By Anna Von Reitz

Paul, I am working remote, attending Kurt's Seminar, and correcting IRS Operations this week--- please help me keep up by posting this on my Facebook wall as well as on the website? 
Lord knows I have tried to explain this many, many times --to a point where  I am tearing my hair out. So here it is again and as plainly stated as I can make it for people: 
We are living under a military Protectorate. 
We have been living under these conditions since 1863. 
They have been waiting for us to wake up and finish the Reconstruction of the Federal States of States. 
And confiscating civilian property in the meanwhile to pay their bills. 
They have done this by misidentifying us as "Persons" who are not owed the guarantees of the Constitutions and as "Enemy Combatants". 
This then allows the military to prey upon us at will under "the Law of Necessity". 
Conveniently, the only ones empowered to actually determine our political status are military tribunals, which are allowed to use their "discretion" in these matters. 
So, it's time for the people of this country to get organized and bear down on the Pope and the Queen and the Commander in Chief to get this Mess straightened out and to get the proper identifications made and our proper IDs as Third Parties owed the Geneva Conventions issued by DOD.
Their present assumption -- that we are all either Fourteenth Amendment "citizens of the United States" amounts to a claim that our country and government no longer exists and that we are all Negro Plantation slaves and public property-- or "Enemy Combatants" in commercial mercenary wars that are over a century old --cannot be allowed to stand. 
We rebut the Enemy Combatant claim by taking our exemption under Title 50 Section 7 (c) and (e). 
And we rebut the enslaved Negro Fourteenth Amendment "Citizen" claim as we see fit.  The so-called "Amendment" is in fact a corporate By Law adopted by a Scottish Commercial Corporation merely doing business as "The United States of America, Inc" (1868 charter) and that corporation has been defunct since 1907 -- so the most appropriate response is to to say, "What are you idiots even talking about? What "Fourteenth Amendment? Whose "Fourteenth Amendment"? That corporation was a foreign fraud and has been defunct since 1907."
All this crappola has to end. Mr. Trump and the Secretary of Defense are responsible for making sure that it does end. Now. 

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Comment by James Roberts on July 21, 2019 at 8:10pm

Deja vu all over again.

"All power comes out of the end of a gun" - Mao Tse Tung

Only way they maintain power, and also the only way to fix things.

"Destroying the New World Order"


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