NWO story (who's interested in this?)


You have a legal problem? Good luck with that.

Oh, it's all admin these days. The delay, dilute or defeat strategy will kill you sooner or later.

There are no more remedies, kid. In law, you idiot.

There is only enforcement. That makes most lawyers glorified tax-collectors.

Yeah, technically the laws are still on the books... But even knowing about them will get you on more shit-lists than you want to know about.

Sure, you can fight. You're likely to end up very dead in back alley, and written up as a suicide by shooting yourself in the back a few times, thou.

It's a couple hundred to get you killed and a few million to fight this. You figure it out.

It'll take you 15 years and several million even if some people do want you around.

Or they might just decide to screw around with you. The Alberta method is to change the prosecutor and 'appointed' judge till the right people are in place and the right decision look likely, even if a few of them have to die first.

Oddly enough, old age gets a lot of these judge guys. Retirement, too. Not always, thou. The paper can get shuffled in more ways than three-card Monty, kid. Re-trial. Mistrial. Move the case, the court, lose things. Get the laws changed.

Assume you win. Not likely, but assume that. Then you have to get the judgment enforced, and that's even harder than getting a decision.

Good luck. Banks ignore you, their checks, if ever issued, bounce, our law isn't applicable wherever the bank is and they simply ignore you and any orders to perform.

All this makes saving a tree very hard. It could die of old age before you get anything done. So could you, bleeding all the way.

The big nine. “We're going to make an example out of you.” Fear it.

And if you do fall under admin law instead of criminal or civil, it's even worse. You could win and get your home awarded to someone as the settlement. There are no rules of evidence in admin law, no witnesses, no appeal and it's done in secret.

Corporate boards oversee everything the admin people do, too.

It's even legal to do it that way.

Your lawyer... Your average social-bee tech, not a gun-slinger, will be under LOTS of pressure to dump you and everything connected to you the whole time.

There's always a life to destroy somewhere. People stop talking to him. Investigations. Disbarred. Income tax. Evidence of being a child-molesting, drug-dealing, porno-star terrorist in their spare time will be found. 16 different cases started against them, all over the world, demanding they appear and all the same day.

Someone will make whatever they gave you illegal and lock you up for it; some evidence, say. That's on a slow day, when you're not worth more effort than a memo.

Helping you out could cost them everything.

Welcome to Fink-world. Want to get on a 24/7 watch list and your mom dragged off for growing flowers? Go ahead and make a pest of yourself.

Hey, the news only gets worse. Don't ever come up with something someone wants. Even ordinary people get real nasty about money.

You're a winner? It's all leeches and piranha in a shark pool out there, with lots of people trying to cut themselves in line for a taste of the bloody grease any way they can get it.

Officials can get preemptive about things, too. You can live here and discover you got convinced in California for something you've never heard of, and that's before you even hit 15 yrs old.

Big brother with hunch-back AIs, AIs that snoop and weed a a lot. With lots of help from Twisted-sister news, Big Momma S'mother and little bro Mafia.

Welcome to the family, kid. The web-world 3.0 family.

Don't make waves. Don't wave at anyone, in fact. You're worth a lot more as a tip to BB enforcers than you are as a friend, and people get a percentage for convictions.

Don't even get me started on flu-shots, that's a whole different thing. That's life as an experimental animal, a lab-rat. You'd be very surprised to learn what the med-people can do, and what's illegal for you to skip, thou.

And if they want it, your priest will nag you too.

So. Listen up. It's not what you know, it's who, big time. And introductions cost. So do fixes.

Filing paper with anybody about this means your problem is news; news that gets sanitized, sterilized and slanted real fast. Any evidence you know of disappears before you can get to it again, the powers that be being above the law parts, one and three.

And that service is for sale too. The delay, dilute or defeat strategy will kill you sooner or later.
So what do ya wanna do, kid? Decide soon.

Oh, when you leave here, you'll meet three different people.

Burn one. One dude will be a pathological lair from the street-gangs and he'll say anything you want to hear, as long as you part with cash. Actual performance may vary.

One will be a professional fink. He's a long burn.

The third will be the terrorist-group of your choice, maybe even the ones concerned with your problem. They're a lot like loan-sharks these days.

Your only choice is who you want to be a slave for. The corps will work you to death in prison, as a lab-rat maybe.

The gangs recruit out of the hostels, salvation army and poor-house. They sell people to the farms outside town when welfare runs out.

The terrorists are your third option. You'll probably get a lifetime of doing their dirty work for them out of it.

I have no idea which one is which. Neither will you.

Lemme know, eh? My door is always open.

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Comment by Amaterasu Solar on April 12, 2013 at 2:35pm

So...  How fast can We spread a solution?

Analysis: http://12160.info/profiles/blogs/the-end-of-entropy-a-look-at-our-e...
PLAN: http://12160.info/profiles/blogs/t-a-p-you-re-it
Governance: http://12160.info/profiles/blogs/stigmergic-governance-via-the-web

Do You think there is no hope?  Read these all, if You have not.

Comment by pat donovan on April 12, 2013 at 9:39am

this is an extrapolation of the shock-doctrine last post.. after a series of shocks desgned to take over the world, what comes up?

Oh, this IS the actual situation in canada at the moment... and the (monsato) patronage games are even worse than you would believe.

"Destroying the New World Order"



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