Illuminati Sun Symbolism -- Auto Logos, Winged Solar-Disk (Part 3/3)

The Chrysler logo shown above displays sun symbolism in the form of the Winged Solar-disk with the eye of Horus. Like all the automaker logos,  the Chrysler logo displays esoteric sun symbolism as directed by the Illuminati.  The illuminati are proud to be “Order of the Sun” and display it on virtually all product logos.  Most people see it unwittingly, but it severely impacts us through the subconscious.  The Illuminati love to rub our noses in it - esoterically, keeping us in servitude, slaves.  It’s no different now than in all of of known history.


There’s three methods of sun symbolism used by the Illuminati in the world’s auto logos:

  1.  Sun-on-cross (covered in part 1).  Link:Sun on Cross
  2. Triangle (capstone of pyramid) with all-seeing eye (covered in part 2).  Link:   Capstone With All Seeing Eye
  3.  Winged Solar Disk


The third and final method of sun symbolism used by the auto makers for brand logos is the Winged-Solar Disk.

The winged sun is a symbol (sometimes known as Behedeti, a name of Horus) associated with divinity, royalty and power in the Ancient Near East (Egypt, Mesopotamia, Anatolia, and Persia). The symbol has also been found in the records of ancient cultures residing in various regions of South America as well as Australia.

In Ancient Egypt, the symbol is attested from the Old Kingdom (Sneferu, 26th century BC), often flanked on either side with a uraeus. In early Egyptian religion, the symbol Behedeti represented Horus of Edfu, later identified with Ra-Harachte. It is sometimes depicted on the neck of Apis, the bull of Ptah. As time passed (according to interpretation) all of the subordinated gods of Egypt were considered to be aspects of the sun god, including e.g. Khepri.

The winged sun is symbolic also of the eternal soul. When placed above the temple doors it served as a reminder to the people of their eternal nature.

Source:  Wikipedia



I think it’s interesting to note that the symbol is common across the globe, from Egypt to Australia to South America.  But shit it's all just a coincidence...


Chrysler’s logo is the spitting image of a winged-solar disk.   Further sun symbolism is the all-seeing-eye of Horus in the center disk.  Plus their cars suck.


Bentley does not stray far from this theme. The “B” in the center resembles two eyes, one on top of another, i.e. the eye of Horus.


Aston Martin fits the winged-solar disk quite nicely.  The round middle isn’t as defined, but there’s still a half circle in the center and unquestionably there is wings.


Mini gives the old-fashioned winged-solar disk a modern, edgy appearance.


Honda has the wings in up position and as you would see it from the side view, rather than the front.  Fly birdie!  Fly!  The word ‘HONDA’ is the disk (sun) seen from the side view.


Mazda has the center circle (Sun) extended to the ends of the wings.  It’s the same bird, but different feather…As I pointed out in Part 1, they all can’t be identical or we retards would figure it out.


Here's the Harley Davidson logo for fun:


As the video pointed out, our new, Nobel Peace Prize-winning president used the winged-solar disk in his campaign.  To quote David Icke, “just a coincidence, nothing to worry about”.


What does this all mean? Simply, it means an entity of superior knowledge is pulling all the strings of our reality.  They, the illuminati, do not have humanities well being as their best interest.  Quite the opposite, their goal is to reduce the population of earth from 7 billion to 1 billion people, a much more manageable number.  With the remaining population being micro-chipped, they can go from covert to overt control, finally removing the veil. The prophecy of this was written in Revelation, the Four Horsemen. 

  1. Deception (Obama) by promoting microchip implants (mark of beast) as an element of good.
  2. Provoking war/violence so man fights man (war in Middle East).
  3. Collapsing the ‘world’ economy (banker bailouts), surging home foreclosures, hyperinflation, and famine in the West. 
  4. Creating pandemics (swine flu, AIDS, oil spills) that can spread across the world in a day, bringing death to those who remain.


But, since we live in a frequency-based universe, the key is to get your frequency above fear to that of love.  All the doom and gloom does not matter if you are in a positive state of mind.  You can not get sick if your vibration is one of wellness.  If the apocalyptic stuff generates fear in you, then stay away from it.  You want to be prepared without the fear.  Pay attention to your emotions. If you’re not feeling up-beat, then do what it takes to get yourself feeling a little better, and via law of attraction, better things will come your way.  Love/ Goodness will prevail.  But there’s going to be one hell of a show going on in the upcoming months leading to 2012, and plenty to challenge our faith.  But I can’t wait.  I have front row seats and plenty of beer and nachos to share with you.  Let’s do this shit!  As Jim Morrison so perfectly put it:  “Break on through to the other side, yeah”.  Peace!

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