Part 3.0 --Direct Sun Symbolism

The third method of sun symbolism used by the Illuminati in the top 100 logos is direct;  where the sun is simply represented as a sun, or star, and with sun-like colors (red, yellow, orange, white) and shapes (round /spherical).  

Thomson Reuters –many, little orange suns make a big one.

Danone –glowing sun with red bottom.

*Obama’s Cam-pain Logo –but that’s an “O” and it stands for Barrack Hussein, the United State’s first Project Monarch, Mind Contr-O-lled President.

Shell –yellow and red sun.  The two ‘l’s make an 11.

*Walmart –sun.  

Rolex – crown makes a sun with rays shooting up, and little suns on the top.

Apple –red sun.  The little piece on top fits nicely into the bitten out area thereby yielding a near complete red sphere. Who took the bite out of the apple?  Satan.

Yahoo–Some capstone action with the “Y” and “A”, and the two red ‘O’s are suns.

Master Card –red sun and orange sun.

The sun glyph.  I mean Target logo.

JP Morgan Chase –a more squared-off version of the basic sun symbol.  The lines can be connected to make a swastika (or, cross-in-circle –see part 1).

Starbucks –three stars; and stars are suns.

Moet & Chandon –star is a sun


Direct Sun 3.1 -- No logo, but sun in the name

Sony – son

Samsung – sun

Panasonic –same sun here. 

 “Bringers of the Dawn” [1992] by Barbara Marciniak and the Pleaidians:

Those of you who are the Guardians of Light and who wish to completely change this present reality and bring different options in are anchoring the frequency. If it is not anchored and understood, it can create chaos. It will create chaos. This is why you must ground yourselves. Chaos brings about a state of reorganization when utilized properly. Time is collapsing, and the energy is becoming larger and larger. You have come here to use that energy first. You will make pathways of consciousness as you pull the energy into your body that will assist others so that they may not have to go through what you go through. Many people will suddenly begin to feel this energy without any preparation at all. You are all pulling light, which is data and information, onto the planet, and as you do this you create new pathways for consciousness to explore without even saying a word. The new pathways of consciousness create new realities, new options, and new ways of living and being. That is why the collapse of your society is inevitable: It does not hold light; it does not hold the multidimensional possibilities; it holds you in limitation, and you are tired of that.

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