In an unprecedented show of Lawful Rebellion, four parents have launched a website showing photographs and details of children who have been stolen.
By the STATE.
UK Stolen Children is the brainchild of two political refugees who have fled the UK to protect their unborn children, and two who have remained to continue the fight
from within the shores to regain custody of their own children. The idea
of the project, which is free to view and carries no subscription
requirements – so anybody can view it – is to alert prospective adoptive
parents and long-term carers to the fact that these children have been
unlawfully removed from their natural parents.
This, it is hoped by the site administrators, will result in making the Local Authorities think twice before attempting to advertise these children on adoption websites around the world. The chances are now that
these children will quickly become well-known by face – so it matters
not if their names are changed as often happens when adoptions are
finalised – and cause those prospectives to ask some very searching
questions as to the origins of the Local Authority’s “stock” of
“We are aware that this is not ‘legal’”, it says on the site, “but we signed no agreement (or legally binding ‘contract’) saying we wouldn’t post missing person’s bulletins which as decent Human Beings we
feel it is our humanitarian duty to do, and there is nothing in Common
Law (which trumps commercial Law every single time) that allows Forced
Which, it has to be said, in a Common Law jurisdiction such as the UK still technically is, is absolutely on the button.
“We would ask, nay even appeal, to parents who have lost their children to the Contract Care and Adoption industry, to send us photographs of their children, along with a few details such as when
they were taken, their approximate ages, which Local Authority took
them, and we will post those details on our website. It matters not how
long ago this happened; if, for instance, a mother lost her daughter two
decades ago, and she just happens to have a photograph of the child,
then it may jog memories among people the adoptees grew up with; the
chances are, we may not only start seeing the return of some of these
children to their rightful families before too much more damage is done,
but also one or two reunions.”
In a small nutshell, these children are removed by secret family courts, who operate to their own Napoleonic code, behind closed doors. They keep no records. They deny parents their basic rights to fair
hearings, trial-by-jury, they are denied help before, during and after
for any problems they /may/ have (hence failing miserably in their duty
of care to the families concerned), and as if that wasn’t enough, the
families (children included!) are /gagged/ – via a clause inserted into
the Children Act 1989 ostensibly to protect the identities of the
Something tells this commentator that section 97 of the Children Act 1989 does nothing of the sort – it serves to protect the identities Establishment child traffickers and paedophiles and their enablers
(among them solicitors, barristers, district judges, schoolteachers,
Local Authority managers and staff, CAFCASS, NSPCC, CORAM, “expert”
witnesses such as hired educational psychologists), and nobody else.

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