Caveat lector! The variable physicality of 'UFOs' 

If UFOs have a hyperdimensional nature, it's not at all surprising for UFO videos, even the good ones, to look as if they are poorly made fakes. 

"Don't go to Albuquerque!" 

A 'hyperdimensional' nature to UFOs could also, plausibly, lead to various unexpected and often unfortunate consequences! 

From Cassiopaea communications dated November 4, 1995:
A: OK, time for us to teach patience. We are going to illuminate you! Why do you suppose there are roads around Dulce NM where people have become confused when traveling on them? Because the 4th density vibrational frequency emanating from the nearby base more and more frequently resonates on surface. 
Q: (L) OK, continue. 
A: Then going to 4th density: road seems straight as seen in 4th density, when curved in 3rd. 
Q: (J) It seems straight when seen in 4th, but it's actually curved in 3rd? (SV) In other words, accidents! (J) It changes configuration from 3rd to 4th! (T) When people drive those roads out there, as the fourth density seeps out through, and is seeping out farther and farther, they become confused because they're moving between 3rd and 4th. As the road curves in 3rd, and the car, which is in 3rd, should be curving with the road, the driver sees the road as straight, and drives off the road, because he's confused by what he sees. 
A: Exactly. 
Q: (J) It's all about perception! (T) Now, we're back to perception of reality! 
A: In 4th, you see full circle from any vantage point. 
Q: (L) We talked about that before. (T) So the road looks straight, because you're seeing it from all angles, therefore, instead of it being curved on one, you're seeing it every way, so the road is now straight. But, it's not really straight in 3rd, and you drive off the road. (L) OK, continue on with what you were saying... 
A: The entire New Mexico region is on verge of moving to 4th density permanently! 
Q: (L) OK... 
A: Because of the bases. 
Q: (L) So, in other words, the rumors of the bases being moved, being filtered down from other densities, through some of the distorted channels, is in essence, somewhat correct... (J) Because they need to have the base in third density! (L) Only, they're not moving them to Paris, Washington or Buenos Aires, they're moving to 4th density. 
A: Close but the bases are already there, pity the host regions. Why do you think there is so much activity seen there! 
Q: (L) Does this mean that when that whole region goes to 4th density, that it's going to, for all intents and purposes, disappear from 3rd? 
A: No. 
Q: (T) OK, answer your earlier question, then. Why is there so much UFO activity there? Tell me. 
A: Bleed through. 
Q: (L) So they're flying around in 4th density... (T)...and they're showing up here in 3rd because... 
A: Wait 'til shift is complete. 
Q: (L) Do you mean the shift of New Mexico? Or the total shift? (T) I think they're making the sarcastic statement: "Wait till shift is complete... We ain't seen nuthin yet!!" We're just beginning to. 
A: Yes.
UFO phenomena disguised as weather 

But, wait, that's not all! When it comes to UFOs disguised as weather, there are probably many possible examples, but here are two that may have something to do with it. [Feel free to offer your own examples in the comment section]. 

Strange Sky Phenomenon: A Weird Smoke Ring Above Lake Zurich Baffle...
Something really weird happened over Lake Zurich in Switzerland yesterday evening, June 18, 2013: Residents around the lake spotted a weird ring of smoke rising and widening above them.
The mystery of the highway in the sky: Sunbeams, clouds and strange...
An unusual astronomical phenomena above the sky in Boao Town of Qionghai City, Hainan Province in South China. Few people knew what had caused the unusual astronomical phenomenon 

Mark Selzer, forecaster at the Met Office, told MailOnline: 'It's hard to be completely sure from a picture, but it's likely this [sight] is due to a phenomenon known as crepuscular rays - or sunbeams - being cast from over the horizon.
© Xinhua
Meteorites and UFOs connection 

Another interesting example is meteorites that refuse to follow the expected trajectory.

The Mystery Behind the Green Fireball Phenomenon
The green fireball phenomenon came to prevalence in the late 1940s, and no one in the scientific world knew what to make of it. The fireballs would shoot through the atmosphere, usually in the vicinity of highly classified nuclear facilities like Los Alamos or the Sandia National Laboratory, where atomic bombs were assembled. At the time, these were some of the most sensitive and top-secret locations in the United States. 

Around a dozen green fireballs were reportedly spotted on one occasion, all of them in the airspace of New Mexico, home of both Los Alamos and Sandia. The fireballs were at first mistaken for green flares, but their large size and brilliance soon showed such speculation to be false. 

Attempts to explain away green fireballs as meteors didn't fit the facts. For one, green fireballs generally flew on a more horizontal course, while meteors invariably plunged down into the Earth's atmosphere. In some of the later cases it's said that the green fireballs began to fall along vertical trajectories before disappearing.
With the increase of fireballs all around the world, I have to wonder if we may soon observe such "deviations off course" on a daily basis. 

Spirit attachments/possessions - Laura Knight-Jadczyk's Knowledge and Being lectures 

It's quite understandable if the above information, albeit fascinating and compelling, may still appear as too unverified and hypothetical. After all, if you never saw a UFO, were never abducted (or so you think!) or even saw a ghost, you could be forgiven for thinking that all such stories are merely the product of wild imaginations or, at the very least, that they have nothing to do with you. To each density its own and 'never the twain shall meet', so to say. If this is the case, I recommend that you watch the following series of videos by Laura Knight-Jadczyk, where she speaks about the history of the modern spiritual movement and the pitfalls and traps awaiting any would-be "channeler". Laura also provides a look at the events that led to the beginnings of the "Cassiopaean experiment." She also provides good examples of UFO phenomenon being interlinked with the paranormal. 

In the following parts, Laura explains the potential pit-falls awaiting anyone who attempts to use a 'Ouija board' for the purpose of 'spirit release' without the necessary knowledge and understanding of what exactly they are dealing with. She gives pretty fascinating and important descriptions of what is beyond the veil and how it touches each and every one of us, whether we 'believe' or not. 

Regardless of your opinion on the paranormal, and even if it is merely a function of the human mind running amok, it's pretty clear that we are dealing with an extremely intricate and complex phenomenon, particularly when UFOs continue to appear on radars and home video cameras, which is to say, they don't seem to need you, or anyone else, to 'believe' in them for them to have a definite reality in our world. The point here is that, if the UFO phenomenon is 'hyperdimensional' in nature, with "aliens" being "ultraterrestrial" rather than "extraterrestrial", they may not be directly observable in the way we expect them to be. Perhaps the way we perceive them is as the shadows of the contents of a hyperdimensional reality and principles, a bit like the spectators in Plato's cave analogy. And judging by what is happening in the world around us at the moment, we can certainly identify similar dynamics at play as described by Michael Topper:
The network of the STS (service to self) hierarchy extends in myriad psychic webs of specialized powers, forces and functions like a voracious Net flung across the heaven of stars, the sum energy comprising the group consciousness of that net redounds to the basic benefit of the Being at the apex of the control pyramid. This apex is composed of the most persistently negative being - the one who has stuck it out against all evidence of progressively-diminishing returns. This being can be described as the Desolate One, a being who most directly embodies and promotes the ultimate negative objective. 

At the higher levels, the absorptive framework of self-enhanced ego consciousness takes on a severe functional contraction and effective withdrawal from interest/involvement in the created fields of being, maintaining a minimalist interaction with only its closest contacts in the pyramid. 

Thus, the negative being of higher densities takes on the configuration of a forebodingly lonely presence, lurking in caves and desolate grottos of the astrophysical realms. It becomes a fiercely mental entity of 5th density power-knowledge, possessing the proverbial basilisk gaze and only turning the stream of its attention "away" from that intensified/contractile self absorption toward the created worlds in token deference of the need to canalize the funneling food source - sucking vitality from the extravagances and pastimes comprising the follies of the created worlds, imbibing the "light units" to insure the uninterrupted power that it needs, the inconceivable "wattage" required, to maintain that monumental self-absorption and narcissistic self-luminance of the negative Ego-postulate - the Anti-Logos, the Selfness of Consciousness. 

So it is that the Anti-Logos cannot simply withdraw from the worlds of creation - it must absorb them into itself - it feels the necessity of undoing creation - it NEEDS that energy to fuel its infinite self-contemplation. 

This is the Ultimate Objective of the Being at the apex of the pyramidal food chain. And this is why its agenda is masked in the lower levels of the hierarchy. Until such lower level negative beings have consumed sufficient energy - a sort of critical mass - to trigger the implosion of such extraordinary self concentration, they are only interested in destroying that which resists their domination and preserving a vital minimum of captured resources so as to possess an ongoing supply of nutriment. They wish to control, or freeze the rate of planetary destruction and disintegration so as to technically conserve the intelligent life-form in a tractable state so as to render it a good "servant."
As a final word I would like to quote from an old SOTT commentary, as a reminder that, no matter the nature of the Beast, there is always a choice. If there is a will, there is a way. And if one is sincere and has fellow companions with whom to share the path of discovery, there is always hope and enough strength can be found to move mountains, even mountains comprised mostly of blind belief in authority and official misinformation.

Archangel Michael, battle with a dragon. Minsk, Belarus.
Were we pure and without any trace of the predator, we would not be here. We would no longer fit. Our lessons in this realm would be over. However, even if we are not yet pure, the demon can be defeated in an exorcism and the predator's mind can be overcome in this work, but we must become transparent, to ourselves, and to others engaged in this work. 

With each choice we make we must draw the line between Creation and Entropy and side with Creation. If our intent is pure, then the impurities within that have not yet been burned away will not hold us back. However our intentions will be tested as we are called upon to confront them each in turn. If we refuse to recognise our weaknesses and faults when the time comes to burn them off, we will remain "possessed". 

An exorcism puts the predator's mind and the existence of the cords of evil in this world into sharp relief. The Signs page does this, too. How we react to the lies of the politicians "leading" us, to the excuses given for murdering innocents in Iraq, the Occupied Territories, or elsewhere, or even the news of a sale down at the mall tells us much about our own possession by the evil spirits of this world. Following the cords of the Creative spirit as they twist and intertwine with the cords of entropy is not easy, but it is our only means of untangling ourselves. The constant shocks as we become aware of each new lie make the interplay of the cords easier and easier to see and identify. With each shock and the accompanying alignment of a small 'I' with our real 'I', it is as if another pair of eyes is focused on the Truth, bringing it into sharper and sharper relief. 

We are all possessed. We carry within us and are bound tightly by cords of both spirits, good and evil, the Creative and the Entropic. During the exorcism, there is a moment when the demon drops the pretence of its non-existence. It is a moment when the will of the possessed comes into play. The exorcist calls out to the possessed and calls upon him or her to aid in the work of casting out the demon. 

When the predator's mind arises in us, we are called upon to make the same choice. Do we succumb to the lures of possession and the lie, promises for the future and wishful thinking, or do we see the predator's mind for what it is and cast it out? 

Ultimately, the choice is ours.