Syria one more bloody red-line for who?

President Obama bent and determined for war in Syria

By Doc Vega

On Saturday the President announced that he would seek Congressional approval to wage war against Syria despite an admission by the very rebels that the administration has been backing that they were supplied by the Saudis with nerve gas. Knowing that the rebels have probably been co-opted by an Al Qaeda element, our President still pushes for a supposed limited strike. Is not the level of war that you venture into dictated by the response of you enemy? Is all this not ironic under the recollection of how President Obama bowed to the Saudi ruler during their first meeting? The naivety of our president is almost laughable except under these conditions of an impending war.

The cast of players on a bloody world stage

There have been many contradictory developments in this controversial situation, this impending conflict that does not want to seem to go away. To date, there has been insurgence of reported US and Israeli special-forces troops over the Syrian border. There are stories that a false flag operation was used to blame the Assad regime for nerve gas that was actually deployed by the rebels. There have been allegations that the Saudi Prince is manipulating the US to take out Syria so as to consolidate his county’s power in the region. As the Russians steam into the gulf region with their war ships, Vladimir Putin has received threats by the Saudis that should Russia act, terrorist actions will be taken against their athletes in the Olympic games.

To make matters seem even more twisted, it appears that Secretary of State, John Kerry has been caught pandering doctored up photos from Syria that would indict the Assad Regime of using nerve gas when it appears trickery is involved. In all of this convoluted mess we also have the damning reports of US, Jordanian, and Israeli trained and backed guerillas being trained from across the border of Syria for the past few months. It seems that another Libya coup is on the way under the banner of a Syrian flag no matter what the people of the US or the world want. Senator John Cornyn of Texas among others was invited two days ago to sit in on a classified briefing so that the White House could sell its war against Syria. The caldron of unjustified military intervention is being stirred as it slowly boils to the point of no return.

Unholy alliance

Multiple players with different agendas seem poised to do their worst as a lull in the action has occurred as President Obama brow beats Congress for the approval to use force with American men and women in harm’s way. This convoluted equation points to motives and intentions that exceed any argument about human rights violations here as the US is already in an unholy alliance with Al Qaeda just as it had been over Libya. Our President has displayed little concerns over anyone’s rights other than the Muslims who were offended by a little known and obscure movie made by an Egyptian in California, and his rights didn’t mean much either as he was arrested Gestapo style by the LAPD.

A selective conscience

There are questions we must ask in order to get to the bottom of all this. In a realization that there was little outcry if any by the Obama White House as Christians were slaughtered all over the Middle East and North Africa we saw absolutely no action by the US government. Many other human rights violations have been carried out while the White House acted as if it did not matter. Yet, suddenly we have this very selective recognition of rights being violated and human lives being lost by the actions of a US backed rebel faction backed by Al Qaeda that has deployed weapons of mass destruction (nerve gas)! Is this not a bizarre act of false flag provocation of war that will stand alongside all the other historic acts of deception such as the supposed North Vietnam torpedo boat attacks against the US Navy in the Gulf of Tonkin?

Strategy what strategy?

I ask, where is the sound military strategy of telling the enemy ahead of time about the intentions of your attack? Is this not the most ignorant of intelligence breach of all time? Syria has been given advanced notice of cruise missile strikes and has been busy moving its assets and hiding targets of opportunity in new locations. President Obama promised in his address to the “ war weary” American people that this will not be an extended boots on the ground conflict. Nope. We will just fire our missiles, do some damage to punish the Assad regime, and go on our merry way, right?

Who profits?

In all this one must not only ask the ultimate question of who stands to benefit from these acts of armed insanity, but who is behind President Obama? Who is telling our puppet figure head president what to do and when to do it? The question is already being answered by people who believe that the New World Order, those who have been amassing a global government, are the ones ultimately behind this insanity. It is to their benefit that tensions are stirred. Wars are utilized so that bankers and arms dealers can make a profit, so that the megalomaniacs can consolidate their positions of control over every nation while punishing those who won’t go along with false flag operations and wars.

The final summation

If you look at all this from that perspective, you will see just who does stand to profit from the death and suffering of so many at the hands of the powerful, who will twist the facts and sell their ambitions to a corrupt US media, who will broadcast that convoluted logic to the masses to make this all appear to be as a result of international concern over the man, women, and children killed by nerve gas when it is most definitely not! This is all about power, money, and influence. This is about manipulating the masses into the matrix of disinformation that will allow a meaningless war to seem more palatable. As President Obama takes all the heat for being the inherently deficient leader that he is, those behind him in the shadows are the true rulers dictating their plans to the figure heads to execute for them. This is the sad realization you will arrive at.


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