Never Forget Benghazi and Why Democrats Should Never Be in Charge!

Why Benghazi Should Never be Forgotten

in 2011 prior to the 2012 Presidential election a situation was fast arising in Libya that would lead to a massacre that could have been avoided had our Secretary of State, then Hillary Clinton, paid attention to the events going on at the US Consulate there. Some have tried to make excuses as they all always do for the Clintons that the Secretary had no time to be bothered by one of numerous US Embassies around the world, but that's not the case as the Obama White House had engineered a coup and topple the government even allowing US forces to come under the command of foreign government (France) as the rebellion the US backed progressed. This was part of the botched "Arab Spring" that President Obama had so proudly proclaimed for the Middle East.

The cover up

Under orders from the administration Ambassador Stevens was acting as a regional arms dealer for the Obama White House secretly working with a Turkish operative to traffic weapons across their country to aid the Syrian rebels. Just another gun walking program like Fast and Furious, only from across the ocean. When Libyan Jihadists began testing the poor perimeter defense of the US Consulate compound Ambassador Stevens made repeated pleas to Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, for reinforcements which she ignored for weeks even though there had been an explosion in the parking lot and another that had breached the outer wall leaving a huge hole in the already poorly defended facility.


On the date of 9/11/2012 an assault began that would lead to death and destruction that could have been prevented and at the very least could have been rescued and the American Diplomatic staff saved from murder. Yet, this was the last thing on the minds of the Obama Administration. By 3 or 4 o'clock DC time Obama had been briefed by CIA Director Leon Panetta on the situation, but the President had other plans. He later supposedly turned in and then disappeared for hours as a desperate battle raged on US Diplomatic soil in Benghazi! Obama had a big day coming up, a celebrity fund raiser for the Democrats in las Vegas! Apparently this took priority over the lives of US personnel under attack in Libya!


The very security team that was responsible for the grounds at the Benghazi US Consulate was the product of a contract Hillary Clinton had awarded to Al Qaida as was the case with several US facilities in Libya. That the compound was under high alert due to the government overthrow that had taken place in Libya backed by the US should have been a priority of Hillary Clinton's to keep well guarded, but it wasn't. When the attack occurred Al Muslim terrorists were let in through the gates of the compound as the battle began by the security guards who then fled.

Stabbed in the back

In the midst of the fighting Ambassador Stevens was supposed to have been transited to a secret safehouse location, but apparently this had been leaked to the enemy and our Ambassador was betrayed! He would later be dragged through the streets of Benghazi, tortured, raped, kicked, and then delivered to a hospital dead! This was witnessed by foreign correspondents who contradicted the US media's intentional lies claiming that the good people of Libya had attempted to save Christopher Steven's life by taking him to a hospital, but he had sadly been overcome with smoke inhalation! With the exception of Fox and conservative talk radio the US media was all in for the Obama White House.

Near yet so far

With the CIA Annex just blocks away. A US military airlift operation in Tripoli, AFRICOM within an hour of the conflict, Sigonella Naval Air Station capable of delivering air support from Italy, and US Army helicopter crews maintaining real time surveillance of the attack, the only response by the Obama White House was to order a stand down! Angry pilots on the flight line at Sigonella impatiently awaited launch orders that never came! General Carter Ham of AFRICOM despite stand down orders ignored them and began to mobilize his command for a rescue operation until a junior officer used his side arm to arrest his senior officer! General Ham would later be forced to resign days later.

Helpless and abandoned

Instead of placing himself in the Situation Room in the White House President Obama was conspicuously absent. Hillary Clinton went home, had a drink, and conferred with Sydney Blumenthal, who had been banned from being part of the State Department then e-mailed the Saudi Ambassador that the Benghazi US Consulate was under terrorist assault! The beleaguered defenders of the compound were on their own as mortar rounds landed, the main building was ablaze, and scattered US personnel took cover. Three of the Ambassador's body guards, all Green Beret or Special forces fought valiantly hopelessly outnumbered. All three perished after inflicting heavy casualties upon the enemy.

Taking up arms

The only response came in the way of five US Contractors working for the CIA at the Annex a few blocks away. All former Special Forces they ignored the stand down orders of the acting CIA supervisor on duty and sprinted down the street to the stricken US Consulate, took up positions, and began an arduous defense against Muslim riflemen who were pouring into the smoking, war torn, premises. For hours they took on the enemy causing huge losses with their night vision optics and heavy caliber automatic rifles. One of them was killed by mortar fire during that long exhausting fight that raged all night long.

In the aftermath

When dawn came a long awaited but too little too late effort by a UN convoy came to relieve the US mercenaries and embattled US personnel who had managed to survive the heavily armed siege. The mercenaries were convinced that due to the systematic grid work bombardment of the consulate by enemy mortar crew that they had mapped out and surveyed the grounds weeks before the well planned assault. In the days that followed the FBI claimed that they were unable to get access to the Benghazi compound to retrieve classified US documents that were blowing all over the grounds and being picked up by locals, news personnel of other countries, and Al Qaida fighters.

The deception that followed

With a DIA intelligence report sitting on his desk the next day that proved the attack had been a well planned and heavily supplied assault with the aid of leaked logistics on the US consulate grounds, President Obama chose to lie to the American people! He and Hillary appeared on Arab TV buying time on the network to the tune of 70 thousand US tax dollars and apologized to the Muslim masses saying the White House did not condone a little known obscure movie made by an Egyptian producer in California that was a Christian comedy involving Islam. as for the deadly attack itself that was blamed on a protest that had gotten violent and out of control. Days later the Egyptian film maker was arrested Gestapo style by the LA PD in the middle of the night and held without charges for weeks.


As for the survivors of Benghazi, wounded Diplomatic personnel who were evacuated from the site of the carnage were held incommunicado with a gag order that prohibited them from testifying about their ordeal to the public! Americans who were recovering from gun shot wounds, burns, and smoke inhalation under threat of prosecution were kept isolated from the public as they were medically treated! It is obvious why all the secrecy was imposed upon the incident and all involved were treated like potential detainees as President Obama and his State Department were allowing a supposed attack to simply obliterate all potential witnesses that could have testified against the parties responsible!

The truth comes out

Retired Admiral Lyons provided even more insight into the disaster. He revealed that a scheme had been concocted by the administration to fake a hostage situation with our Ambassador that would be heroically negotiated by President Obama for his release and would be the proposed "October Surprise" that would inspire a great voter response and ensure that voter response would put the President over the top to defeat candidate Mitt Romney whom the administration feared had been gaining in the polls. Unfortunately, according to the Navy Admiral's intelligence sources the three heroic body guards had not been informed of the plan and were inflicting such heavy casualties upon the insurgents that they angrily jettisoned the original plot and sought vengeance for losing so many of their comrades! Ambassador Stevens paid with his life as did many other Americans for Obama and Hillary's treachery!

Still the lies continued

If not for Whistle Blowers like Gregory Hicks who testified in front of Congress or the foreign reporters there at the time, the truth might not have been revealed. Susan Rice was given her marching orders in the days that followed Benghazi making her rounds to all the welcoming network talk shows to repeat the lies of President Obama and Hillary Clinton and the legacy of the Arab Spring further embedded itself in the death and destruction of the Muslim Brotherhood who would acquire Libya by default and transform the country into a terrorist training sanctuary. ISIS would soon begin to gain momentum as the Obama Administration did all it could to minimize US military efforts to stop the spread of terrorist establishment through out North Africa and the Middle East. In all, 20 Americans Diplomatic compounds from North Africa to the Middle East were burned to the ground hours within the Benghazi attack without one act of US retaliation!

Insult to injury

With the re-election of President Obama in 2012 when ironically he thought he would lose to Romney this sealed the fate of any potential investigation over Benghazi by the DOJ, FBI, or military intelligence for any objective probe. When the families of the heroic soldiers who had given their lives during the attack came to retrieve the remains of their loved ones they came looking for some kind of solace by the administration, but were shocked by the virtual rebuff of Barack Obama and Michelle. Hillary added to the cold shoulder treatment saying they would catch those responsible for the film that had enraged the Muslims! One might recall that Hillary had been so apologetic to the Islamic presence in Benghazi that she had called for the security personnel not to wear their uniforms so as not to offend the locals.

More flawed rationale

Of course, one might ask, so what if the Muslims had actually seen the obscure comedy film made by a Christian Egyptian producer? Did that justify a deadly attack against a US Consulate in Benghazi? Of course not! Yet, this was the flawed mindset of the Obama White House and it's insidious treachery that was used to somehow implement President Obama's vision of an Arab Spring which failed in every context costing millions in US military hardware and lives abroad who had counted on back up once they were in harm's way. Instead they were met by cowardly denial and a refusal to carry out the White House's responsibility to Americans operating in hostile territory under assurance that they would be rescued when things got dicey. American citizens were poorly informed and intentionally misled on the string of tragic events that should have led to charges of treason and impeachment.

These events should demonstrate to anyone with a brain to reason that the Democrats should never be in charge of the White House again!

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Comment by Doc Vega on October 17, 2018 at 4:00pm

Thanks cheeki kea!

Comment by Doc Vega on October 17, 2018 at 4:00pm

Thanks Razputin!

Comment by Doc Vega on October 14, 2018 at 8:40pm

Diana Yes I can see your point of course these bastards are psychopaths no doubt about it! 

Comment by Diana on October 14, 2018 at 8:17pm

Don't think it would have happened if Obama hadn't invaded Libya illegally and had Gaddafi brutally murdered.  Things like that tend to raise tensions.  Of course, HRC ignoring 60 or so requests for more protection (Oh that's right, she didn't know about any requests) and Obama not sending help during the attack didn't help (But he did have that big campaign rally).  Only two possibilities I can see:  BO and HRC are psychopaths or they are totally incompetent.  

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