put "THE END" at 95,000 wds. The fanasty novel 'gateway' is done the
rough draft.

here's some filth I need checked... if any of you are tantric types

“That's what she was singing. One, two, three, abc.”

“So you had to stop and listen.” Aaron tossed the soggy sponge into
a pot and laid back on his cot. Henna giggled, picked it up, squeezed
some water out, and sat on his chest.

Aaron offed happily and looked at the streaming pot of water
beside the cot in the cage.

“Yes. Well, Marvin snoops too. And the staffs are all active and
they yak a lot between themselves. It was tantric sex-magic she was
teaching him. Ka-push, right?” Henna giggled again and swiped at
Aaron's face with the sponge. He gagged. “Ka-push your life energy. My
brother knows better than to argue with a witch when she's upset, so
he's co-operating.”

“Mindy has your brother under her spell.” Aaron yawned heavily, then
started as a surprised screech came from the upstairs bedroom. “Sounds
like her. He won't be making any trouble?”

There was more noise come from Mindy's room it sounded stressed.
“Ah, does he like cats?” Aaron asked nervously.

“No.” Henna smiled as more noise came from the upstairs bedroom.
“But he will soon, I think.”

There was more thumping come from a different part of the house.
“Hey! How did you get in here?” Harvey bellowed, outraged at something
in his distant room. There was a soft giggling sound coming from up
there too. “How did you get in here?”

“Relief. One, connect forehead and crotch. Connect to your partner,
interlocking bodies and all that.” Henna giggled happily and hit Aaron
with the sponge again. Hot water slopped and he yelped.

“Relationships. Two, imaginary ball of light travels up your
spine, you ka-pushing thoughts, feelings, energy out. Development. Big
finish. Three, head-glow crotch connection, with your best.”

“I don't want to know the ABC part of this.” Aaron complained as he
wiped water from his eyes. “Save it for tomorrow. Relief, relationship
and development for tonight is lots.”

“You might want to hear about the 'Accept, ask, work.' part.” There
came another male screech from a different part of the house. It was a
stranger's voice and Aaron cocked his head to listen.

“Or the 'Like, want, need, should.' stuff.” Henna continued,
ignoring the noise as she got up and started snuffing lamps out.

“That your brother up there?” Aaron asked Henna. Henna nodded.

“Mindy keeps complaining about how stupid white boys are.” Henna
mentioned. “Townies, travelers, wizards. She's cursing. Your name came
up a few times too, Aaron.”

“Don't believe anything she tells you. How long do you plan to
listen, anyway?” Aaron asked nervously. “We'll definitely skip the
abc's tonight.”

Henna was wandering about the room, turning down lamps as Aaron
said that. “Getting cleaned up is plenty for us. Yes?” he asked.

The last low lamp got carried into the cage and put carefully down.
Aaron could hear the rustling of clothes beside him in the dark.

“Yes?” He asked the dark again.

Then a hot sponge hit him in the face again. “Get the oil off,
Aaron” Came a soft whisper from the dark. “Bath-time. I'm waiting for
you, and you're not getting my clothes all wet this time.”



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http://packrat.comicgenesis.com -comics
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