More Evidence of What we Haven’t Been Told (Sasquatch) Pt. 1

David Paulides, who has gained notoriety for his 411 Missing Book Series and the “Canam” project has released not only a new book on the crystallization of Sasquatch evidence, but it's based upon newspaper accounts from 1520 to 1923 collected from the western international world. From American settlers in the new world to Australians encountering the unknown as early as the 1870’s it seems we are sharing the planet with a hominid that is intelligent, extremely evasive, able to adapt to almost any terrain or hemisphere, and may even come in and out of our reality through portals. One might recall that David Paulides pursued this hypothesis as an explanation for all the uncanny disappearances where no trace of the person is found, no motive can be attributed for engineering their disappearance, no predator could be linked, and there appeared to be no criminal activity.

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Proof can’t be denied

Currently giving free classes on YouTube about his findings while also reading incredible accounts of newspaper stories from all over the country dating back to early colonial times, Paulides adds his expert analysis of details being a former policeman and investigator. The compelling proof of an intelligent species co-existing with us on this planet, but being denied by the governments is irrefutable. Paulides also comments on the prevailing and deceptive misinformation that Sasquatch is some kind of ape, gorilla, or surviving Gigantopethicus, a giant extinct gorilla from the Asian jungles who supposedly migrated across the Aleutians island chain, as being intended deception by authorities. His contention that we have been lied to by the sensational TV shows trying to frighten people with monster stories, or mislead the public on the origin of the upright walking species.

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Cover me!

Paulides even has a whole new take on the Patterson Gimlin Film showing “Patty” the female Bigfoot walking on the shores of Bluff Creek, California wilderness. Paulides asked himself why hadn’t anybody gone to Roger Patterson’s wife to find out about anything regarding the controversial film. Bob Gimlin had said that at one point he was afraid his wife would divorce him if she found out that the film was a hoax. When Patterson went running after “Patty” with his 16 millimeter camera shooting footage he told Bob, “Cover me!” In other words he wanted his buddy ready with a rifle if it looked like the Bigfoot might attack. Gimlin grabbed his rifle from his saddle bag on his horse and aimed.

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Why not ask the Misses?

David drove up to Washington State and knocked on Mrs. Patterson’s door and found the widow of Patterson to be very friendly and helpful. She invited David into her house and they chatted all day long. She said that in all the years after the filming that Roger never changed his story and believed on his death bed that he had made a great discovery. Paulides then asked Mrs. Patterson if he could have some frames of the original film digitally photographed for better detail, and she agreed as long as she could go to the print shop with him. It took hours for the digital scan to create an enhanced image, but she waited patiently along with David. Paulides was very grateful to her for being so gracious and kind.

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It had a pony tail?

An incredible finding popped up on the film frames once the digitized individual photos were studied. Instead of the conical shaped skull that had made many a researcher declare that the Bluff Creek Bigfoot was a gorilla or ape, something magical appeared! A shot showing “Patty” from the rear walking away reveals that the supposed crown atop the creature’s head was not a gorilla like skull but it was a crop of hair with a tied pony tail that ran the length of the neck and down the back. A female Bigfoot wearing a pony tail? What does that indicate? It says that the Sasquatch is not some dumb monster or wild animal, but an intelligent species that has mastered the wild and prefers to remain hidden from modern man.

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Untrackable, a sign of intelligence

Paulides notes that in almost every newspaper account included in his book the term “Wild Man” or “Hairy Man” is used, not monkey, ape, or gorilla. All accounts were that the Sasquatch in these news stories was a humanoid with long hair covering its body, human-like eyes, a facial expression that was more man-like than animal though they were muscular, hairy, and instilled fear in all who witnessed them, yet when hunted down by farmers and townspeople armed with weapons they could not catch the mysterious hominid! It was too fast for them. Another commonality it that Bigfoot love swamps as it is here they can disappear easily from hunters and the curious.

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Where the supernatural and geography meet

As far as the “Cluster Zones” of disappearances are concerned, Paulides keeps this content separate from reported Bigfoot sighting locations as he does not feel that it is Sasquatch taking people away never to be seen again. He believes that dimensional passage ways open up and allow one to move from one dimension to another. The American Indians also believe that these exist and stay away from them whenever they are encountered. This all becomes a very complex puzzle when Paulides even has UFO sighting locations that coincide with not only the 411 Disappearances book series, but as well Sasquatch activity and encounters. Are the mapped sightings of all these events overlapping? Yes.

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They know more than they are telling us

Both David Paulides and Steve Isdahl whose “How to Hunt” YouTube channel concur that Bigfoot apparently enters and leaves our dimension based on their own capability and is often the reason why they escape when pursued. The fact that they are ever seen is purely accidental as Steve, a career hunting and fishing guide in Canada, believes that they are often sighted just entering our dimension and if arriving for the first time, may not be exercising their stealthy capability out of their temporary confusion. Just like any other animal or intelligent being they have been seen with offspring they will become aggressive if humans are unexpectedly near. This is an enduring mystery that is slowly being unraveled, but both Stave Isdahl and David Paulides believe the government knows much more than they are disclosing. Recently, the state of Ohio’s environmental natural resource agency acknowledges Bigfoot because of the numerous and persistent witness accounts being reported there.

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Like a dolphin saving a drowning sailor?

It is curious to note that in some cases Sasquatch terrifies people without hurting them, yet they have also been described as having telepathic capability to communicate with humans, sometimes actually warning people of danger. Interestingly some Native American tribes have considered Sasquatch as cannibals, competitors to co-exist with, and even abductors of their women and children. Still other tribes look upon them as protectors of the forest having spiritual powers.

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