Illuminati Sun Symbolism -- Auto Logos, Capstone of Pyramid (Part 2/3)

Does the McDonald's clown creep you out?

A.  Yes
B.  No
C.  Maybe
D.  Yes, but all clowns do


The pyramid is another way of conveying “God” status or “Sun” status.  To them –the illuminati, the sun equaled God.  At the very top of a pyramid is a capstone.  It symbolizes the holiest of holy.  It is the all-knowing, God, or The Sun.


The pyramid with the all-seeing-eye on the back of the US dollar note links our current leaders with those of Egypt.  Looking at a pyramid in 2d (from one direction) the capstone is seen as a triangle. 

The triangle contains the eye of Horus with light rays bursting outwardly. In Egypt, the eye symbolizes the newborn sun, Horus.  Horus was God’s son, the solar divinity.  The eye represents the pupil of God, the light of the world.  That’s why light is emanating from it like a sun.


Reference "Jordan Maxwell - Basic Presentation", 5:50 to 9:15".


Simply put, the sun/son/God was and still is symbolized as a triangle or capstone.


Furthermore, the words placed around the pyramid and capstone/triangle/sun reveal who is controlling us.  The upper two words, Annuit Coeptis translates to ‘our enterprise is now a success’.

The lower three words, Novus Order Seclorum translates to ‘New World Order’.

Simply put, it reads, "The New World Order Is Now a Success”.  But whose success is it?  And, how is it already a success?  It’s the Federal Reserve who succeeded when they took full control of the monetary system in 1934.


Reference same link as above.


The Federal Reserve is not federal at all.  Rather, it’s a group of private bankers running the show headed by the Rothchild family dynasty.  It’s estimated the Rothchild family’s wealth is $500 trillion.  $500 trillion is about half of the world’s wealth.   I’m happy to be eating Ramon Noodles, but there’s a ton of people who are hungry every day.  Perhaps there’s an uneven distribution of wealth? {originally written in January 2010}



The Freemasons don’t shy away from the symbolism. There’s a triangle /capstone at the top containing the all-seeing-eye and light rays emanating from it.  It also has calipers and square intertwined forming two more triangles /capstones.  And, the "G" is the all-seeing-eye.


Mitsubishi is a good place to start for the autos because the logo is loaded with triangles.  The entire thing is a triangle.  The missing parts are triangles.  And, the red parts are doubled-up triangles.


The Renault logo utilizes basic triangle geometry.  The orange colored center triangle is one on top of its mirror image.  It also has the effect of looking at a pyramid from the top down.


The Volkswagen logo is pretty straightforward.   It’s easy to find the triangle under the “W” and over the “V”.  Capital “V”s, and “W”s and “M”s are triangular by default. The VW logo is a classic illuminati symbol.


The Mercedes logo has triangles on the 3 sides of a star-shaped figure.  A star is a sun.  Each leg of the star is formed from 2 triangles. It also gives the impression of a 3d pyramid. 


The Chrysler logo shares many similarities with Mercedes.  It’s a 5-pointed star (pentagram but not inverted) with each leg formed from two triangles.  It gives the impression of looking down on a pyramid.  The 5 triangles surround and point towards center.  Plus their cars suck.


Citroen’s logo is nothing more than 2 triangular shaped objects on top of each other forming a very pyramidal shape.  I'm sure the angles and ratios are significant.  Stare at this one awhile and your brain will hurt.


The triangle / capstone in the Infinity logo is about as clear-cut as you can get.   Plus the oval is the all seeing eye.


The KIA logo takes a little more effort (very little).  The “A” is missing the horizontal line, leaving a triangle.  The “K” faces the solid vertical line of the “I”, leaving a triangle in between.


Volvo has a triangle protruding from the ring at the upper right.  It's also the symbol for Mars, a subtle allusion.


Su-sucki has the most f*cked-up “S” on the planet for its logo.  The top and the bottom of the “S” make capstones.


The Smart logo is simply it’s name in lower case (nothing fancy) letters, and a yellowish-orange triangle added to the top of the “a”.  Smart is also another way of saying ‘tard’.  As in, you’re retarded for driving one.  Also, it's an allusion to Mars.


Capital “M”s are another great way to get a triangles by default.  GMC takes advantage of this by not having a ‘symbol’ for a logo.  It’s funny how that only happens when the name has the means of making the symbolism.  The “M” here is front and center.  You get triangles from the inner whites (3) and the red lettering (3 times).  The capital “G” is a favorite of the Masons.  It represents a few things, but my favorite is union of male and female.


The same story goes for his daddy, GM.


...and his brother, Hummer...


...and, his cousin, Buick...  The bottom of the 3 tangent shields form an “M” and the space under form 2 triangles.


…and his read-headed step child, MG.


Acura took the capstone off of their pyramid and left it as a white bar stretching upward.  But, they left the triangles in black, 2 of them, end to end on either side.


Isuzu has a simple design in the circle. It holds a white triangle facing down.  The “S” and “Z” are fugly, exaggerated and form 2 triangles in each.


Mercury needs to be look at as a 3 dimensional image.   The white space underneath the 3 gray lines forms a triangle.  The triangle can be extruded inward.


Land Rover is subtle.  But, the only things in addition to the all caps/slanted name are the lambda/ triangle shapes sitting on the oval eye.


For Daewoo, it is the middle piece coming down.  Plus the 3 pieces together form a triangle.  It also looks like a crown, bringing in a royal flavor.


Does the Lexus logo really look like an “L”?  My 4-year old niece writes a better “L” than that.


The new Olds logo is very triangular.  The peak of the triangle just extends up and intersects the outer ring.



Is this Honda or is this Hyundai?  If I’m creating a brand name and a logo, the first thing I’d do is to make sure nobody else as the same product with a similar name or similar logo.  Honda and Hyundai both have funky looking “H’s for logos.  WTF?  Plus, I can’t tell their POS cars apart.


As for the symbols, they both have rounded off triangles in the ‘empty’ space surrounded by the funny looking “H”.


Is this a Honda or a Hyundai emblem?


An example of the rounded off triangle is the second most recognized symbol in the world (#1 is the cross), the McDonalds symbol (capital “M”), the Golden Arches.

And, there’s something completely wrong and f-ed-up about this clown.


There’s an infinite number of ways to denote a brand.  But, the auto companies have only three and they happen to contain overt sun symbolism.   The illuminati are moving fast toward their ultimate goal, the New World Order.   Our first line of defense is to be informed.  They can no longer lie to us if we know the truth.  It’s up to you to decide what to do with it.


Please see part 3 for the final method of sun symbolism, the Winged- Solar Disk. 

Link:  Winged Solar Disk





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