Suffering for the past 14 years from exposure to some of the most deadly toxins on the planet, Joan Glover is suing a corporate giant for its reckless endangerment of the environment, which has caused multiple cancerous growths. Read her touching story and see how your appreciation of her astounding artistic talent can help her in this fight for life and justice.

by Joan Lehmann Glover
In 1998, I moved to Southern California, found an area of beautiful wilderness, and hiked there four to five times a week for the next three years. I would get up early, drive to the park, and hike for at least thirty minutes, before working out at the gym and heading to work.

Unknown to me, the entire area was contaminated with a cocktail of deadly substances that were the byproduct of an experimental project conducted by a large corporation engaged in energy and weapons research. The nature of this research had been covered up for decades, but was ongoing at the time, and it was directly upwind of this beautiful park.

By 2001, I started to experience light sensitivity and extremely bloodshot eyes. By 2002, skin cancers had appeared on my face and back. I had four of them biopsied, and they all tested positive Basal Cell Carcinoma. Shortly thereafter, one of the biopsied nodules on the side of my nose became a large scabbing sore that never healed.

In 2004, while visiting my family in Australia, I had two Basal Cell Carcinomas on my face surgically removed. However another nodule came up in close proximity within 12 months. Not wanting to undergo another bout of surgery, I searched the Internet for natural remedies and found one that looked promising. I was able to remove a number of these cancers with that product.

My right eye was affected the most, and I could feel tumors in the inside corner of my eye. By 2008, my right eye had almost entirely closed, and it was necessary to wear a patch because of the light sensitivity and a large scabbing sore eating away the inside corner of the flesh around my eye. A hair analysis in 2008 and another in 2011 showed that the level of the toxic substance in my system was almost 600% above normal.

My first natural remedy seemed to work well on the shallow skin cancers, but I also had some deeper tumors, and it was not effective on those. Fortunately, a friend suggested I try a black salve, called Two Feathers Healing Formula, that he had used to remove a large Basal Cell Carcinoma on the side of his face.

I applied this salve first on suspected BCC’s that had appeared on my chest. Very quickly, two tumors erupted from beneath the treated area and were expelled from my body, exactly as I was told would be the effect if the tumors were cancer. Naturally, I was reluctant to put this powerful-acting salve in the vicinity of my eye.

However, by 2011, the situation had progressed to the point where I was desperate to do something. Other remedies I had been trying around my eye did not work. Reluctantly, and with great caution, I applied the black salve on my nose and around my eye. The results were dramatic. Within three days, dead cancerous tumors erupted through the skin and, within a week, they dropped off, revealing a hole that gradually filled with almost normal-looking tissue within a few weeks.

To date, using this technique, I have removed, more than eighty lesions and small tumors from my shoulders, back, ribcage, chest, arms, and stomach. I have no doubt that many more are still lurking or being generated anew under the skin. In addition, I have removed, more than thirty-five tumors and lesions from my face, at least twenty of those around my right eye. Because the poison is still in my system, the tumors usually return within a few months. I probably will be fighting these the rest of my life. The toxic substance in my system is notorious for causing cancer and, as it often takes decades to manifest, I could be facing cancers of internal organs as well. These toxins are very difficult to remove from the body, and although I have done at least six detoxifying regimens, laboratory tests show that high levels of toxins still remain in my system.

My eyesight in my right eye is severely damaged, with blurred vision, double vision, weeping, constant irritation, and inflammation. My eyelids have become deformed by the tumors. This is especially troubling, as I am a commercially recognized artist, and my most recognized talent is an ability to paint wildlife in photographic detail. This is my greatest passion but, for this type of work, I need excellent sight in both eyes. My ability to create art (and the revenue that flows from that) has been severely compromised by this condition.

Hoping to find compensation for my injury and loss of income, I approached forty personal-injury attorneys over a period of eighteen months, but none were interested in taking my case. Since the statute of limitations was about to expire, I decided to file suit against the corporate giant myself, with the help of a friend who does paralegal work.

I have already spent over $4,000 preparing documents and acquiring records. The next round will be coming up shortly but, unfortunately, I am out of money. To help my case I need expensive medical tests and more legal documents. I am not asking for donations (although a few of those would be wonderful), but I am offering my art in hopes that those who are inclined to help will find a print or two that will catch their eye. You will find my prints displayed at the web site shown below. Prints are produced using the Giclee process, which is the best fine-art reproduction available. They are printed on either fine-art paper or quality canvas, depending on whether the original piece is an ink/watercolor (printed on paper) or oil (printed on canvas). Make sure you check all categories, as I have florals and landscapes, as well as figurative.

To help fund this legal battle, I am offering my prints to readers of this article at wholesale prices, which are one-third the gallery prices. Wholesale prices range from $40.00 to $220.00 depending on size and complexity (shipping within USA included). I am also offering, 8” x 10” photo prints of any of the art featured on my website, mounted on matte board and ready to frame, for just $25 each, including shipping within the USA. Many of these pieces are being offered for the first time and will only be printed when ordered, so please allow four weeks for delivery. A few original paintings also are available.

If you would like to view my art, go to the following website, designed for operators of galleries. The wholesale prices shown are your prices.

The website is

If you are interested in any of these options, including the 8” x 10” mounted prints for $25, please email me at

Thank you. Words cannot express how much I appreciate your help.

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Comment by Aldona on September 10, 2013 at 10:09am

Did Joan document any of these skin cancers with photos? I like her other artwork. nice.

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