Welcome to regulatory capture, the age of the corporation.
Call it the new world order, the council of 50, (The saucer invasion) or whatever... I don't really care.

I look around me and see the old age boom turning into the the security boom.. or insecurity boom, really.

Health care. Pensions. Immigrants. Terrorists. Unemployment. Flying saucers. Impotence. Pollution. Climate change.

The list of things designed to scare you into being a complaint zombie and finkworld activist is endless. ( we have posters here in town saying 'if it's weird, report it!” I suspect the ex-police-staters moving into town of loving it.)

The list is almost as long as the the number of people in US prison factories.

I watched bush throw china the most-favored-nation status and 500 textile factories bite the dust over the next few years.

(Right after china turned into the BIGGEST organized crime nation ever seen. Ship freighter loads of stolen cars leaving Vancouver every week. Wheelchairs rule, eh?)

I watched the credit boom trash the housing market and make CHINA the biggest holder of dubious securities. (along with Japan and Canada), while China bought and dismantled whatever US industry hadn't moved to Mexico with the cash.

This was NOT an attempt top remake the world by industrializing china; Russia has recently demonstrated that authoritarian regimes aren't good at anything except ghettos.

China is already getting aced out by vietnam and, oddly enough, India, Africa and the middle east. In certain areas.

It's an attempt at kleptocrats to try rule by corporation.

Starting with de-populating the US (by brain-drain, as far as I can see. Or old age boom.)

Canada has set up enough new rules and regs to make reg+dereg of official monopolies the only industry that'll survive here.

Copyright, ACTA, natural foods and other activities criminalize the populace AND make ANY seizure of ANYTHING legal.

The recession will last until the pension plans are broken. That means a few national schemes as well; after the private plans bite the dust.

Breaking up pensions is hard to do? Not really. That's USUALLY done with a brisk decade of hyperinflation, but I have lived almost a full life under insanely weird economic conditions. Build-to-rent died, so did any building thing except condos. (and office towers)

$500 million investments went dodo when you could buy 6 factories for the same price by buying up stocks instead.
(Something was supposed to break. Labor, land, capital costs... nothing ever did.)

An oil embargo made the Saudis the official owners of everything not nailed down. (The whole US stock market, IE. Every share, with 6 months earnings, for instance)

80% of Canada's national dept was, at one time, in 90 day bills. (Instant disaster. It got better.)

The US staggers on when every stat says it should've died YEARS ago. (Man, they gotta have some REAL impressive saucer tech stashed somewhere; and use that to extort the other nations into compliance. NOTHING else makes any sense to me.)

ALL of this adds up to a a Monsanto style takeover to me.

Food, water, rent, education, health, clothing...
entertainment.. all locked into corp standards. (flags)

News and weather brought to you by the people who denied 'smoking causes cancer' for 50 years.

with YOU on the bottom.

Enjoy. The rise of passionate cultures (over reason ones) means Italy-style insanity will become the norm, not the exception.

With fink-world web 3.0 AI watching over everything it can.

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