Little Known Facts about the Russian Ukraine War

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In the midst of the fog and fury of war events are sketchy, propaganda abounds, and who appears to be fighting the good fight is mired in lies. Such is the case of the Ukrainian fight for survival against the overwhelming numbers of the Russian war machine. This is not a purely military conflict in which civilians are being left alone as opposing troops fight each other. Even reporters have been fired upon and if not wounded or killed have been forced to seek shelter along with other Ukrainians trying to survive.

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A matter of will

For one thing, the Ukrainian army is composed of 15% women, fighting combatants, not just being nurses or non-fighting force personnel. The Ukrainian people are so fiercely dedicated and committed to their independence, I doubt Americans would be as tenacious with all we have seen the US public submit too even burning their own cities and attacking police. Yet, it seems the Ukrainians are unified in their cause and unwilling to cave in. When townspeople and villagers are interviewed by the press and asked about the fighting they make a shocking statement. They say that they are fighting the Russian soldiers and the Russians are attacking them not the crack home front Ukrainian army that has been exacting heavy casualties against the invaders.

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Confusion within the ranks

What was not anticipated from the beginning of the war was that Ukrainians would fight back so viciously. When captured Russian troops have been interrogated by their Ukrainian captors they say things like, “We did not even know we were invading. We were on our way home from Georgia when suddenly we were headed to Ukraine.” Others have repeated the same state of confusion saying, “Suddenly we got orders to go to the Ukraine border with no briefing or preparation for war,” while several Russian soldiers said famously, “We are coming after you, Putin!”

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Radio traffic tells all

These statements seem to be corroborated by radio transmission intercepts with messages like, “Where are the retreat routes? Where are the retreat routes?” These intra-unit transmissions are not even encrypted which has led several American generals to analyze the Russians as being much more amateurish than they had believed, but the true indicator of the deadly status quo is the breakdown of Russian discipline and command systems. In one case an order is being sent to a frontline artillery unit indicating a war crime in which a superior officer is saying, “hit the first residential section,” The artillery radio operator asks for a repeat of the order and the message is, “shell the entire neighborhood!”

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Damned if you do

Even more chilling is another intercepted message in which a unit officer is shouting, “Better to be a deserter than fertilizer!” Russian troops are surrounded and doomed with front line soldiers unable to retreat or they will be shot even though they are reporting they have no water, gasoline, or rations! This leaves some soldiers to confiscate from what few civilians who do have food. With most out of food and water and all utilities shut down such as gas, electricity, and water, there is little reason for citizens to remain unless they are too ill or disabled to leave.

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Chaos in leadership

Even more telling in this “David and Goliath” conflict are the deaths of Russian generals creating even more confusion in the command structure. In the Russian Army there are no non-commissioned officers like American troops, airmen, and US Marines who have sergeants to keep the orders and missions cohesive. In US Navy are Petty Officers, who serve the same function thus keeping key high level leadership from being needlessly expended, but not in the Russian military. Who seems disorganized and whose morale is in question. It appears either they had no idea they would be met with such ferocious resistance or they never knew they were going to invade until the very last moment.

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Analogy from the past

A parallel to World War II happened at Stalingrad where a superior and mechanized Nazi army ran into the fanatical resistance of the Russian troops who in the words of the German officers, “Fought like demons,” and threw back their Nazi invaders leading to a turning point in the war. The towns of Kiev, Kherson, a southern port city, and Mariupol, have all fought off the Russian army. Kherson, once captured, has now been liberated by the Ukrainian army and now denies any supply line to the Russian army from the south.

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Critical supply shortages

A major supply ship has been sunk by the Ukrainians with two others were are badly damaged. What does this mean to the Russian invasion? Now troops already facing a shortage of rations, water, and gas are going to be hit even harder! While the Ukraine air force successfully knocks out armored Russian vehicles on the forty mile long convoy, the Ukrainians now have more tanks than they started out with upon the commencement of hostilities as they now have captured and re-used Russian tanks using them against their invaders. Yes, it seems not only did Vladimir Putin underestimate just how tenaciously the Ukrainian people would fight back, but the Russian military has been exposed as a stumbling paper lion when up against a determined foe. Another reason for Ukraine’s success, if not a costly one, has been their familiarity with their own terrain, always gives the advantage of the home team in such a conflict.

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Who suffers most?

Now, it appears Russia will attempt to attack through a route from Georgia as every other attempt to flank the Ukrainian army has failed. This additional cost in fuel, manpower, and hardware will further tax the economy of Russia that is already feeling the extent of the questionable sanctions that were supposed to deter Putin from invading Ukraine, and according to “Sleepy Joe” will now cause Americans to suffer food shortages, gas shortages, among other aspects as a result of the sanctions being imposed upon the Communist threat to Eastern Europe. Much like the fake news we Americans endure here, the Russian people are not being informed over the dire situation created by their former KGB officer, president, Vladimir Putin.

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New Russian strategy?

It is now believed that due to heavy and sustained losses by the Russian army that a new prerogative of the Russian strategy will unfold, and that will be that they will take and hold only a portion of Ukraine rather than attempt to conquer and occupy the entire country. Does this really serve Russia? Is it a way of saving face? Is it a way of continuing to launch strikes on the rest of Ukraine for revenge and to further wreck their infrastructure? It appears the Russians, at this point, can’t even put together an effective “Scorched earth policy,” as they retreat from their initial objectives. Word is out that if Putin does call back his army that the Russians will not be able to afford the cost of fuel to return their tanks and trucks to their homeland, and they will simply be left there just as Biden ordered our forces in the botched Afghan withdrawal!

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Thinking out load

Just another example of how incompetent and criminally negligent the Biden White House, how is it that Americans must suffer over a war we are not directly involved in yet have already been forced to contribute to the tune of millions of dollars while we left 83 billion in US military hardware in Afghanistan. First, Biden refused to respond at all with simply mobilizing US forces in the region, he then began supporting Ukraine with millions of US dollars after Ukraine was getting hopelessly pounded, and when Ukraine had the opportunity to receive 70 MIG 29 fighters, the Biden clown act refused to support Poland’s effort to deliver the fighter to the Ukraine. Surely, America has ceased to remain as a Constitutional Republic with an idiot in the Oval Office they call, Joe Biden!

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Comment by Doc Vega on April 5, 2022 at 12:18pm

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Comment by steve on April 4, 2022 at 8:41pm

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Comment by Doc Vega on April 4, 2022 at 8:36pm

Cowardice just like in our federal government is now in effect when an obviously mentally compromised and disturbed individual is allowed to continually attack a long term member. I say to all of you. You are cowards or compromised followers too mesmerized to properly respond. Thanks ahead of time for your cowardice.

Comment by Doc Vega on April 4, 2022 at 8:33pm

When this site refuses to comment on or to resolve the attacks against a long term member calling him a liar and trashing the past volume of his contribution of informative articles then you know that 12160 had been deeply infiltrated! This is very sad!

Comment by Doc Vega on April 4, 2022 at 8:30pm

this is the illusion now that demonstrates how 12160 had evolved from being an objective conspiracy theory analysis site. Now it's all about an anti Jew anti Semitic site, now supporting Vladimir Putin no matter how many war crimes he commits,  even pro-Middle East terrorist scenarios that will lead to nuclear development of an arsenal as long as it's aimed at Israel! It would seem to me that enemies of the US have infiltrated 12160 rather than clear the fog of propaganda.

Comment by Doc Vega on April 4, 2022 at 8:23pm

Steve, your hostile attacks only reinforce the need for the prescription of such widely used psychotropic medication suck as Haldol or thiazine as intermediary treatments as temporary interdictions for your obvious hostile responses. Do those around you a favor and get help. I can only speculate. Go to your own provider. Do it today.  

Comment by steve on April 4, 2022 at 2:34pm

"matter of fact, I've forgotten more than most people on this site know" quote by my headshrinker dockedy doc

Well see there's YOUR/our problem  dockedy doc ,we on this site are your innerlectual inferiors small craniums and all. One thing I don't quite understand is "if you forgot how do you know "? and remember NO MATTER WHERE YOU'RE AT THERE YOU ARE.


Comment by steve on April 4, 2022 at 2:07pm

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Comment by Doc Vega on April 4, 2022 at 1:48pm

Less Prone, I have always revealed my sources such as books by Emmanuale Velikovsky Ages in Chaos or Worlds in Collision John A. Keel Operation Trojan Horse The Fifth Tower or Chuck Yeager's Biography, as a matter of fact, I've forgotten more than most people on this site know. As far as the ground situation I have described Chris Rock WBAP or Mark Levin WBAP former Inspector general for Reagan as well as Heritage Foundation Lawyer.  

Comment by Less Prone on April 4, 2022 at 5:01am

Doc, Didn't you know that minorities are valued more than the rest these days? Did you not notice it yourself? That you are maybe the sole supporter of the corrupt Ukrainian regime? Don't pretend you didn't. Now you list your sources here, but it is important to link the to your content to each blog. No-one has time to go and look for similar news from a dozen of sites you listed. Pick up the web address that you are going refer to and give us the link. It's that simple. The question about lying is easy to solve. Just show your  source and it can be checked, either the source is legitimate or not, or something in between. Now you have all shown as your opinion. Giving the source takes it further and liberates you from accusations of lying. And once again, we love minorities! You are special.

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