Illuminati Sun Symbolism -- Auto Logos, Sun on Cross (Part 1/ 3)

The BMW logo shown above is a perfect example of sun symbolism used by the Illuminati.  BMW uses a cross in the middle of a circle to denote sun-on-cross sun symbolism.  The illuminati are proud to be “Order of the Sun” and display it on virtually all product logos.  Most people see it unwittingly, but it severely impacts us through the subconscious.  The Illuminati love to rub our noses in it - esoterically, keeping us in servitude, slaves.


There’s three methods of sun symbolism used by the Illuminati in the auto logos:

  1. Sun-on-cross
  2. Triangle (capstone of pyramid) with all-seeing eye
  3. Winged Solar Disk

The first method of sun symbolism used by the Illuminati in auto logos is the sun-on-cross, or cross-in-circle; represented by the Celtic Cross shown below.  The quick explanation is that the circle represents the sun and the sun/son died on the cross.

We can trace the sun-on-cross to that of Jesus Christ, and further to that of its astrological and Egyptian origins.


If you live on Earth, you may have heard of Jesus Christ; that he was the Son of God, born on Dec 25, and died on a cross. Perhaps the most recognized symbol in the world is the cross.


The following is taken from "Zeitgeist (Religion) the Greatest Story Ever Sold", 8:00 –9:15.

From the Summer Solstice (June 21) until the Winter Solstice (Dec 21), the sun is losing it’s strength, i.e. dying, and days are getting shorter.  By 12/22 the sun’s demise is fully realized, and it hits the lowest point in the sky.  The sun stops moving south (perceivably) for 3 days.  During these 3 days, the sun resides in the constellation of the Southern Cross. 

After these 3 days, on 12/25, the sun moves 1 degree north, beginning longer days. Therefore, the sun died on a cross (dead for 3 days) and was born again or resurrected on 12/25 (Christmas).

The brightest star in the night sky is Sirius, found in the East.  On 12/24 it aligns with the 3 brightest stars (the Thee Kings) in Orion’s Belt and the four stars point to the place of the sunrise on 12/25.  Hence the story of the three kings following the 3 stars to locate the sunrise, i.e. the birth of the sun (son).  Reference "Zeitgest: (Religion) The Greatest Story Ever Sold", 6:37 – 7:15.


One of the oldest concept images in human history is that of the Zodiac.  It reflects the sun as it figuratively passes through the 12 major constellations / 4 seasons / 2 solstices / 2 equinox.


Again, we have the depiction of a sun on a cross.  The sun is the entire part from center to the outer ring.


Reference "Zeitgeist (Religion) the Greatest Story Ever Sold", 1:35 –1:48.

For a complete explanation, please see the reference video:  "Zeitgeist (Religion) –The Greatest Story Ever Sold"


Lincoln is simply the sun on the cross (kind of a boxy circle/sun).  Notice how the 4 legs extend beyond the circle and form four more crosses. 


Oldsmobile is not much different, other than its arms are bent down. It is almost identical to the peace symbol.  But hey, it’s a rocket, right?  Olds’ most modern logo will be covered later.


Cadillac --  At first look it’s a harmless crest and wreath.  But notice there is a cross, dividing the crest into quadrants.  The upper left and lower right is same, as are the upper right and lower left (containing a cross).  All three crosses are ‘circled’ or boxed in symbolizing the sun.


To top it off, the ‘C’ in the script ‘Cadillac’ forms a cross and it’s almost encircled.  It’s deliberately much larger than any of the other letters with the emphasis put on the major loop which forms a perfect cross.  After looking at it for awhile, it won’t even resemble a capital ‘C’.


In the same line of thought as the Cadillac logo is the Saturn logo.   It’s supposed to be the planet Saturn with a ring going around it.  But all I see is a giant cross, like the script Cadillac “C”, and boxed in or ‘circled /sunned’.  It just has the planetary effect due to the slight bends and the ‘ring’ being thicker on the bottom end.


More similar to the Cadillac crest, is the Porsche logo, which is also divided in 4 parts with a cross and a horse (Jesus turned into a horse) in the middle. It also has the same pattern in the upper left /bottom right and upper right /bottom left.  Important to note is the use of red on the Porsche and Cadillac shields.  The German name Rothchild translates to red shield.  The Rothchild family is the most elite of the 13-bloodline illuminati families.


The same cross theme holds true for BMW, as well as the mirroring quadrants.   This time the cross has a perfect circle (sun) around it.   It most closely resembles the cross on the zodiac.  But hey, it’s the ‘ultimate driving machine’ -not.


Or, perhaps Scion is the ‘ultimate driving machine’ since it too, likes the cross with quadrants theme.


Remember how the Saturn logo and the Cadillac script “C” form crosses, but a little bent? Now let’s look at the Toyota logo.  Here we have the classic “double cross” which literally means the lizzies are telling us that we’re being double crossed.  For whatever reason, this took me awhile to see.  But once you see it you never forget it.


I’ve seen The Chevy ‘bow tie’ described under a different sun symbol category (and agree).  But I like to include it in the cross category.  It just happens to be a bold or block-style cross with no circle around it, but with a golden (sun-like) color.


The “o” in the Geo logo is what you might first notice being similar to the classic BMW cross-in-circle logo. But, also notice how the horizontal mid sections of the “G” and “e” come very close to intersecting.  In fact, your subconscious does it for you making a perfect cross shape (with some bend in the vertical) and nearly encircled by the rest of the “G” and “E”, forming the sun.


More to that effect is the Fiat logo.  Your subconscious connects the lower horizontal of the “F” and “A”, combining with the simple vertical “I”.  Notice how the “A” is not angled up on the left side like every other capital “A” in history, or even this one on its right side. And notice that the “I” is does not have horizontals.  This helps keep it closer to the “F” and “A”.  F-an-A is right!  Like usual the cross is circled by an outer ring, i.e. a sun resides on the cross.


I’ve seen Alfa Romeo featured as one of the top 5 sinister corporate logos.  I understand why! Not only does it have sun/cross, but it has a snake (representing the illuminati) eating a dude (representing you and me).  Plus if you drop the dude and snake’s head down a bit, it extends the cross’ right arm and forms a second cross in the middle.  Plus, it has the same three section horizontal box like Cadillac.  It looks like a crown in this case.  Anything royal alludes to them being god-like and us not.


Subaru gets the cross theme cooking with 6 strong, or 3 pairs interlocking one another.  There’s probably something more to it than that.  The main one has a ‘glow’ like that of a sun around it in addition to the outer ring.


The Audi logo has the Vesica Piscis geometry.  But each intersection, top and bottom, also form cross geometry (just bent like Toyota).  Here, the suns are each of the 4 circles, but the crosses reside on the outer edge.  The logo is the same idea as the Olympics logo, which tells you something.


Ford’s use of script allows for a ‘frivolous extension’ which creates a cross with the vertical portion of the “F”.  The cross just happens to be almost completely encircled by the rest of the flamboyant “F”.  The loopy-do on the horizontal portion of the “F” also forms a cross. The lower case “r” makes a nice case for a cross, looking more like a script lower case ‘x’ which of course is form of a cross.  All three crosses lie inside an oval, which represents the sun.


The Maserati logo looks pretty devilish, and yup it’s in the form of a cross (with extra legs coming up) and yup it’s got a circle (oval) around it.


I never heard of some of these, but wtf.  If you’re getting the hang of this by now, you’ll notice the entire word “Lancia” forms the horizontal, and the upper and lower spears form the vertical of guess what… a cross which is encircled (sunned).  The spears line up nicely with the “N”.


Maybach's pretty creepy and new to me.   It took me all of 1/3 of a second to see the double cross.  I guess it’s supposed to be 2 capital “M’s.  In case you’ve been riding the short bus lately, the taller “M”s vertical legs intersect with the angles of the shorter “M” forming two crosses.  The background color is a reddish-orange, like the suns.


The Rolls Royce logo is quite similar to the Maybech’s intersecting “M”s.  In this case, the PTB used “R”s to distinguish from the “M”s.   They didn’t fool me.


Nissan is not so blatant, but the extension of the horizontal bar across the outer ring (sun) forms two crosses (like Audi).  Another common trick is what I call “read between the lines”.  It is where you look at the background rather than the lettering for the symbolism.  It’s used here between the “S”s.   If the “S”s (which are funky looking anyway) are shifted up or down a bit, the gaps between them form the cross…again, our subconscious does this for us all day long.


Opel continues the ‘extend beyond the ring’ theme, but even more so.  The middle portion fits into another way of symbolizing the sun (covered in part 2).



The Royal Saab is a creature wearing a crown.   What strikes me as odd is his extreme tongue.  Using the tongue as the horizontal and the beak as the upper and lower verticals forms a cross.  That’s also the area that has a glow, all of which lies within a circle/s.  The two capital “A”s intersect and conjoin forming a set of double crosses.  Plus it’s pretty fucking scary looking.


Vauxhall uses a griffin for its logo.  Its left arm and wings form the horizontal and the torso forms the vertical pieces of a cross.  It’s is also in a red circle and quite evil looking.  Perhaps he is shitting while flying.


Lamborghini uses the bulls left horn and left rear leg to form a cross.  The badge is encircled and uses a golden or sunlight color for the trim, lettering and bull.


Holden --The lion's right arm and body make the horizontal line.  The head and left arm make the vertical line of the cross.  The cross-shaped lion sits on the red sun.


Peugeot -- same concept as Holden (and the beer logos:  Lowenbrau, Strohs, Modelo, Hamms)


Ferrari --same concept as Holden and Peugeot.


Jeep - the "e p" makes the cross.  The symbolism for those companies without a logo is always in the lettering; i.e. the lettering is the logo.  Jeep:  "There's only one".  We wish.


In case you think I’m taking this too far, let me remind you of a cross in a circle you may have seen before.   Of course it has some extra length to the cross, but they all can’t be identical or else we sheeple would catch on.


Or…eff me!  Where have I seen this logo before?


Back to the autos… This is not the official the Dodge logo, but it might as well be.   It’s the “Crosshair” grill.  Or, a sinister looking front end of a piece of shit car with a cross encircled on it for grill.


Speaking of sinister, lets look a the official Dodge logo.  The word ‘Dodge’, by the way, can be re-scrambled to the spelling of “God” about 4 different ways: god, godd, gode, godde (the ‘e’ is silent) And, “Chrysler” sounds a lot like “Christ”.  Perhaps the lizzies are telling us they’re our God and we must obey them and buy more shitty, evil looking dodge cars.  Additionally, the word ‘dodge’ means:  avoid.  We couldn’t agree more.

Let’s get back to the Dodge logo.  It doesn’t fit in the cross/ sun theme I got going here (Although, a case could be made that the white forehead forms a cross) but it does happen to fit nicely in an upside down pentagram. 


This image was pulled when searching Google images for a satanic logo.  The Dodge upper horns would fill the upper two points of the inverted pentagram and the lower part of the horns would fill the left and right points (like the ears do here).


Speaking of upside down pentagrams, it’s time for the Pontiac logo.  It fits the sun/cross symbolism simply because of the cross in the middle.  Plus it’s surrounded by red color.  Notice it is 3/5 of an inverted pentagram.


Just for fun I included the Baphomet and George Washington statue comparison.  I wonder if they put Baphomet on the front of the $1 bill if people would question it? 

In conclusion, I’ve covered one of three ways the PTB's are throwing sinister, satanic, sun symbolism at us through the logos used on autos.  Amazingly, two more methods will cover every auto logo known.  What are the odds of that?  It does not take a probability expert to realize that is more than coincidence.  You may say, “but it’s just simple geometry.  How much more simple can you get than two lines intersecting?”   But the point is that it makes the entirety of the logo, or they go out of the way to draw attention to it or accentuate it.  But hey, the truth is whatever you make of it.  I really don’t give a shit what you believe.  I’m just here to state the facts.  There is a ruling entity that has controlled man since the beginning of known civilization and they continue to control us today.  They are of extra terrestrial origin and have knowledge far beyond that of what we humans currently do.  They’re doing everything they can to take full control of our bodies, minds, spirits and emotions through constant bombardment of images of what they worship. You can worship whatever you want.  Or better yet, worship nothing.  Or better yet, worship yourself and do what it takes to keep you in positive spirits.  Do not let them put you in a state of fear.  Intend for love.  Leave the ego and materialistic satiation behind, and find peace and fulfillment from within.  Find it with your friends, family, and nature.  Turn off the tube and sit under a tree and listen to the birds chirp or the river as it breaks against rocks.  Or, turn on Lady Gaga music and go gaga (crazy).  I don’t care.


Please see Part 2:  Capstone With All Seeing Eye

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